-I think I got it here. Ooh! Alright. What was that? 2…
Was that a 6? -15.
-15. Yikes. Oh, my goodness. -On the bright side,
day’s only gonna get better. -Yeah.
-Let’s go to the next hole. -Let’s go. I should probably rake out that
sand trap, though, huh? -Yeah, you were in there
for a while. -Alright, now, if I just get a hole in one
for the next nine holes… [ Clanking ] Dude, I think there’s
something down here. -It’s Jersey.
It’s probably a body. -No, no, no.
There’s, like, something buried. Tiger, I think there’s a
buried treasure. Oh, my God. It’s… It’s a box.
-It’s locked. How are we gonna open it? -Okay, ready? 1, 2…
[ Whimpers ] -I’m not going to hit you.
I know what I’m doing. Idiot.
-[ Whimpers ] [ Bird screeches ]
♪♪ Oh, my God. [ Growls ] I cannot believe what
I’m seeing. [ Screaming ] -Oh, my God! Yes! Yes!
-Oh, my God! [ Both cheering ] -♪ Here she come now, say,
“Mony, mony” ♪ -Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
We did it! We did it! [ Laughs ]
It’s real! -Oh, my God! -We did it! We did it!
-Whoo! -♪ Yeah ♪
-♪ Yeah ♪ -♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon and Tiger Woods Go Golfing”

  1. Ok there’s gotta be a joke here that I’m just not aware of. Does Bed Bath and Beyond like not honor their coupons or something? Literally never been to one before and don’t know anything about it so can someone explain the joke here

  2. Hang loose tiger. Your buddy Donnie is going to have a lot of time to play golf soon. The orange jumpsuit is going to stand out though.

  3. "It's Jersey, it's probably a body."
    As someone who was born and bred in Jersey, Tiger hit the nail on the head with that answer. 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Started great but how do you end with that? Brutal marketing. Should have kept the tie into NJ that was part of the storyline with directions about Jimmy Hoffa or something to that extent

  5. i feel like some people for some reason or another arent allowed to be a host on SNL, then jimmy fallon gives them their one true skit

  6. Tiger should hang up his clubs. Go to Hollywood and do a comedy movie…im serious he would be a star and draw tickets.

  7. Gosh this clip looks awèfully similar to this classic video from the 80's…check it out


  8. Did anyone else catch that lost reference when they opened up the box!?!?
    Pretty similar to when they opened the hatch

  9. The major takeaway from this for the golf community is that Tiger is healthy enough to semi-run. Couple years ago that seemed impossible. Happy to see it!

  10. Should be careful el Tigre, might blow out a knee, your back, or defuse your spine. But most importantly, ACTIVATE those glutes baby! Honestly, They were so happy I thought it was a box full of hookers!

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