I will walk on stilts if I could. If they make stilt heels and they call them Heelts. That’s the shoe that I’ll be wearing. Hey, it’s Chrissy the senior fashion editor at harpersbazaar.com. We’re at the Webster today in New York City. This boutique is six floors of fashion heaven in the heart of soho. I’m super excited to have singer Jhene Aiko joining me. She’s really stylish. She can pull off some major looks so were gonna find some killer shoes for her today. So tell me about your style and like also this outfit because it’s major. I just like to be comfortable. This is actually a bathing suit that I’m just like you know Bathing suit, bodysuit. Potato, potato. It really just depends on my mood. You know, how I’m feeling that day. Tell me about who some of your favorite brands are and designers. Ooh, so many. Chanel. Obviously, I love Dior. Fendi. Opening Ceremony. Kushni. And so now for tonight I mean, I feel like you’re looking for a heel. I’m looking for a heel. I am. What I love about this shoe is the platform because height, height, height. I don’t know if it’s for tonight though. Okay, we’ll keep looking. What about these? I don’t do fur but I will do a nice cheetah print, yeah. And what do you think about these sequins? I do like the sequins and the spikes. What about a loafer? A loafer.. I mean, so my legs are really skinny like chicken legs. It’s easy for my foot to look big because my leg is so small so I feel like the loafer because its flat and it’s long. I mean, the Chanel sneakers. So it’s like you do a cool sock under or do you not. I feel like this’ll make your foot sweat and it’ll be like foggy so you do have to wear a sock. Probably, you gotta step up your sock game for these. I love these. So much. I love Balenciaga and I love slides. Like I said, I love to be comfortable. You know, what’s more comfortable than a slide/ But not for tonight? But not for tonight, no. You know I’m trying to Dress it up, exactly. Ooh, I think I want to try these on. Even though it’s not much height but I was born in 1988 which was the year of the dragon. Oh and these red Chloe boots. Oooh, I love. I love. You have to try these on. Yeah. I just like these, it’s super bubbly. Oh so cute, I actually have these. My album, Trip. I took this picture in Hawaii where I’m surrounded by all these wildflowers and greenery. That’s why I got this shoe because it reminded me of my album artwork. I would perform in these for sure. I was a big Spice Girls fan and so I always wanted the super tall, chumky shoe. You know what, I think I’m ready to try on some shoes. Let’s go. Do you remember when you were first getting into fashion? What were your first pair of heels? It was like a kitten heel, it was like a Converse- Do you remember those? They were like Converse heels. Oh yes! So I know you were saying before how much you love logos so I feel like these Balenciaga boots might be right up your alley. These are super pointy, super sharp. It looks like I’m gonna like. I do think that I wan’t more height though. Okay. These aren’t it. Alright, next pair. Aww these are cute. Are you into more of a sexy, open toe shoe or… I love an open toe. Especially- I’m from LA so you know we usually have on sandals. These are super cute. I love those. They have a little height on them. The gold looks good. I really like these actually. Alright so let’s try on another pair. I like the color of these. Yeah, they’re gorgeous. I just love a lace up boot. I think it’s super cool. Oh these are comfy. Yeah I like these. These could possibly work. I can see that. I feel like my daughter might actually like these boots. Really? Yeah, were the same size shoe. Oh my god, that’s lucky for her. I know, when I’m done with a pair of shoes I just give them to her. So these probably aren’t right for your event tonight but I know you did love them so you should definitely try them on and maybe you want to buy two pairs of shoes today. They are so cute. These are so cute. I definitely would wear them with jeans. Keep it simple and let the shoe be the star. For sure. These would make me happy. So now I feel like we’re down to the red Chloe boot and the gold Aquazzura sandals. What’s it gonna be? You know it really comes down to what vibe you’re going for tonight ’cause the Chloe boots are edgy, they’re super cool. The Aquazzura, they’re a little bit more sexy. Well, I am cool and sexy so it’s gonna be a tough decision I just turned 30 so I feel like I wanna be sexy. I’m dirty thirty, you know? So yeah, I think I’m gonna go- No, I’m sure I’m gonna go with the gold Aquazzura. I mean I totally approve. I think they look really awesome.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Jhené Aiko Shops for the Perfect Pair of Heels | Heel Hunters | Harper’s BAZAAR”

  1. Faveee. I love you forever Jhene!

    The interviewer had a huge disconnect w/ her tho and too serious. She definitely made it boring

  2. I saw the gucci mules on clearance for $200 the other day at Barneys! wish they had it in my size. also wish I had $100 more than I had lol

  3. She’s so talented and beautiful!!! Huge fan!!!!! A lot of celebs have weird looking feet but homegirls got pretty feet!!!!!😍🦶🙌

  4. Sales person: "So you're looking for a heel right?"
    Jhené: "Yes. The higher the better"
    Sales person: "Ok, so how about a loafer?"
    Jhené: 🤔 "No"
    Sales person: "But you for sure want a sneaker, right???"
    Jhené: 😑 "…No"

    Pretty much every sales interaction ever…

  5. Also how in the world did it come down to a gold open toe sandal and a big red chunky heeled lace up boot?!?!! o_O how can those both possibly work for the same outfit she was imagining? Lol

  6. Guys with all due respect it doesn't matter who the host is – your senior fashion editor or somebody else, she just can't handle it moreover she was pushing Jhene to buy every single pair she tried on none of which Jhene really liked. And one more thing – am I blind or all the shoes she tried were a size bigger than her foot?

  7. Most Japanese people have nice skin and look young hence why she has flawless skin n looks 10 years younger.

  8. She didn’t remember the converse heels 😂 that “oh yess” was definitely something I say when I don’t know 😭😂

  9. She such a Pisces ♓️ Lolol “I like these shoes because of the dragon I was born in the dragon year “ lol

  10. The stylist pissed me off when the camera man showed her toes unpolished with those heels she had on 🤔😑🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. I’m not a fan of the fashion editor lady. She comes off as a bit stuffy. Like when she was interviewing her or other videos she has done she doesn’t really seem connected like she is going through the motions and it makes the interview awkward and cringey.

  12. the lady was so pushy and not showing her shit she seemed into. Jhené handled that so much better than i could, I'm just like nope! nope! nah! I don't try on shit I know isn't for me, largely out of respect for the sales people. I don't want to waste their time or have them pull items that I know they'll have to restock

  13. The interviewer did a fantastic job!
    Meaning she’s not some loser like all of us in the comments giving our useless opinions.
    Her ACTUAL JOB is to be a tastemaker and suggest pieces that Jhene may not typically go for.
    I swear you people are so damn simple. All these comments about the interviewer being this or that. Her job is to BRING FASHION and that’s what she did. She’s not a court jester for your entertainment🙄.

  14. This senior fashion editor's attitude is so wack…she's just like throwing shoes in Jhene's face. Not to mention at the end when Jhene chose the golden sandals and gave us a small runway walk…check her face at the back 5:25–5:26. Plus i'd never see Jhene in the sequined pink valentinos

  15. The editor seems to be just picking out what she liked, not what Jhene was looking for. But maybe it's all for show.

  16. Been binge watching this series and to be honest I think most of the celebs were being nice to the host even though she picked stuff that they didn't really like. The host should listen to them and hear them out. If the celebrity is looking for a heel, stick with heels. Don't recommend a sneaker or loafer…

  17. God shes so fuckin gorgeous not only looks but spiritually . She has this comforting/peaceful vibe to her that i dream of achieving.

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