Hi, OG. Hey, sexy. How are you? You look so pretty.
I love it. Hi love, how are you? Long time no see. I know. Hi Mamacita. Okay. Looking all sexy. So CiCi’s in a much better place
with the family, and I’m trying to show her that
I want to be a part of her life. So to keep the love going, I decided to get us all together
and invite her bestie, OG, so that we can just
have a good time. Oh, yes. Do you want
to get shots? I’m hungry as shit, and I want
Jackie to buy me a steak. And I will gladly do that.
You seen Kristen lately? No, not since the night
at your house. Okay. We’re moving forward and trying
to maintain positivity. Really? And just try to move forward. What is it with you and Kristen? When she said her and Kristen
was fine, you had a stank face. I didn’t have a stank face,
I was just quiet. You was trying not to. Okay, my thing is this, Kristen came to my
birthday party and made a scene. She was rude, was disrespectful,
and she tried to shade me for not being married
or having a kid. I’m a grown as woman.
I got a husband. No, I don’t want to learn
from you. I got a kid. I do. All the things
that you were looking to have. So that was, to me, like strike- Okay, so you’re never
going to let it go? Girl, I tried. But seriously, all I’m hearing
from CiCi is how fake Kristen really is. I cannot believe OG
is sitting here with her negative opinions
about Kristen. It’s hard enough trying
to get my family back together. Like, kill it OG, please. When CiCi have private
conversations, CiCi tells me
how she feels about Kristen and I’m lending an ear,
and I’m listening. But I just want everybody
to be authentic, transparent, and happy for each other. CiCi’s engagement party,
I’m happy for her. I’m not going to be mad
at whoever her guest list is. [crosstalk]
Is Kristen going? You know, we’re at that point where we are trying
to move forward, so I am going to invite her. That’s all I ask. If you choose to do that, which it’s your choice,
just tread lightly. Why is CiCi telling them she’s
not mad and she’s moving on, but telling me,
“Fuck that bitch. I don’t want nothing
to do with her.” They look like they’re trying
to mend their friendship, but behind closed doors,
she’s still mad at some of the stuff
that Kristen did to her. Why you just won’t let them
be happy? It’s not about letting them
be happy or not. I want them to be happy, but in order for them
to be genuinely happy, they’ve got to really talk about
what really bothers them. Listening to OG just
constantly just talking shit is just really getting
under my skin now. I’m just going to
take my shot and leave
before the shit escalates. Bye. Bye. Bye, Mamacita. I almost feel like she wants
my family to be at odds. I’m like super, super confused. I don’t know what you guys
forgave each other for, but you told me
the grandparent thing was very hard for you,
and you know why. Oh yeah. Byron knows why,
and Byron knows the truth. Right. Does Kristen know why? Yeah. So, we talked about that.
We did. We laid that whole thing out.
Whatever issues- I’m talking about with Thomas,
girl. Was Thomas involved
in this conversation at all? No. Despite what CiCi has said
in public, in private she has definitely
shared some things with me about this family.
Now every day that goes by, I’m looking at her,
waiting for her to own it. And it’s getting to the point where I just might explode
at any given moment. Look, we’re going to
move forward for the sake of the family
and for each other. And we kind of just
left it at that.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Jennifer Williams Has a Message for Shaunie O’Neal ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives”

  1. Isn’t Kristen and Malaysia like cousins or what ever … and didn’t Jenn and Malaysia got into it ?!? Why in the world does jenn think Kristen genuinely likes her😒

  2. Does anyone else roll their eyes when she talks about how people treat her? She forgets she is a mean girl right along with Evil-lyn

  3. I like Jennifer cuz she brings the entertainment and messiness to BBW. Kristen is just wack in so many ways.

  4. Although Jennifer is dealing with a real issue about the lost of her mother. Her reality is so dramatize. Jennifer needs a new and more interesting storyline.

  5. Jennifer…. this woman put you on speaker phone with a room full of women you don't rock with. Stay away…she's an energy vampire.

  6. I think Jen is very lost, she’s grieving, mixed emotions, and struggles to understand other people’s
    Emotions, at the same time she’s a very caring person. Just guarded.

  7. I wonder if Kristen would read the note before giving it to Shaunie. She looks like someone who would. LOL

  8. I don’t even watch the show but the one that isn’t Jennifer you can tell she messy. She ask her to follow one simple rule give it to Shaunie… what do you want me to tell her? Girl just give her the damn envelope 😂😂 that should have let Jennifer know right there she does not have your best interest

  9. Why do ppl keep saying Kristen is fake? Jen WANTS her to take their convos back to the girls lol .. Jenn knows how reality tv works. She’s not dumb. She gets paid for stirring up drama without even filming with 95% of the cast… she’s a smart cookie making Kristen do all the dirty work for her and in return Kristen gets more camera time… win win for both

  10. I think Kirsten is alright hell she's not the snake hell ppl who are making bad comments about her needs to look around the ppl they're dealing with i like Kirsten she's cool

  11. People in these comments are dumb people blaming kristen when none of Byron's children likes cece…. Oh please and if tami says cece is ish then she really is

  12. Thanks Josh… As for Jennifer Williams, I'm still trying to figure out why she was invited back to the show. Believe me, the show has enough drama to pass around to the regulars… she should be dismissed.

  13. If it was real you would of given to her yourself fake ass I don't like you. And you don't take accountability for nothing SNAKE

  14. Like dam I can't lie I have no idea how I'm going 2 manage when my mom passes.. I just hope i can at all

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    you contradicted yourself💯

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  19. I did like the starting ladies in the beginning of this show. But after maybe 2 years its fake and bullshit trying to make a show. I'd rather watch Netflix.

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  22. That raggedy ponytail got to go 😀😄😀😄😁😄 all that money and that’s what your hairdresser came up with 😁😃😄😁😆

  23. stop bashing Kristen..she rich don't give af bout y'all broke ass ppl..get your money and don't worry bout other ppl

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