You still must be exhausted
from Sunday night. I am. Yeah, I am. Just the whole, like, ramp
up to it was like, oh, god. Yeah. Yeah. But it was great. It was great. It was a lot of– A-Rod looked like he was– he looked like he had never
seen a rehearsal of that. Because he was just like,
oh, my god, like afterwards. No, he didn’t, actually. He came to one the day before. But once you see it
with all the costumes– Right –and everything, it’s just
a whole different thing. Yeah. Speaking of costumes. Yeah. That’s how you keep
him at a distance– Yeah. –with that hat, because– He’s like, I’m going
to have to, like, walk 40 yards away from you. I’m like, I’m sorry. I know. You just have to lean back
like that with that attitude. He’s a good sport. But you were– oh, my god. Jennifer, you were
incredible at the Grammys. Thank you. It was like– Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, yes. Work. Go, hey! Hey! And then there’s that. And there’s that– Na-na-na,
na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na. [LAUGHING] On a piano! On a piano. On a piano with heels. I know. Don’t you think, I
could slip and fall? Yes. But then I think, wouldn’t it
be cool to dance on the piano? Yeah. So I just go for it. Yeah. Yeah. It was incredible. And then there was
a costume change. There was two costume changes. Yeah. I was like, OK, in five– how much time do I have? Like, [INAUDIBLE]. We can get three costume
changes in there. I was watching
someone, like– under– I was watch– because I knew– Yes! –the dance– Did you see it? I was watching someone
scramble from the piano. Listen, I hate that
they got that shot. Like, who goes to the back when
they know that I’m changing? Right. Like, don’t go back there. Right. They’re like, oh, let’s
go back here and– Yeah. –shoot this, the girl
crawling under the piano to change her shoes. Yeah, it was– Yeah, it’s all right though. It was fine. We have to see a little
bit of the magic. Yeah. It’s real. Yeah. It’s live. But it was unbelievable. You just– Thank you. I just– you never– Thank you. I say this to you
every time I see you, but you’re just like
the hardest working and most entertaining person. Like, your show in– Thank you. –Vegas was incredible and
every time I see you, so– Thank you. Yeah. You’re just– Thank you so much. Thank you. And you’re 49. I know. Thank you. I mean, and you’re 49. I know. Say– no, say it again louder. And you’re 49! Yes. I have a big birthday
coming up this year. Yeah, you do. I do. Yeah. Well, we’ll find out what’s– It’s nuts. I still– anybody else
still feel like you’re 16? Yeah. Yeah. I do. I do. I do! I do, too. I– Yeah. I don’t think that it– I’m like, I feel like
I’m in my– like, 26. Yeah. Yeah, I understand. When you hit 60, though,
you think you feel that and then it’s like, you
have to go to bed at 9:00 and you have to– and everything, you’re more
tired than you’ve ever been. Of course. Of course. But you take such
good care of yourself. You did this 10 day challenge. I did. You and A-Rod both. Yes. And it was no sugar and no– No sugar at all and no carbs. No carbs. Yes. And have you done that–
do you do that often? No. I’ve never done it before. My trainer, Dodd Romero,
challenged us, you know, because I’m getting
ready for this movie that I’m going to
do called Hustlers. And I have to play a stripper. [CLEARING THROAT] And so– I know. Yeah. I know. So, you know, I’m
sure that the outfits are going to be– so I’m,
like, getting ready for that. And he’s like, you know
what, let’s do something. Let’s, like, take it to–
because I’ve been working out. Right. You know, I work out a lot. I try to stay healthy. And he’s like, let’s
do something to, like, move the needle a little bit. And he said, you know
what would be great? Let’s just cut out–
because he knows I love– I’m a sugar and carb– like,
that’s most of my diet. Yeah. And he’s like, let’s
just cut it out. I was like, completely? Like, cold turkey? He’s like, yes. For 10 days? 10 days. It was really hard. Yeah. And you get a headache
too when you stop sugar. It’s a really tricky thing. Not only do you get
a headache, but you feel like you’re in an
alternate reality or universe. Like, you don’t
feel like yourself. You realize that you’re
addicted to sugar. Yeah. Like, and you’re thinking– I’m thinking about
it all the time. I’m like, “When I
can have sugar again, I’m going to have cookies and
then I’m going to have bread and then I’m going to have
bread with butter and then I’m going to–” And I’m
just, like, thinking– But does it get better
towards the end? Was it harder in the
beginning or does it get harder at the end? I’ll tell you this. It was really hard
in the beginning. And it was like, the
discipline, I just– I was like, it’s only 10 days. Come on, you can do this. And then it gets, like, a
little hard in the middle. And then by the
end, you’re like OK. Then when you go
back to the sugar, you don’t want it as much. Yeah. And I was– he said,
let’s go off for five days and then we’ll go back
on for 10 more days. And I was like, you know
what, I want to do it again. Wow. I wanted to do it again. So it’s something
that you, I guess, get used to a little bit. Well, when you–
I saw you do that. And so I told our chef– I said, I want no
carbs, no sugar. Please don’t do that. And the very next night
I said, I need carbs. Yeah, I know. I mean– It’s nuts. I couldn’t do it. You really, really need it. And you feel like– but what
happens is it takes down the inflammation– Right. –right? A little bit. So all of a sudden, you start
feeling, like, really small– Yeah. –and less swollen almost. Right. And it feels good, so– Yeah. And then you get addicted
to that feeling too. Yeah. I’m going to try to do that.

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100 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Gave Up Carbs & Sugar to Prep for Her Role as a Stripper”

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