hey guys today we are in Laoag City, at the north of Laoag City in Java hotel hotel is located at about 100 meters of the center of the town and from the entrance you can discover the restaurant And now, I’ll show you our room. Let’s go. It’s a beautiful room ! today we are going to have our breakfast. We are entering the restaurant for the first time Hi sir You can choose between American Continental or Filipino Breakfast We have dinner right now and we try a beef soup. A beef nest soup ! yeah and a sizzling mushroom. We will tell you later about. An Djune and what are you going to
prepare for us ? Margarita and Daiquiri yeah yeah beautiful bar really. We appreciate it. they’re building an extension I think Not sure if it’s a good idea to have an Tennis in the Philippines ! Let’s go to the Swimming Pool Hi, Hey guys. Today, it’s our last day in this hotel. We are leaving in 5 Minutes. Here is our review of Java Hotel in Laoag City. To my point, it was one of the best hotel we have been in Laoag City or Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. We really appreciate the staff, the restaurant, the bar (Yesterday evening). An All the kind of breakfast And to you point Sarah ? It was a good stay ! You will find the staff you can expect in a good hotel. See you soon for more. Bye ! Hotels-resort.com

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