We’re with world famous doubles players, Jamie and Bruno, but today we’re not going to talk about tennis We’re gonna talk about a different sport. You may have heard of it. It’s called paddle or padel. It’s not tennis. It’s really unlike anything you’ve ever seen before how would you describe it? It’s very different because compared to tennis, it’s three-dimensional. I think in terms of like hitting the ball and stuff is it comes pretty natural. I think the hardest thing I find is letting the ball go passed you so it hits off the wall and then you [hit] it again or hitting off the side wall because we were you know not used to that at all. Have you played padel together? And not together we played a few times unfortunately, we’re on a collision course yeah What we’ll do today, since we’re not in a padel court, and we don’t have the walls to demonstrate we can maybe work on Garden padel? Outside the ball, we’re gonna play… outside the court?? Feel like people once they start playing they’ll really enjoy it. Thanks guys, let’s bring it in!

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Dennis Veasley

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