Jamie: First time I picked up a racket I don’t really remember exactly that moment but I mean we started playing here at Dunblane Sports Club when Andy was three I was four. My mum was like the club coach here and you know we would come over when she was doing lessons and stuff and kind of
run around the back of the court while she did the lessons with the older kids
and I guess at some point we just we picked up the racket and started to play
and I fell in love with tennis, probably because the fact that I was quite good
at it from a young age and I think kids quite like doing things they’re good at.
You know we’ve played tournaments here and then we start to play in the
region and then we started to play nationally and yeah just kind of like
snowballed from there until it became like something pretty serious for us. You know there would have been noone really taking bets that you know me or Andy
were going to go on and have the careers that we had in tennis, just no-one
would have bet on that. The whole family you know, our mum and dad, our grandparents as
well, you know made a lot of sacrifices to kind of make sure we had the
opportunities that we needed to kind of develop our tennis and you know it was a
big sort of family effort to ensure that we could do what we wanted to do when it came to our tennis. Judy: He pretty much tried everything when he was small but because I was around here at the club as a volunteer, he and Andy
spent a lot of time here and we had so many older children in the club who were
very happy to play tennis, table tennis, water bomb fights, football in the park,
take them to feed the ducks, so they grew up in this very safe, fun community and
probably as a result of that fell in love with the sport. Andy: Me and Jamie in the
living room, we’d set up like a mini tennis court at home with some of her
trophies for the nets, the highest ones were at the edge, getting down to
the smallest ones we called the game – ‘touch’ it’s like sort of ‘touch’ but in a
sort of French accent, you couldn’t like to hit the ball hard obviously, it was quite
a small room and we would play against each other with softballs and mini rackets and we just used to play everything
together like just all sports and activities and stuff whether that was
like you know computer games or going and playing golf with each other or
silly games in the house like that. I think he’s got a good heart I think
that he’s a good person for me anyway as a brother I know he’s always wanted
what’s best for me and I don’t think that he has sort of shirked away from
telling me what he felt even if there’s maybe not something that I always wanted
to hear I know it was always coming from the from the right place with my best
interests at heart. Judy: Great play mates and great rivals,
yeah I think they were just typical brothers. Shirley: They used to come down and play
against each other until they started fighting and then they would come up to
our house which is just up here at the second tee of the golf course and they
say ‘Gran / Grandpa, you come down and play with us because Jamie’s doing this, so you know Andy’s doing that, so we used to come down and play with them and Andy would always say ‘I’ll play with Grandpa’ because Grandpa was of course the better of the two, so poor Jamie’s used to get landed with me, but we used to play until
they got too good and then they decided that didn’t need us anymore. Jamie’s
really very good natured, he’s very caring, always you know enquiring how we are healthwise and all this kind of thing. Jamie needs a lot of feeding at
six foot four there’s a lot of him to feed. Jamie: I mean I loved growing up in Dunblane it was a good place to grow up like safe, I mean we had like loads of friends, we used to go to like Peter Meldrum’s
newsagent you know get a penny sweet stuff but then walk home I mean
it’s not like the high streets like a bustling place full of activity but I
guess it was just our high street and that’s where we came down and got what
we needed and moved on back to the tennis court or the golf course or go
back home. I mean I really liked it, we had had a really happy childhood. So we are here at Dunblane Golf Club
which is next door to the Tennis Club where I spend loads of my teenage
years let’s say, my Uncle and Aunt played, my Grandparents played, and my Dad played. I mean we like me my Dad would come out even if we didn’t play 18 always you
come out play five, six holes in the evening or whatever you want like after
work, after he made dinner and everything we go and play a bit and I just
loved it, I love the challenge of it, like a lot my friends did it, my family as
well, so is yes it was something to like bond over with them, yeah. Andy: Me and Jamie
never would have expected to played you know and the biggest competitions and
tennis together. It’s just amazing that we’ve had the opportunity to do that and
share it with each other, hopefully we’ll have a few more years of getting to do
that together but it’s been been brilliant and I’m glad that he’s had you
know all of this success that he’s had on the court. I’m his biggest fan and
yeah hope he can have a few more good years at the top. Jamie: Every kid says they
want to get to number one in the world for me to achieve it in doubles in my
discipline, in my sport if you like, you know that was a really proud moment for
me. I think you know people can win a Grand Slam or they can win a big
tournament where they play well for a week, but I think to get to
number one you have to be consistent for those 52 weeks and to do it in the
individual rankings was really cool to do it with Bruno as well and in the team
rankings after the great year we had in 2016, that was really nice as well, as it
was a nice moment of us for all the kind of working stuff we put in that
year. Andy: What will his legacy be when he finishes, I think he’ll go down as the
the best, one of the best doubles players that the UK’s ever had and he’s number
one number, one doubles player in the world which is which is an amazing
accomplishment and we have to wait and see because he’s still got some
years left and I’m sure he’ll you achieve more great things.

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