Hey there and welcome to ChicPeek! Jade Seah
here with you and it is game ON today – we are going to jump right into the spirit of
athleticism with a trend that’s been appearing a lot on the catwalks, and increasingly, on
the cool kids on the street. Now this trend has been called ‘Athletic Chic’,
‘Sports Luxe’ – you can call it whatever you want – it’s all about embracing sportswear’s
modern, fuss-free silhouette. Now for every episode, there’s what I like
to call a ‘Must-Have’, and this is something that this trend absolutely needs. So today’s
‘Must-have’ is ‘Something Sporty’. So this top is a great example of what I mean;
it’s made of the actual material that scuba gear is made of, and of course it’s body-hugging
like scuba gear should be. It comes complete with racing stripes – although in this case,
the stripes are made of a contrasting blue suede material. and it’s this mix of textures
which is exactly what I mean about balancing the sporty edge with a touch of luxe.
And all about balance as well; I’ve chosen to pair this with a pair of sequin shorts
to kind of juxtapose and offset the sportiness of the look, and to give it a touch of glam
for night. So you can wear these with heeled booties, as I’ve chosen to do; or for more
comfort, you can pair them with fierce-looking wedges, and you can party the night away.
Now I think a major misconception about the Sports Luxe look is that you can wear it from
the gym, straight to a night out on the town. That is absolutely WRONG. You don’t want to
go all sweaty, like you just came off the treadmill – that’s not glam. Sports Luxe is
about achieving that fine balance between the sporty and the polished, for that fine,
fashionista balance. So here’s another outfit that I’ve put together
to show you how you can put a more casual spin on the Sports Luxe trend, and it’s one
that I find perfect for everyday wear. if you liked that, remember to subscribe to
my channel. Let me know what you think as well in the comment box below. You can also
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