yo what’s going on everybody it’s your boy JT and uh what up look I got nothing I’m here I’m fucking here in parts again though in the flesh shit we’re doing flesh that sounds weird we’re doing we’re doing live Paul’s hey hey – is here we’re in the building plans for Mario Tennis y’all asked for it and look what we did we made it happen don’t be letting your lips like that on the channels g-rated channel Wow Oh death – is here we’re gonna play some Mario Tennis ultra smash uh we’re gonna get it right into it we’re probably gonna do some I don’t know classic motor something maybe Mega Ball rally I don’t know but he’s playing against me he’s gonna try to get better on this episode and then when it’s his time to shine y’all gonna go to his channel Channel and watch his his video Oh that’ll be at the end of this be sure to watch that alright let’s uh let’s do it let’s do this yo we’re here it’s time to pig where’s what do I put okay alright yo we’re here yeah character time now I know you a big yoshifan what but you ain’t never seen ah oh hey I’m young and I don’t do young tone in the building and then I got a few new core dolla let’s peep out that money boy let’s go yell pp okay let’s go to that all right you wanted escorted out now look the ball speeding the bouncer kind of high I didn’t really what that mean it means the ball B gonna be moving you see the old practicing right now okay so that’s me I can’t stand all right wait oh this is PG channel my bad it’s not it can I say motherfuck I’m too late oh it’s too late you’re bleep it out it isn’t too late night doing all that editor that’s a lot out of it I guess you’re right let’s do this first match here we go it’s bad to get poppin okay – you’re gonna learn how to play I might have to coach him through this again what guess I guess I’m getting served you get it a good answer because okay come on let’s do it go bitch no we called sorry oh shit No Oh body shines on me accent what the fuck it’s alright that’s right I want to see the oh look look I want to help you out though when the when the purple things come down on the ground that’s when you hit Y twice ok and when it tells you to hit B and a that’s when you hit B an a so yeah be ready ultra ships yeah yeah hey go you can your cable boy let’s do it yeah ok oh shit no you were practicing no not really I’m really excited to play your Mario Kart I hate that Redemption yelling at last ha ha ha oh shit gotta fuck no hold on I gotta see this hold on it was behind what kind of shit was doing right through your nose game right here we go come on this against serious this is a war world what the fuck was that what did you push you are supposed to let the shit bounce oh yeah you can’t I gotta let your shit bounce alright now that I’m serving its own bah bah come on with your little bitch ass ha ha no bitch oh no you know you know a little oh I should have pushed me oh oh oh yeah yo how you got this I believe in you can see this motherfucker slow oh well he’s not slow you got a speedy carry on man yo she’s speeding out hold on Bob bitch bitch go pop you gotta stop him this motherfucker like I’m trying to I gotta see this but you ran into the ball what kind of shit was like you had yeah that was just unfortunate it’s too violent hi if if you hit me in my body they go oh ha ha ha I come on I will see that shit hi though Wow black luke blue brow black pad Cheech yeah shit is over okay that was fast as fuck but I guess let’s jump into a Mega Ball rally and change it up first can I just say that I’m letting you win yeah sure this is your game play okay oh my game play is owned and imma let you win you feel me well whip your ass go let’s do it yo so we’re going into mega battle is time for – e to redeem himself I I’m not gonna too many bodies alright let’s do it megaman all time Yoshi was stripped a little bit uh he picked luigi yeah Louise yeah the weak the weak Lou okay so uh I beg told last round but you know what I’ll mix it up ah the brother battle ok it’s uh me Whoopi your ass City all right we did the mushroom I say maybe do that young carpet we did you call them I look ya’ll carpet yeah I’m making I bet your core I let’s go hi haha let’s do this this is my fuckers looks here we go here we go oh oh oh no the only bottle the only reason I’m losing it’s cuz you serve first see you we we just switch it nah we’re in my gameplay officer officer first it fits the oats oh shit yeah hit the YY bar Eagle ba-bam bitch bye bitch it was right there I’ll now you missed it look at you saw baby a little mother fucking Lynette ah oh oh shit okay Oh a big with this go guys oh wow oh shit why wildman No oh shit hit it back hit it back no there you go I was I was ready come on man hey you can’t – you look all right now you just ha ha ha you’re not even playing back Tony I don’t want to play this shit let’s play Mario Tennis I don’t play this ain’t had to play it look man get the fuck out of the first box you can’t do that you have you have to let the ball bounce can I hit this little bit – e come on come on look out Luigi good I’ll fucking look upset he’s mad he’s hot oh come on let’s go look you all right right go I’ll send you a regular one I’m setting them all back to you we all rally for a bit and then we’ll get tricky oh shit what the fuck is a hard one hit Oh sherburn hi I hit you with the the soupy doopy is it it’s all your show okay okay all right okay come on back sky sky sky sky Bravo spook brink a Luke Luke out oh you set me on I can do their master that yeah you can’t you like at that point you got what do you do like first I don’t know how to do it but they like listen they like teleport so if that would have happened right you could have liked hit a button fast enough and he would have flown over there and try to hit it how you doing I don’t fuck about I just hit the button click plough damn oh shit that shit a volley is the what I just did why why okay why want see I did not Y while harm down there you go now be ready to hang on see now you were running towards it you could have been hitting it he would’ve dope head what ABC I don’t know see there come on homie oh shit you’re gonna total buddy yeah big Hey look at him jeans go look at the detail on them jeans shit uh no but oh no oh no bitch no bitch no you got to get banned – no I don’t want it I’ll need it oh shit no no no fuck me up hol up wrap up shop bitch no ha ha you held it for too long oh man yes sir I want all the play no more I want to play no more first of all I told you Eileen is gonna get away what’s that all yours on huh I was in no mood I hear dead knocking at the front desires hip-hop why you’d only want laughter mom night I’m really upset – e cuz your audience claim that you were amazing at this game anyway why you gotta bring them into the mix not easy I’m sorry y’all sorry oh Sam Gordo now fuckers ha ha ha so Sam who are you supposed to play tennis and Sam I sure don’t even make sense well they will volleyball I yo what a mega ball see well how about we work together you wanted that I want to work with you fuck you man be honest all right how about a double that you pick up a beat person I pick up a person or do I work with me and we could beat them singles in or what that’s a weak say I’m sorry I’m not even trying to go hard I’m trying to play as easy as possible look at how big that ball is now if you miss that much haha it’s play singles I read are you ready no a on what the fuck wait till we play Mario Kart I’m ah holy shit oh it’s a beach ball no what the fun I don’t know either he is Sam shit okay this is unique oh shit no bitch that shit curved hold on hold on yeah what’s happening it’s a beach book 37 rallies that was it what the fuck is that what you even do I shouldn’t get hit mom one more wrote what was that talk to me exit hahaha let’s go Wow Oh oh fuck is she oh oh you saw me just throwing it down right I didn’t oh it’s oh that’s it I thought it was like a thing where you actually are supposed to like beat each other I guess the point of it is to see how many times you get it back and forth and the game played me ha ha ha hi y’all well that was us playing Mario Tennis ultra smash whooping – she’s at first of all this controller you got is off market brand no waters just got you got they say Wii U with three eyes that’s that’s this is not even an official will you let them watch the official dude that is not an official yet we is not with three eyes yes number one number two this shit the battery Louis fuck instead of blinking a little bit on me they have two balls on the shit that’s number two number three yo if you enjoyed this video hit that like button uh share links in the description below go to Dash’s channel to check out his video and also subscribe alright y’all I knew it feel better I please do that we’ll catch you later say how do you say how do you yeah that’s it oh and then it goes like oh yeah yeah it’ll happen around right right right right now you’re not can we do it when I stand my friend yeah you gotta say yeah okay all right laughing this end ending it’ll happen alright y’all be sure to thumbs up know we already said Oh daddy could just say goodbye okay all right y’all good bye

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  1. Yo, Dashie, calm yo salty-ass down, madafaka, accept that JD just whooped yo ass, my boy. JD… nice played, dude.

  2. I love playing table tennis and tennis and i know the rules the ball must bounce and after a player gets 40 it’s own a W for them

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