If I go to the Olympic Games, even if I don’t win, taking part
will be a beautiful dream. Hi, I’m Giorgia Villa
and I’m 13 years old. I do Artistic Gymnastics and I’d like to go
to the Olympics. In one minute,
I want you all in the gym. Tighten up and join! Look at your hands. She is preparing for what may be
her main objective as an athlete – the Olympic Games
in Tokyo 2020. Gymnastics as a sport evolved
from exercises used by the ancient Greeks. Come on, come on, come on,
come on! Ever since Giorgia
was very young, even when she was two, she was always in motion. She loved to play and run
and could never sit still. Are you happy? Higher, Giorgia. One, two, go! Where’s the triple? You positioned your arms well. The road ahead is difficult, but it’s clear
what her goal is – to compete
at an international level. Tighten your arms. Stop. At an international level, every athlete aspires
to reach the Olympic Games, and she very clearly
has the same ambitions. In 2019, she will compete
at the World Championships, the qualifiers
for the Olympics. And in 2020, she may compete
in the Olympic Games. My Italian Artistic Gymnastics
idol is Vanessa Ferrari, because ever since I was young I’ve been coming to this gym
and she’s always been close by. I’m very happy that Giorgia
thinks that about me, that I am a role model. I hope to be
of some help to her, and if she has a problem,
I try to help her. Take it easy. The goal
that I hope to accomplish is obviously the Olympic Games
in Tokyo in 2020. Also the European Championships
in 2018. I’m not sure
where they’ll be, but… And later, of course,
the World Championships and the Olympics
is my greatest dream. Giorgia Villa, Italy.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Italy’s gymnastics future belongs to a 12-year-old phenomena | Heroes of the Future”

  1. I love how she's not stuck up like some other gymnasts on the internet. Can't wait to see her in 2020

  2. Young folk, realize that what got Nadia those tens was because she acted like a girl. Not a strong, muscular type of guy flipping around this way and that. Just a girl, 'ya know? Act like a girl not a guy and be the first, again. Too many girls act like guys in so many ways thinking that's the way to do it. It's not. Femininity is dead to this generation of young folk. Good luck and god bless your attempts to bring it back alive to future generations through your gymnastic routines.

  3. She is phenomenal! She is winning everything which is pretty uncommon for italian gymnastics especially when versing teams like the us and russia

  4. I would love to see simone win gold, emma or maile win silver and either giorgia or elena to win or aliya or vika if they are up to it.

  5. Una cosa che mi chiedo sempre riguardo le donne sportive…come fanno a fare allenamenti/gare così pesanti e stressani durante il ciclo? Mi viene naturale farmi questa domanda perché quando ho io il ciclo sembro un pinguino che cammina talmente che soffro e mi da fastidio l'assorbente…

  6. Yas I’m going to the Olympic Games in 2020! Hope I can see my favourite YouTube Logan paul and her there

  7. This makes me a bit sad because I train 6hrs a week at karate and i wantvto be in the olympics! 😭😭

  8. I think she‘ll be at the olympics 2020 💪💪i wish her all the best and good luck 🍀 she’s an amazing gymnast

  9. Why is her coach that hard on her. I'm sorry but I don't like him. Even though you have to train hard to go to olympics, thats too much pressure. Remember when someone died because their coach was too hard on them?

  10. Awesome, will be keeping my eye out for her. I dreamed of training like this as a kid, still do, there is a peace I find in training hard like this. I have the mind of an athlete, but non of the talent, lol

  11. Io adoro la ginnastica,per me é tutta la mia vita … il mio sogno era uguale al suo …finché non dovetti smettere..😭
    Adesso incominceró ginnastica ritmica e vorrei arrivare alle Olimpiadi

  12. She wanted to compete in the European Championships 2018 and yesterday she became the 2018 European Champion! 😀

    Update: She just won the AA title at the Youth Olympics! It looks like her dreams are slowly coming true <3

  13. Arreter les brezilien se que je vien de voir je vien de voir gymnova la marque francaise de gymnastique et sa veux dire gym inovation c est pour sa regarder quand elles tiens une minutes sur la poutre voila

  14. Anni fa avevo conosciuto una ragaza che si chiamava Ferrari artista di cuatri che io gli avevo esposto anche i vuoi cuatri ok

  15. This will be Giorgia Villa's quest to topple out a real American juggernaut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and her chance to become the first Italian female gymnast to win the all around gold medal and she will join the ranks of the greatest Olympic upsets in history including the historic Miracle on Ice when the college kid Americans defeated the Soviet juggernauts 4-3 at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY on February 22, 1980.

  16. I could have sworn the title used to be: Italy’s gymnastics future belongs to a 13-year-old phenomena | Heroes of the Future just look at the description…

  17. Go Georgia… you shone at the youth Olympics, shine at the summer Olympics like Viktoria and Seda. The world is waiting for you

  18. Ragazze, capisco che passate 8 ore al giorno in palestra dando priorità allo sport piuttosto che agli studi.. sono scelte di vita e le rispetto. Anche io ho fatto ginnastica 10 anni, a arrivata al livello agonistico mi dissero che per partecipare a competizioni mondiali avrei dovuto lasciare la scuola e non me la son sentita , perche mi piaceva studiare…ognuno fa le sue scelte
    comunque qualche libro prima di andare a dormire ogni tanto apritelo, percbe parlate l'italiano in modo ORRENDO.

  19. I learn Italian in school so I didn’t need the subtitles 😂

    Imparo l'italiano a scuola, quindi non ho bisogno dei sottotitoli 😂

  20. It hurts me to think that at this very moment she could be in the qualifiers for the olympics and I am sitting on my couch watching her to make me feel better about myself. I do do women’s artistic gymnastics at level 5 though

  21. 0:38 I know that man did not just look at the girls in the locker room🤦🏾‍♀️ doing bad sir, doing bad😂

  22. Brava Giorgia, sei fortissima, se continui così arriverai si ai livelli della grande Vanessa.
    Complimenti a tutte e due, vi seguo e mi piacete un sacco.!!!(naturalmente bravi anche gli allenatori )

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