( the coolest squeaky toy sound) (Dramatic Music) Yup, that’s right. One of the biggest events in Fortnite. I missed. I completely missed it. (giggles hard) I saw it the day before when they put it on the news, and I was so annoyed. because I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I was umm.. I was at a pug party..yeah… (no shame in that dan) Anyways, I missed one of the biggest things in Fortnite Where if you were in a game at a certain time about a week ago You could see a rocket launching from the map. The map has been changing ever so slightly over the past few weeks or so. A rocket turned up and it- and it literally
launched into the atmosphere It’s crazy, so I got some footage of the rocket launching, so lets get into it. and then we are going to recreate our very own Fortnite rocket launch because we missed it :c so this footage was from a guy called liam or to twinsane i’ll put his channel link in the description below this is his view it’s kind of its from the start of the game so he must have joined and as so as it launched you can see it from the bottom there launching I think it launched just off a mountain which is just below Snobby Shores. it’s insane, but watch what happens it blasts into two and then this bit up here literary launches and crashes the atmosphere. its crazy look here it goes here it goes it fires lasers to 4 different locations on the map and then almost destroys Tilted Towers, teases us a little bit and then disappears into another dimension it’s just it actually insane. Then it come out one way back though another the other bit lands in one of the farms either ends and it’s just crazy I’ve also got this version which is from Martin in the littlein i’ll put his channel link in the description below as well thank you guys so much for giving me the opportunity to look at this because I missed it. Haa Here it goes look, its insane It’s not even a rocket its like a full on missile its crazy so it goes up and as it goes up it then splits into two that part lands at it’s either at Fatal Fields or Anarchy Acres I can’t remember but we’ll check it out don’t worry it’s craziness.. just the coolest thing ever there you go.. there it blasts.. this is the piece that lands in the ground… which you can now still see there it goes straight into.. i’m pretty sure that’s Anarchy Acres… cause it hasn’t got the bit behind the white house then the rest of it just goes bonkers oh my goodness that is so epic.. so epic are you kidding me? another dimension people are talking about.. rifts between worlds.. like a snow globe effect as well like effectively the whole map is just in a snow globe and this is breaking it so many theories.. this was all done live remember You just joined the game at a certain time and it just.. it worked. Flawlessly. and looked incredible! I’m so gutted that I missed it. So why am I even bothered? Well, basically today as I mentioned at the beginning of the video I’m gonna hop into Fortnite Playground Mode. I’m gonna build our own rocket! because.. we missed it.. and we now have the ability to. SO WHY NOT? We’ll wait here.. with uhh.. No friends.. and um.. Yeah. Let’s do this. And the rifts have stayed here by the way. Look, they’re literally in the sky. It’s- It’s mad. And there’s also small rifts around the map as well Which.. have transported things, made things disappear It’s the craziest thing to happen to Fortnite so far. So where do we need to go? We need to head over to.. I think its.. *honking* This mountain is it.. I think.. Yeah, It’s this mountain right here. So we need to head there. Actually! We need to go Tilted Towers. The plan is, we need as much metal as we can carry We need a lot of wood as well for scaffolding and we need a ton of jump pads. Oh yeah, and a- a shopping trolley.. Haha! SHOPPING CART! Man, I sound so British… The reason I’m coming here is because it has loads of chests in one location and also! there’s one hundred llamas to find Look at this! Magic! How many of these are we going to need? Maybe like twenty? I think? AHA! We need to hit as many of these llamas as possible cause they have a high chance of having traps Uhh.. That one didn’t though.. Ok, Tilted Towers actually proved to be fairly rubbish Soo.. We’re just going to go on a llama hunt We need as many of THESE bad boys as we can get and there’s two in a row! Sweet. Found ya! You punk. Why are you hiding from me? and you! you and ALL your friends! Ok, it has been.. Thirty minutes I’ve only got thirty minutes remaining and I have managed to collect thirty three.. pads. I don’t know if that’s going to be enough but we’re going to find out. We need to get all the way- I’ve literally been all the way around the map I need to get back to.. this point.. so.. Let’s fly! You can see all of the places where I have (laughs) launch padded.. It’s insane. Let’s see if I can make it to this one. Ok, so this right here was the location of the rocket launch now it actually LOOKS! pretty good. I was hoping not to die there It’s like some kind of weird evil base with meteorites.. He’s got pink cars, He’s got some kind of evil genius logo as well.. Weird place but I respect it. It’s got hot rocks in it as well. Nice. And hospital beds… That’s creepy.. *Confused* Anyway! We don’t have long to do this now because I’ve taken way too long smashing llamas in the face with my fishy pickaxe so-(laughs) Let’s BUILD. Where can we build here? Umm.. We need a platform. and it won’t let me build.. Can I get rid of this? Yeah, let’s get rid of this I still can’t build here.. Ok, Let’s build.. This? And then we’re going to build a platform We’re going to make it out of wood because we don’t care! I feel like I want it to be a little bit higher as well.. Ok, this should be fine Right here This is going to be the main bit. Soo.. Let’s actually get rid of this ’cause I want to make it all metal. And let’s start building I have twenty five minutes.. And broke that.. Ok, this is gonna to be.. We also need like.. our rocket. platforms either side so we can get a TROLLEY in here or a shopping cart.. and the idea is we have a launch pad down here and then we need to build up as far as it will let us Soo.. Guess like.. up here.. There. So if I put the next one There.. That should bounce back because we don’t want to do that just yet though.. This is scaffolding I need to Get rid of this. Ohh This is going to be soo Um.. Hard to do (laughs) So we basically now need a lauch pad on every piece but I don’t how I’m going to do that.. I just need to do that Until I get all the way up.. I don’t know which way it’s going to launch me either.. It depends when I run out of.. It depends when I run out of jump pads really.. Oh! OH! We’ve reached build height! WE DID IT! We only needed- We needed fourteen Which is interesting.. LESS jump pads Umm.. I don’t want to test this.. until I’ve actually completed it. The problem is It doesn’t look like.. a rocket right now. so I’m gonna have to get rid of this actually pew pew PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW That’s better. PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW Oh yeah! THE POWER! Haha! It depends which way it flings me and if I wanna try this out.. I’m gonna have to be flung PRETTY FAR! The safest way to get down.. is this. Oh my goodness The editing on the console is so hard! Heeyy! There we go! Ok, that is looking pretty sweet Eighteen minutes.. Oh my goodness. Now I need to build this again because I haven’t done the sides. I need to put windows in. Cause you need windows if it’s a rocket *voicecrack XD* woah! Ok, this is massive I might risk it I’m gonna see if I can I can build on the way up Here we go I don’t know if that works.. Hey, it actually does work Haha! This is so ridiculous NOO!! Ok, this is bad THIS IS BAD.. Do I die?? Am I gonna die!? I’m good.. Okay.. Now I need to get back up there.. Okay, now I need the.. the side bits. which are.. I dunno if I’m gonna do these Oh wait, yes I do! Yes. I. Do. If I do this.. And edit.. this.. Yes, that’ll work Ok, let’s do the same here I might need some more metal.. That’s the most annoying thing. Oh my goodness. This is actually going to look great. So real talk.. Does this look like uh a ro- a rocket? absolutely not but are going to try and fly it anyway? Yes. Of course. Now.. It doesn’t actually launch.. The way we do it is we launch ourselves..(Intelectual at its finest) I guess.. So let’s try this We’ve got seven minutes to go And I want to try this with a shopping cart as well Soooo.. Let’s see what happens if I.. edit this Make a little hatch to get in Then we should be able to do this. Yes. To space! To- Spaace… Oh, I missed some? There we go I fixed it. AAAHHH HAHOHO! Okay! Looks like.. They break! Which I did not know.. So I need a shopping cart now. The problem is I don’t know where is one close by? I guess.. Down here? But I got to get it up here.. Before the time runs out.. this is- *Bursts out laughing* This is so terrible! This is what I wanted to do Just.. Umm- You know I didn’t want to- load up.. That would be a bad idea. This was my player launch idea So, you fill it with jump pads and see what happens But.. I didn’t realise they break! *Flies out* Hahaha! It does probably launch you out the top though.. So that’s good. For a successful.. shopping cart launch I need to make sure that all of these are active We’ll probably add one at the top as well NO! Haha.. I’m going to get a shopping cart I’ve got four minutes and thirty seconds.. This isn’t going to work! I’m ju- I’m worried that I’ve wasted an hour of my life There it is! Got it! Ok, now we need to make it over to the mountain Get it UP the mountain and try this out. I’m sorry for hitting you.. That looks SO bad cause I put the platforms on top Oh my goodness, I need to fix that.. Run dude! RUN! We’re making it. OH! We’re making it! This is going to be awful I need to get rid of that scaffolding on the side as well This is- It’s hard to build in this game wow! There she is. Our rocket. which is.. literally just a pyramid with a column coming out of it It looks ridiculous Soooo It kind of looks like a missle actually.. A bit more missle like I wanted to add the roofs to the top but I spent way too long looking for jump pads and turns out I didn’t need that many.. at all. so- so that’s fine.. without further ado, Let’s see if this will work. Uummm… Do I want to make this? Yeah, one sec I’m geared up and ready for action Umm.. Here we go I guess This is like the one time I can try it Cause I got fifteen seconds Let’s push Switch! DuuhHA! Don’t break. No! I said ‘Don’t break’ Don’t break! DON’T BREAK! YEAH! LET’S GO *Laughs* We launched it! Oh my goodness. Oh geez! OH geez! It worked! Haha! *Rewind* *Dramatic music* *Silence* That was the worst rocket you’ve ever seen right? Ok, this has to happen I have to do it. At the end of every playground you lose everything anyways Soo.. Let’s launch to the top and while we do so I’m going to go into replay and edit this It’ll be absolutely amazing But we’re going to blow it up as we pop out of the top and it’s going to be phenomenal. I promise you OR it’s going to lag like crazy cause this is twenty C4’s got a little time a tiny little bit of time this isn’t gonna work! but I’m gonna try it anyway I’m gonna have to put some launchpads jump pads, bounce pads WHATEVER YOU CALL THEM IN Here we go. *Intense music* *explosions* Let’s do this Here we go. *explosions* Yes! *Laughs* It worked! Oh dude! Right.. That’s it. That was disappointing. Ooo! Look at what I just found. World Collide Three days until Season Five.. That looks like- Like a cat? Kami- It’s like a cat kind of Japanese mask coming out of the rift. Are we going to find out who’s evil? I don’t know. There should already be a um- Take two of that shouldn’t there.. *Laughs* Anyway guys! I hope you enjoyed this video If you did please do a big fat like that would be greatly apprectiated t- subscribe if you are brand new For more stupid! Fortnite stuff And I’ll see you guys in the next one.. I just wasted an hour of your life and possibly ten minutes of yours Goood bye!

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