[Music] the Coastal Bend Sports Authority Allen Harwell with your Chris six sports report hi good into your body the Islanders are gonna host this year’s Southland Conference tennis championship starting Thursday at the Thomas J Henry Tennis Center the women have they have won three straight conference championships they’re gonna come in as the number five seed the men are seeking there’s a thin c-double-a tournament appearance they are seeded number two you know coach steve moore does a great job finding talent he’s roster has a definite international flavor many of the players are from other countries but you know weddings also found some pretty good players as well right here in the United States Steve called me and since that moment I wanted to be here because he is a tough team we practiced so hard we want to win championship and that’s what he wanted Corpus Christi is a really nice city I love the water I decided to come here but I wanted to combine things with studies in Spain is tough so I wanted to come to the US and then this team is really good has high level players on high level coaches and we practice really hard and improve and also the university is really nice I love the campus and the program you know we just chase a certain level of player level of character level of work ethic in both school and tennis and you know we found some great ones we’ve got a great boy from corpus here who you know has a three seven engineering we got a great girl from Miami who was 60 in the United States we got a great boy from College Station and you know and sometimes we go further if we need to to get a that level of commitment alright the tournament has the makings of a great one again it all gets underway at the Thomas J Henry Tennis Center Thursday and will run through Sunday

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Dennis Veasley

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