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Dennis Veasley

29 thoughts on “Is Guacamole Jam? | The Steve Dangle Podcast”

  1. If its green-yellow or yellow-green that makes it green. It doesnt matter how much yellow is there if there is any blue. If there is blue, they are green

  2. Been playing and have been a huge tennis fan for over 10 years now. Tennis balls are yellow and if you think otherwise, you are wrong.

  3. I got a question that will melt a lot of brains. How do we know that if both you and I are looking at the same tennis ball at the same time the colour you see and the one that i see look exactly the same. If I was to look at it through your eyes and you through mine even if we have the same eyesight (20/20 say) would the colour look the same.

  4. This is what happens when there is no hockey news to talk about and it’s the off-season πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Guacamole has jalapenos and paprika its definitely a dip or spread…. Jams are traditionally sweet…

  6. You know it’s the off-season when the podcast is talking about tennis balls and guacamole and hating marvel movies

  7. I used to side with Adam and Steve, now I side with Jessie on this.
    Btw this clip made me laugh out loud in public when I listened to it originally!!

  8. You guys were talking about the color of an avocado, but I'm surprised that no one brought up an apple. The outside of an apple is red/green, but the inside is yellow. We all say that we want a green/red apple so why don't we say that we want a green avocado?

  9. Colour is a wide spectrum.The tennis ball definitely favours the yellow side.Better question is did i spell colour correctly?

  10. As for guacamole …its not a jam.I refuse to consider an avacado a fruit.I say its a fucking vegetable just like the tomato.

  11. Can you guys please just sit down and do an off season podcast at like one of your places or something and do a crummy piece together production on your laptops. The content from clips like this alone I'd love to see jut let run loose or even discussion on older hockey teams and stuff and hockey growing up and stuff. The random knowledge alone and the banter is enough to carry a fun small once a week podcast for an hour. Like look at old tweets or watch an old LFR or something and talk about that!

  12. Jesse probably thinks that tennis balls are green but he just says they are yellow just so he can start an argument lool, hes honestly such a frustrating human to listen to sometimes

  13. Jams are spreads, you spread jam on toast for example, guac is a dip, you dip chips into it. Tomatoes are a fruit, they're made into tomato sauce, that isn't a dip either, it's used as a sauce for pasta,

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