[Jesse Blake] What color [Steve Dangle] Cuz he baits people into getting angry. I thought this was understood [Adam Wylde] Jesse, go ahead please [SD] He’s gonna get at least 69 articles out of these votes. [JB] a simple question [JB] What color is- [SD] 420 hits a piece [JB] -is a tennis ball? [SD] Okay. I saw this. Have people lost their freakin minds? [JB] What color is a tennis ball? [SD] It’s green! [AW] By the way JVR just scored [SD] Good [SD] Was it the Mitch thing? Green! [AW] I don’t know. He scored 21 percent of his goals according to David Alter In this four-game stretch of the season. [SD] Holy shit! [JB] what color is a tennis ball [AW] Green. I know what Roger Federer said, but he’s wrong. Not that he looks at tennis balls every day. [SD] Jesse what color is the tennis ball? [JB] Yellow. [SD] Of course you think it’s yellow. [JB] what I [SD] I never [AW] There are different colored tennis balls though [AW] Like I had only ever played with green but [JB] What did was Roger Federer say? [SD] Jesse. If Roger Federer held up a red tennis racket and said it was blue, What color would the tennis racket be? [JB] Blue. [AW] Yeah, the thing is Roger – Roger Federer is great at tennis, but he doesn’t get to decide the color of things [SD] No! no! [AW] like just because he’s a tennis player doesn’t mean he gets to decide that [SD] Okay, okay with the whole hot dog is- [JB] WHAT. COLOR. is this tennis ball I’m showing you? [AW and SD] green. [JB] IT IS A YELLOW TENNIS BALL! [SD] It is a yellowy green, or a greeny yellow tennis ball. That’s also brighter than most tennis balls [AW] Yeah, you definitely picked the brightest one on the page. [SD] I suppose that is an official US Open one, [AW] the ones I always played with were green, man! or orange [SD] how about this? You’re both right! [SD] Look at that ball and tell me there is ZERO green in it [AW] Jesse will say it. Jesse will just say it. [JB] What color is this tennis ball? [SD] Greeny yellow! Or yellowy green. [AW] with black in there, cuz there’s black in there cuz it’s autographed. [SD] With black marker [AW] So let’s not disclude the black. [SD] It’s greeny yellow or yellowy green! [JB] Tweet us. Tell us what color a tennis ball is. [AW] have you seen those CNN [AW] Have you seen those CNN? uhhh [AW] Promos that they’re doing which it’s like, it’s like, “this is an Apple. no matter how many times somebody says. ‘It’s a pear’ ” “It’s still an apple.” “They could have caps lock they could scream and yell” “But it is still an Apple” and then CNN “reporting the facts” and it’s like it’s kind of you know There’s a little bit of that going on here. It’s a little bit like it’s Orwellian in the sense that like, you know There’s like a lot of there’s a lot of that going on here It’s like truth because we say so rather than any proof right now and it’s in in this particular case. I get why Roger Federer says that it is yellow. And [SD] Cuz we’re all talking about Roger Federer! [AW] And I get why people say Tennis balls are green The ones that I grew up with are green But there are different shades of tennis ball and the ones I grew up with were probably the cheaper version and they were green. [SD] I like what you said at him you get why some people might say that it’s yellow [SD] Jesse. [JB] If – [SD] do you get why some people might say that it’s green? [JB] If avocados are fruits [SD] Jesse. [JB] then does that make guacamole a jam? [AW] Sorry say that again? [SD] NO okay I’m GLAD YOU BROUGHT THAT UP [SD] Say it again. [JB] if avocados are fruits, which they are. Do you deny that an avocado is a green fruit? [SD] Jesse I’m glad you brought that up. [JB] Can you answer my question first. I, I know – [SD] So are avocados fruit. [AW] Are they actually? [SD] Or a vegetable. Or a fruit? [JB] Are they fruit? [AW] I don’t know. [SD] If they are fruit. I suppose, guacamole could be argued to be a jam [JB] Is avocado a fruit or veg? [AW] It’s technically speaking, avocado is a berry Because it’s a… [SD] well so is most Jam! [JB] so that makes it even more of a jam! [AW] So then I I would say… Now are you saying guacamole? [JB] Guacamole! because the difference is [SD] WHO THE HELL CALLS AVOCADO A BERRY [AW[ jam is Is usually like traditional jam I’m not talking about [SD] I CALL IT A FINANCIAL BURDEN. I’m sorry *laughter* [AW] I guess the coffee’s kicking in. We now know. Um, the the thing with Jam is that [JB] what do you think of MacElhinney [SD] HES SO GOOD! THEY SENT US A GOALIE FROM THE HEAVENS OF WAIVERS and is yes what [AW] So, avocado and guacamole are a thing or two different things. The reason avocado is an ingredient in guacamole. The difference is [SD] IT IS THE PRINCIPLE. INGREDIENT. [AW] CAN YOU JUST CHIIIIILLLL AND LET ME TALK?! GUYS COME ON. [JB] strawberry is an ingredient in strawberry jam [AW] COME ONNN i have got a KILLER point here and you’re not gonna be able to disagree with it! [JB] See I think that’s untrue. I can disagree with anything. [AW] That’s true, okay [AW] Reasonably disagree then. Jesse you can be very unreasonable when you wanna.. [SD] Do you see this divide and conquer bullshit that he pulls? [AW] Jesse should be a politician [SD] a mental assassin. [JB]Go ahead. Tell me. [AW] That’s why it was the best working with him on the air at Kiss cuz we like, I could literally throw anything at him Whether he believed it or not, he’d be like “Nope. This is my position.” [SD] No. Jesse shouldn’t be a politician He should be one of the behind-the-scenes guys from house of cards who ruins everything Jesse’s the guy who has people killed. [JB] I would like to hear [SD] Oh, yeah, [JB] I would like to hear why Guacamole isn’t a jam. Tell me Adam. [AW] Here’s why it’s not a jam. So when you have a jam, it’s basically mashed up fruit, right? That’s essentially the idea behind jam [SD] mashed up berries, even [AW] and preserved. Yeah, mostly berries. And sometimes, you mix berries but you don’t ever venture outside of That particular classification of food, so hang on hang on Guacamole on the other hand tomatoes which are fruit Avocados onions which are not bunch of spices that sort of thing There’s a bunch of different mixtures in there. And that’s it’s the combination of ingredients of guacamole That’s separate it from jam because jam is mostly just fruit on fruit on fruit Whereas guacamole is some fruit some vegetables and some Herbs and spices and that sort of thing so that’s what I would say. [JB] I agree That’s a great point and I have no argument against it [SD] Shut up. Listen, okay Jesse did you hear what just happened? There was… there were arguments made [JB] yeah [SD] there were important distinctions made [JB] ah! lots of variables [JB] ooh [JB] “Variables” that’s a many consonant word. [SD] It’s a big word [JB] there’s an s on the end too [SD] What differs that from the tennis ball argument is I know the color of the tennis ball because I’M FREAKING LOOKING AT IT!!!!!!!!!!! THERE’S NO ARGUMENT TO BE MADE IT’S JUST MY EYES LOOKING AT A THING [AW] I have a question [JB] Okay [AW] inside of an avocado, like the avocado itself, the fruit, The berry if you will [JB] inside the berry? [SD] IS IT YELLOW? [AW] Is it yellow or is it green? [JB] Avocados are green [AW] But they can be yellow. [JB] No they can’t [SD] I DISAGREE! [AW] when they’re super ripe, they can be yellow. [SD] I DISAGREE. I DISAGREE. [JB] no no no avocados are always green. [SD] Alex Jones told me they’re yellow, I disagree. [JB] Now you’re being unreasonable. [SD] I saw avocados get dropped from black helicopters [SD] You – you can’t prove THE GOVERNMENT CAME IN AND TURNED THE FREAKIN FROGS GREEN [AW] Can we do a segment on our Steve Dangle Podcast channel where you just do a minute on a particular topic Every like every week where you’re Alex Jones, but for hockey? [SD] like Jay Jonah Jamison Jim Rutherford a lot of people seem to like that [SD] Where I’m just a person as another person for no good reason? [AW] Giroux! Captain or menace? That was my favorite line from the last episode. [SD] Parker! Come look at this. You know, it’s great Adam just pulled up a bunch of pictures of avocados. on the outside? Green. As definitive as As can be. But look at the inside Jesse. [AW] Yeah, there’s a little bit of yellow in there [SD] they are AWFULLY tennis ball colored!! [AW] So wait [SD] WHICH MAKES THEM. WHAT?! [JB] tennis balls. [AW]what if [AW] What if the tennis balls aren’t green or yellow? They’re avocado! [JB] Avocado colored? Avocado isn’t a color. [AW] Well, [SD] ARE TENNIS BALLS JAM? [JB] also, Are you talking about the outside of the avocado as the color because that’s a very dark green [AW] I’m talking about the inside [SD] the inside of the avocado. [JB] how can you – how can you [AW] the part you eat Are you talking about the inside of the tennis ball cuz it’s brown on the inside cuz there’s rubber. [SD] THE OUT- Okay. [JB] Because there were rating these – [AW] this is where you’re good this is where you get me every time man I can’t compete. I’m not – I can’t compete in this arena. He’s too damn good. [SD] You are so wasted on podcasting Jesse. Why aren’t you running and manipulating the world? [AW] Yeah, really? [SD] You should be. [JB] I’m just reading through shower thoughts. [AW] Can you imagine Jesse and Steven, Steven A Smith going head to head on First Take? [SD] Yeah, I can imagine Steven A Smith quitting live on air, sure! [SD] I can imagine that! [JB] Steven A Smith Every weekday wakes up and does two hours of television and Leaves his two hour television job to go to three hours of radio. I think Steven A Smith might be the only man on earth who works harder than Adam Wilde [SD] If Stephen A Smith was truly Steven A Smith, he would burst through that door right now and disagree with you [SD] BUT HE DIDN’T COME DID HE? [JB] I COMPLIMENTED HIM? [SD] HE DIDN’T COME DID HE [JB] no, he didn’t

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Dennis Veasley

29 thoughts on “Is Guacamole Jam? | The Steve Dangle Podcast”

  1. If its green-yellow or yellow-green that makes it green. It doesnt matter how much yellow is there if there is any blue. If there is blue, they are green

  2. Been playing and have been a huge tennis fan for over 10 years now. Tennis balls are yellow and if you think otherwise, you are wrong.

  3. I got a question that will melt a lot of brains. How do we know that if both you and I are looking at the same tennis ball at the same time the colour you see and the one that i see look exactly the same. If I was to look at it through your eyes and you through mine even if we have the same eyesight (20/20 say) would the colour look the same.

  4. This is what happens when there is no hockey news to talk about and it’s the off-season 😂😂😂

  5. Guacamole has jalapenos and paprika its definitely a dip or spread…. Jams are traditionally sweet…

  6. You know it’s the off-season when the podcast is talking about tennis balls and guacamole and hating marvel movies

  7. I used to side with Adam and Steve, now I side with Jessie on this.
    Btw this clip made me laugh out loud in public when I listened to it originally!!

  8. You guys were talking about the color of an avocado, but I'm surprised that no one brought up an apple. The outside of an apple is red/green, but the inside is yellow. We all say that we want a green/red apple so why don't we say that we want a green avocado?

  9. Colour is a wide spectrum.The tennis ball definitely favours the yellow side.Better question is did i spell colour correctly?

  10. As for guacamole …its not a jam.I refuse to consider an avacado a fruit.I say its a fucking vegetable just like the tomato.

  11. Can you guys please just sit down and do an off season podcast at like one of your places or something and do a crummy piece together production on your laptops. The content from clips like this alone I'd love to see jut let run loose or even discussion on older hockey teams and stuff and hockey growing up and stuff. The random knowledge alone and the banter is enough to carry a fun small once a week podcast for an hour. Like look at old tweets or watch an old LFR or something and talk about that!

  12. Jesse probably thinks that tennis balls are green but he just says they are yellow just so he can start an argument lool, hes honestly such a frustrating human to listen to sometimes

  13. Jams are spreads, you spread jam on toast for example, guac is a dip, you dip chips into it. Tomatoes are a fruit, they're made into tomato sauce, that isn't a dip either, it's used as a sauce for pasta,

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