– [Ensemble] Once upon a time. (“Hopp Ide Tisztan”) – [Erika Chong Shuch] Iron Shoes is a performance work that is inspired by three
Eastern European fairytales. It’s a story about storytelling. (“Hopp Ide Tisztan”) ♪ Just one step, breath, breath ♪ – [Erika] Three protagonists
are given these iron shoes as a punishment for something that they did not necessarily do. And the punishment is that they have to wander through the woods
wearing these iron shoes and that they kind of won’t be redeemed until the iron shoes fall to pieces. ♪ Just one step ♪ – [Erika] The molecules of a room shift when these singers put
music into the world. It changes the way the world feels. ♪ Then pause ♪ (“Hopp Ide Tisztan”) – [Erika] The thing that
really excites me about this is that, yes, there are these stories but this is a sonic experience and it is a movement-driven experience. And this feels like the
statement of the work for me, how important it is in this time to drop into the dark, mysterious ways of understanding the world. (“Hopp Ide Tisztan”)

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Dennis Veasley

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