Hi there, I’m Jeff Plumb, I’ve got Alois Rosario
with me from PingSkills and this is a course on multiball. Alois, tell us a little bit about multiball. I think it’s a really important tool if you’re
trying to improve your skills and if you haven’t got a partner that is of the same ability
as you, multiball can be an absolutely fantastic tool to help you improve. So were the Chinese the first to really take
on multiball and use it with all their training? Yeah the Chinese certainly have been using
multiball for a very long time and they use it in a large part of their training. So, is it good for beginners? I think you
mentioned that earlier. Yep, so it can be good for beginners. Especially
if you are finding it difficult to feed the balls into them into the right spot, it can
be really good for them to give them a nice simple ball that they can work with. Okay because often you’ll see if two people
are trying to hit a rally and they are not very good, they won’t hit it to the same spot
and it will be difficult to get a rhythm and people end up spending more time picking up
balls rather than actually hitting the table tennis ball. So remember when we talk about training it’s
a lot about getting as many opportunities to hit a good ball as you can and getting
opportunities to hit the ball from the right position. Multiball provides that in a really
easy manner. Okay. And so I guess that moves on to the
intermediate levels, the principles are the same, if your practicing the more balls you
can hit the better you are going to become. So this is good for intermediate and even
advanced players too? It can be really good for just honing a particular
skill. You can get a lot of practice against the same ball a lot of times. I find it particularly
good when you’re practicing against the backspin ball. In a rally situation you might get one
backspin ball per rally, now you can get 100 backspin balls in a couple of minutes to practice
against. Okay very good. Now, is this a difficult skill
to learn? Is it going to be hard for people to pick this skill up? So the skill of actually feeding the multiball? Yeah. Really simple! Okay, alright. Well we’re going to go through
some of those skills. How you can do it and you can use it to really improve your game.

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