Unlike baseball, football is a timed game; there is a clock and the winner of the game is the
team has the most points when time expires. So naturally, the next question
would be, “How do I score points? and win the game?” So let’s take a look at how you score points in this video. The first way to score,
and probably the most common way, is what is called a ‘touchdown.’
A touchdown is worth six points, which is the most points that you can receive
at any one time, for any single score. If you remember the field from the first video, in this area here, that are unmarked on both
sides are called the ‘end zone’ and the end zone is separated
from the rest of the field by the ‘goal line.’ So if your team is on offense, and you drive down the field, and of course we’ll talk about the specifics of
how to move the ball down the field in later videos, but if you do do drive the ball down the field
and you get the ball on or over the goal line, and into the end zone that means your team has scored a touchdown
and your team would receive six points. After you score a touchdown,
what you get is a decision you have to make, and you can do one of two things: the first thing is called ‘attempting an extra point’ and the other thing that you can try to
do is to ‘attempt a 2-point conversion.’ Usually teams will go for the extra point, and what happens to get an extra point– your team, after a touchdown, kind of gets a free play, and the ball will be placed on the two yard line, that’s why this extra line is here in the middle,
and the ball will be placed there. The offense will be on the field and the ball will be snapped back, and a kicker will attempt to kick the ball through the uprights. And being that the ball is so close to the uprights, there is a high chance of your team making that kick through the uprights. and getting that one point.
So teams will generally go for that extra point. The other option you have would be to go
for the two-point conversion. And you’ve probably guessed by now that the
two-point conversion is worth two points. So again, this is a kind of free play
after the touchdown if you decide not to attempt the extra point, they will still put the ball on the two-yard line and you will have the opportunity to try and get the ball into the end zone again. And you can either run it in or pass it, through the air, and catch it in the end zone. If that is successful then your team gets two points. You might wonder why teams don’t try to do this all the time, because it is only two yards. Which it is, but you if you only get one chance to do it, and of course you have defense there trying to stop you. So that is generally why teams will stick with the extra point. The second most popular way to score is
through something called a ‘Field goal.’ The field goal is worth three points. A field goal is kind of like an extra point,
and we’ll look at the whole procedure on how to kick the ball, both on the kickoff and field goals, but for field goals, instead of kicking it starting at the two yard line, you can kick it from wherever the ball happens to be. So your team will be moving down the field, and you are limited in the the number of
opportunities you have to move the ball and progress it toward the end zone. So let’s say your team gets stopped on the 20-yard line and your team decides they want to kick a field goal. And so they would snap it back, a holder would hold the ball on the ground, and then the kicker would try to kick the ball through the uprights. If the ball does go through the uprights, the field goal is ‘good’ and your team gets three points. There is no extra point or 2-point conversion after a field goal, those are only after a touchdown. So if it is good, your team gets three points, and if you miss it though, the other team would get the ball starting on the 20 yard line. And then they would go back in the opposite direction and they would try to score a touchdown on the other end. Lastly, the final way to look at
how to score is something called a ‘Safety.’ A safety is worth two points. These first two things, the touchdown and the field goal, are things that the team on offense, the team with the ball, do. That is their goal, to get those. But a safety is actually points that can be scored when your team is on defense. Let’s say our blue team has the ball and somehow they are way back over here on their own two-yard line. They are trying to go the whole way down to this end zone,
and they have a long ways to go. The ball is in play, the quarterback drops back–we’ll get to positions in the next video– and the defensive team comes
in and they tackle him, or stop him, in his own end zone. And if that would occur, then the defensive team would receive those two points. And those are the ways that you can score points in football.

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Dennis Veasley

31 thoughts on “Introduction to Football: How to Score”

  1. Wow! Very detailed and yet simple explanation video. I have no idea how american football is being played but you make me understand everything. Nice job!

  2. Hey, I'm sorry, but whenever a team chooses between a conversion or an extra point, do they announce it and the defense team know what they'll do and the offense team can only do that, or does the offense team decide secretively and do one or the other without the defense knowing?

  3. So if you do a field goal, does the game like continue and the offense keeps trying to reach the end zone, or does it just "restart." I'm sorry if its a stupid question, I've only watch 2 videos.

    And if it does restart, then why do it at all if you can get more point in a touchdown. I mean, the field goal seems like it requires a lot of skill to successfully do.

  4. My husband is out at sea in the Navy, he is going to be so happy that I have learned football! Thanks for the videos! Amazing!

  5. thanks for so a clear explanation.. my son keeps explaining me about it, but i couldn't get it.   Now, it's much easier for me. Thank You!!!

  6. So, the defense can't score? I'm really confused about that…
    You keep saying if your team is on offense, and you get the ball… etc.
    does that mean if you're on offense you aren't allowed to run with the ball and score?
    sorry if it's a dumb question.. just a little confused.

  7. Boy being new to the states, this is the game I'm interested the most but the one I understand the least, good videos 🙂

  8. HI..you are videos are so helpful..thanks…I had a question…Where does the play start .. i mean at what yard line at the v start of the play ? so the offfense team has to cover 100 yards everytime they get the ball ?

  9. Which team do you support? Im getting into football but here in Spain football is not very common. In 2003 a team extinct, the Barcelona Dragons… How can I get into it? Im thinking to buy Madden 16 but I don't know any player and so it is very difficult for me

  10. So the "Extra point" kick from the 2yd line is also called a P.A.T, right?
    Also, you talk about the Field goal and where it can be kicked from; is that decided by how far the offense got on the last "round" (or down)? Like, if you get tackled on the 40yd line, you can decide to either go for a basic throw/run, or kick it? Or do the plays/downs always start from the same position?

    Thx great video

  11. What if someone on defence accidentally ran the ball in there end zone? Or the offense fumbled the ball in the defences endzone and the defense jumped on it in there endzone?

  12. God I hate these kind of teachers… Makes learning like a total bore.. Reminds me of those bad high school teachers that put you to sleep… Sooo unpassionate and boring and not enthusiastic… Plus using some kind of old display diagram reminding me windows dos days… Typical old outdated useless teacher!

  13. You seem to be missing the fair catch field goal, the 1 point safety, and the 2 point drop kick–drop kicking through the goal post from a point beyond the line of scrimmage (this hasn't occurred since the early 1940s, at least in the NFL.)

  14. Does an interception can lead to a safety right away if the guy who intercepted the quarterback gets tackled in his endzone ?

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