This is the first video in a series on how to play football, and as you can probably already tell, we’re talking about American Football
here. Sometimes it is called ‘Gridiron Football’ and not ‘Association Football’ or ‘Soccer.’ So if you know nothing about American
football, you’re in the right place. We are going to start with the very
basics, and in this video we are going to take a look at the field itself. What that what do
all these lines and markings mean? And numbers mean? We’re going to break it down and
explain all of that in this video. The first thing that you will notice
is that there are all these little lines on the field and these are each three feet apart
and each one is called a ‘yard line.’ From this line here
to this line here this distance is going
to be one-hundred yards. Typically you will hear people say that
the length of a football field is one-hundred yards. You can see in the middle here,
that is divided in half by the ’50-yard line’ and each
of these numbers on the field represents the number of yards and
it is counting down. So it starts in the middle with the 50, then the 40, 30, 20, 10
and it is the same thing on both sides. You can probably tell by now that each side of the field is identical so that we start in the middle with the 50, and then the ’40 yard line,’ ‘the 30 yard line,’ the ’20 yard line,’ the ’10 yard line,’ and
what all this is counting down to is the two lines on both sides here.
And these are called goal lines. This grey line here, and this one here. These are called ‘goal lines.’ What the goal line does, is it
serves as the separation between the rest of the field and these two unmarked areas on either side. This one over here and everything inside here these are called the ‘end zones.’ The distance of the end zone–
we saw that the field itself is 100 yards and this distance to the white line is 10 yards. And then the same thing on the other
side. So we can see that the total distance is actually 120 yards,
with the 10 yard end zones on each side. Then of course we have the width of the field. So from this ‘sideline’ here that goes up the side, and this one here, these are both called the ‘sidelines.’ In football, the sidelines are out-of-bounds,
so if you step on the sideline you are considered out-of-bounds. The two sidelines are 160 feet apart,
so that’s about 53 yards. So is is about half as wide as it is long. So that is the basic rundown of the football
field and how it is laid out. One term you might hear, it’s nothing special
as far as markings on the field go, but anything inside the 20 yard line, from the 20 yard line to the goal line,
and of course the same thing on the other side These are sometimes called the ‘red zone.’ And that is signaling that the team, as we’ll see when you have the ball and you’re on offense your goal is to get the ball to the
end zone, so that means the team would be going this way. So if the team has the ball inside the 20 yard line, we say
‘they are in the red zone,’ or in other words they are getting close, and their chances
of scoring are increased when they are that close. Maybe this will make more sense if you see a picture,
so here is a photo of a typical NFL game being played. The ‘NFL’ stands for the National Football League,
which is the highest level of play in the United States. You can actually see in this picture,
this the team up top are on offense and they’re heading down toward the
the end zone, which as you can see doesn’t have the yard lines. Here are the yard lines,
and the 10 and the 20 and the 30, so the end zone is decorated
usually in whatever the home team’s colors are. And you can see the sidelines, going down.
The sidelines are the real thick line. And as we said, the sideline is out of bounds,
so they make it thick so it is easier to see because plays will often occur along that sideline So, the red team here that is
heading toward the end zone is the offensive team and then this team back here is on defense. And the offense is over the 20 yard line,
so they are actually inside the red zone in this photo. And then one last thing to point out,
and this would be the field goal or the ‘uprights.’ The uprights are located in the back of each end zone, you can kind of see the little markings here,
that would be from here to here. We’ll get to the point of these eventually,
the ball will be kicked through the uprights. And if the ball does go between the uprights then that would mean points for the team who kicked it. That’s the basic overview and layout of a football field. So in the next video we’ll
start getting into how does this whole game work? We’ll see you then.

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Dennis Veasley

57 thoughts on “Introduction to (American) Football: The Field”

  1. Here's a tip, have notes prepared on what your about to speak about so you can give quick and clear information in your videos. You can also refer back to those notes if you forget what your say. 🙂

  2. Only smart introduction to football i found so far. Other vids were all stupid starting off :In this game the team that scores the most wins (duh!). To play football you have four downs to make the first down (Stating the obvious followed by a completely ambiguous statement to someone who needs an intro to football!). Anyway, thanks man

  3. 13 years living in the states, and never understood anything about the game. This video series helped me appreciate the game a lot – thank you for taking the time!

  4. It's so simple the way to play football is "Touchdown!". Pronounced by Limbardi. As known as the Super Bowl Trophie. Every touchdown is 6 points. extra FG is 1 extra points wich makes 7. or you can go for the 2-pt conversion. wich would be 8. A safety is 2. A Field Goal is 3. Look for on the AntoDaBoss video's for all about football! It will be the "First Pro Pack opening!". LOOK RITE NOW!!!!!!!

  5. This series is just what I was looking for thank you so much, your explanation is easy to understand im now watching football with my cousin and uncles and enjoying it. I passed it onto my mom and aunts too, they also wanted to learn. Great job

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  8. I guess I should learn now than later because all I hear American people talking about is  football and the superbowl. I hate that I cannot engage in similar conversations. I hope I can watch the super bowl next year and understand what is going on. 

  9. The greatest sport in the world is soccer. Every country worships at the altar of soccer. Every country loves soccer!!

    This game however means nothing to most countries

  10. I am very beginner with American football. I am Brazilian and to be very interesting know how play this game. I am study english. sorry for my mistakes rsrsrs

  11. Love the video man I looked up this video even though it’s a little bit old and all that lol I’m gonna play football next year for my junior year!

  12. Never really understood football because i was always more of an NBA guy, but i want to get in to it cuz it looks like a pretty cool sport. Hope these videos help!

  13. Thanks for this great playlist explaining so many aspects of American Football. I've been enjoying the NFL for about 6 years now with just a knowledge of the basic rules, but have got to the stage that I want to deepen my understanding and appreciation of what's going on, and your playlist provides it. So, thanks again!

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