Hey Tennis Fans and welcome to the Tennis
Now Gear Guide! Today we’re walking you through the four
shoe designs in Nike’s sizzling new “Flame Pack.” Each model includes striking purple accents
and a unique flame design throughout, playing homage to the 20th anniversary of the Nike
Tennis Burning Ball Logo. First we have the flame-i-fied Zoom Vapor
9 Tour shoes, which will make their debut on the regal feet of Roger Federer at the
ATP World Tour finals. Created by the legendary Nike shoe designer
responsible for the Air Jordan line, the Zoom Vapor 9’s were constructed with running
shoes in mind, resulting in a light, stable, and durable fashion statement for Fed’s
feet. With flashy shoes as the focal point, Nike
keeps the rest of Roger’s collection simple and classy. A purple RF Masters polo will compliment the
RF woven short and Federer’s trademark Tennis Swoosh Bandana. And because Nike can’t have the Greatest
of All Time getting chilly, Fed will also have the RF Hard Court Woven Jacket in his
London arsenal. Sadly we won’t be seeing Rafael Nadal at
the year-end showdown, but Nike was prepared for his return, just in case. Rafa would have been wearing the Flame Pack’s
Air Max Courtballistec 4.3 shoes with Nike’s “flaming ball” accents throughout the
body of the shoe. You can even see a hint of electric green
near the laces! The extra-tough upper portion of the Courtballistec
4.3 is sure to offer extraordinary durability in the most physical of matches. To prove it, Nike offers a six-month outsole
guarantee. And for those of you who are hooked on Nike’s
Zoom Breath 2K12’s, you can add the Flame Pack edition to your collection. With Drag-On X technology for improved durability,
you’ll find these shoes reliable as well as breathable. Last but not least, the old-school design
of the Nike Tennis Classic 12’s are given an updated feel with the addition of flame
accents on the tongue. Purple and red pops of color at the sole make
these shoes perfect for a low-key day off the court or a fun club match. Which shoes is your favorite? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the
comment section below. And be sure to tune into the Tennis Channel
starting November 5th to see the top players and their Nike gear at the ATP World Tour
Championships. We’ll see you next time, here on Tennis

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