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Dennis Veasley

51 thoughts on “Interview | Cardinal Ritter ex-football head coach speaks out after season-ending scandal”

  1. Take a shot everytime this dude says "a mistake was made" complete disgrace. "Its not about all that"??? Bro. Its literally only about that. What an idiot. Literally it is ONLY ABOUT THAT. He had one chance to own up and be a man an ran from the question like a dog with his tail between his legs.

  2. This man/coach has had his character assassinated for making a mistake. Being human! He's standing in it. Owning it. His players, one of which is my son, have been demoralized and have lost their mentor/father figure, and the school and Archidiochese have turned their backs on our children. Pretty much washed their hands of our sons by canceling the remainder of the season and firing the coaching staff. The parents of the players are asking the Archidiochese for a parent meeting to address our questions and concerns; we would like for them to allow the parents to opportunity to have their voices heard regarding our devastated young me, and we would like the media to be in attendance as well. Let's see if we can get our meeting with the Archidiochese. Why were are young men not allowed to show what they could do in the face of adversity? How to pick themselves back up when they fall. Now what do you expect our young men to do? No support and we entrust our kids to them. Umm.

  3. Great interview, young man. You didn't shy away from the hard questions. Coach claim a mistake was made but it wasn't a mistake you blatantly cheated.

  4. Hate this happened. I’m close to many who sons play for Coach BG and met him on several occasions. Can’t say a bad word about him personally. But the administration and MSHSAA got it right. Coaches cross the line at time for the sake of winning games. But I’m glad he spoke up and admitted his faults. The product on the field was amazing to watch. I support all of our local St. Louis kids and hate they won’t be in the post season.

  5. He cheated. He was the HC so he was responsible. Own it, take the punishment, learn and move forward. No excuses,, no passing the buck. The world is not ending.

  6. I went through this in 03 at Clayton when we went 9-0 only to get all our wins striped and finished the season 1-9 due to us using a ineligible player. Our coaches knew it was wrong but swore up and down that it happens all the time and blah blah blah. Bottom line is We got FUCKED by selfish men who wanted to win on the backs of kids. I pray that the student get the proper help they need to move on from this situation and I pray for all the parents I KNOW WHAT YALL ARE GOING THROUGH 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  7. This is poor interviewing. You don't just sit there and accept "a mistake was made." This interview should have been adversarial, not buddy-buddy.

  8. I find it sad and hilarious 😥 😆 this man single handedly ruined everyone life around him. You can see it in his body language he looks totally defeated. Beta male to the core! Adults lost jobs and players lost chance at a bright hs fball season/career for their future. Classic

  9. A mistake was made? You keep saying a mistake was made. The mistake was using a player when he was not supposed to be used. You use the player who was for all intents and purposes ineligible. You blatantly cheated. A mistake? No you knew exactly what you were doing. Now you need to suffer the consequences oh, I hate it for the boys they're going to have trouble getting it to school because they came from a program with an issue. The boys didn't do it but it'll still be held over their heads.

  10. You guys really think this is the only wrong the athletic department has done? I went to this school a couple of years ago and Gregory and Thomas were piss poor guidance counselors… only cared about the athletes and their failing grades.

  11. All you so called critics on this post.. Judge not or be judged first… This man made a mistake and his lapse in judgment cost the guys greatly….. But I personally know the effect coach BG has mad on many young men’s lives… if you don’t personally know this man watch your judgement

  12. A "mistake" is when you turn left when you wanted to turn right. This is called 'cheating'. So much stupid here, on so many levels.

  13. Several things. This coach is slimy. He is trying to play this off as he made a mistake and owned it and now young men can look up to him? No way! He hurt kids, it’s not just athletes it’s the band, the managers, the trainers working for medical credits, the cheerleaders all those lost opportunities. This is a private school, it can affect enrollments, endowments. Massive mistake. This guy should never be around youth again.

    Why did the interviewer let this joker off the hook. Jeez Louise. We need answers.

  14. You cheated! You got caught, especially because it was so obvious. This more than likely means that you've cheated before but you haven't been caught until now.

  15. By not simply stating to this coach's face that he is a worthless piece of shit lying cheat, you do all of us as humans a disservice.

  16. Mistake was made? Are you serious? It's not like he was suspended and then the coach did not know because of miscommunication, he knew. So he purposely screwed the school and his other coaches. Dumb interview. Coach is a dumbass. Talking to his mom does not mean a damn thing. He will forever be a cheater.

  17. This man and the player CHEATED. A mistake is when you call a  run and then throw a pass.  But to give a player a fake name, and put him in a uniform is just plain dishonest.  Having looked at the interview, this "coach" obviously has not come to terms with the enormity of his crime.  YOU KNOW?

  18. You know, you know – you know you know you know, you know ….you know? You know. You know you know. You know….you know you know.

    You know.

  19. Are u kidding me…this dude would be perfect for the next coach at last chance U…him and coach brown dream team come on Netflix make it happen

  20. Mistake?? This was a well-planned assault on the integrity of a high school sport. If my son was on that team, my attorney would be involved.

  21. ALL of MY High School Coaches were WHITE MEN..& I wouldn't have told on them either…Unwritten Rule of the locker rooms….EVERYWHERE…Goes on in EVERY State on EVERY level…The ADULTS guiding these young men made the mistake not them..Don't take away their season for something NONE of them could've stopped…God Bless….

  22. LMFAO. He willingly, intentionally had the disqualified player suit up in a different number under a different name! should've just served the 1 game suspension.

  23. Nobody hire this man , I repeat don’t hire him, he doesn’t understand why him and his staff was fired, you think some other teams will be stupid enough to wanna interview him and hire him after the whole sporting world can watch this story and discussion on this YouTube channel, he is teaching his family that it’s ok to cheat as long as you don’t get caught , I don’t have any sympathy for him

  24. Don’t doubt he’s a good coach but at what? I have to agree if he’s done this once maybe he has done it before. This tells me and everybody else that he will do whatever to win.

  25. This coach is completely lost. Oh, your player is undergoing ADVERSITY? LOL No, he's undergoing the penalties for being a cheater. As are you. You are not going to 'grow' from this — because you were a f***ing adult beforehand; you did something you KNEW was wrong, and you PROFITED from it. Nevermind "Oh, I told my family to ignore the haters". The haters are correct. Coach, you are a loser. That kid needs positive role models, that's true. He certainly didn't get that from you, loser.

  26. Let’s play a game. Take a shot of your favorite liquor 🥃 every time he says “You know”. Drink responsibly y’all lol 😂

  27. I think coach suffers from a rare disease… i mean.. he's wearing a "Soccer" team jacket instead of Football lol… .maybe his confusion was legit 🤣😋

  28. You stupid mothefucker this shit is going to follow you forever dumb ass and the kids will still be going to college and making a better living then ur cheater ass. Your fucken old all for ur ego just to win haha damn

  29. He looks like a gawd dam fool…It wasn't a MISTAKE it was cheating, and you got caught. I know he's messing around with Bill's mother Cher. I hope you never coach again.

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