This is Scott coming to you live from Heartland,
Michigan. We are going to talk about some intermediate tennis today. Last time we were
out here, we had a lesson on beginning tennis. We’re basically going to use the same type
of beginning stuff but we are going to elaborate a little bit on each of those topics. To begin
with we are going to do our warm-up exercises. Today it is probably 55 degrees out here,
so we are going to need to warm up a little bit more than normal. We don’t want to pull
anything, obviously, because everybody’s got to go to work the next day. We are out here
to have fun so basically we’re going to start up with the warming up your hands is a good
idea especially if you are playing in cooler temps. You can just rub your hands together,
slap them around a little bit. Kind of talk to your partner while you are doing it if
you are going to play doubles, or you want to maybe talk about some of the strategy that
you are going to do as you warm up your hands, and then what you can do is get your legs
a little bit past your shoulder length and you are going to do your twisting motions.
Not too far because you don’t want to pull anything. Just enough to where it feels like
you have some tension on your back. Just keep moving them back and forth. Try to limber
up enough where the blood’s flowing and you are going to get some your muscles warmed
up so that you are not going to pull anything. The other one that I usually do, is I’ll do
toe touches. I tend to spread my legs a little farther, maybe double your shoulder width
and you are just going to reach down and touch your toe and come up. Come down and touch
your toe again. That limbers up your lower back because you are really going to, your
lower back is going to take a beating especially with if you are hitting a lot of overheads,
a lot of serves, your lower back really gets worked over; and then another one that I use
is just running in place , helps to loosen up your calves, your thighs and your hamstrings;
and you can do this for two or three minutes just to get the blood flowing in your legs,
get your ankles loosened up and then you should be ready to go.

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