Now that we’ve got a consistent serve going,
we want to be able to do some other things with our serve. One of them is direction.
When you’re playing intermediate tennis you have somebody on the other side that, hopefully,
is in your same level as far as skill level. So, chances are, that person is going to cheat
one way or another if he sees a certain pattern to your serve. In other words, if you hit
a big, hard serve and you’re not getting it in on your first serve and then you come with
this little dink serve to try to get it in play, obviously, he’s going to move up and
he’s going to be trying to put away your second serve. So, you want to be able to do something
with that second serve. Let’s say your first serve is not working well for you, you’re
not getting it in, you’re hitting it maybe too hard or whatever you’re doing, it’s not
going in. So, you’re constantly having to hit a second serve. What I do with my second
serve if I’m having trouble with the first serve getting in and the second serve, you
can’t hit it as hard because you’re trying to get it in. So, what I do is, I put a little
top spin on the ball. In order to do that, all you’re going to do with your toss is you’re
going to toss it back, just slightly back over your head more. Not out in front, not
behind you, but just kind of back, a little bit back farther over your head, which in
turn makes you reach back and actually have to hit up on the ball. That’s going to impart
the top spin. When you hit a top spin serve as soon as it hits the court, that ball is
going to bounce high. If you have somebody on the other side of the net, your opponent,
that’s not used to hitting the return of serve from up here they’re going to have lots of
problems with it and you’re going to be able to get into the point and actually win your
point. Again, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make our toss slightly back over
our head, reach back, and actually come up and over, follow through almost like you’re
pounding a nail with a hammer. This is the type of motion we’re going to use. Wrist,
elbow, arm, coming out like we’re hitting a nail head with a hammer. Let’s give it a
That should give you enough top spin to be able to get the ball into the court. Again,
when that ball hits, it’s going to jump and it’s going to make it very difficult for your
opponent to return.

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