Last, but not least, we didn’t talk about
getting into a tiebreaker situation. In intermediate tennis it’s probably going to pop up at some
point. Let’s say, your game score is at 6-6. What do you do? Do you keep playing until
somebody wins by two games? No. Everybody now has this tiebreaker system going. It’s
the first one to 7 points but you still have to win by 2 points. A point is not a game;
it’s just a regular point. What you do is you start, or the first one starts on the
right side. If you win the toss or if it’s your turn to serve, you’re serving one time.
You’re getting two balls but you’re serving from the deuce court. Whoever wins that point
then you go to the next serve which would be your opponent’s serve and he starts in
the add court. He’ll hit his two serves, and if he gets the first one in, he’ll hit one
serve. If he wins or loses the point then he goes over to the deuce court and he’ll
serve another two balls, or one ball, depending on if he gets the first or second one in,
and you play that point. Then it goes to your serve. Again, you start on the add side, you’re
not starting on the deuce side. Only the very first server hits one ball, or one point,
from the deuce side. So, you’re at the add side, you play it, now you’re scoring. The
first one to 7 points, you have to win by 2 points, and then you have to switch when
you’re total points total up to 6. So, if it’s 3-3, 2-4, 1-5, you switch ends. Again,
like I said, the first one to 7 points and wins by 2, you take the set.

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “Intermediate Tennis Lessons : How to Score a Tiebreaker in Tennis”

  1. Very helpful! Thank you! My coach will now not yell at me for not knowing how to score a tiebreaker 🙂

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