Now when you get into a close and it could
be one or two points defining what, who’s going to win or loose. A lot of times you’ll
put undo pressure on yourself because you’re working yourself up mentally in a match, which
can happen because the emotions run high, hot and cold. So a lot of times what I’ll
think about is if I’ve hit a couple of bad shots, I don’t want that to resonate in my
mind while the next shot is in progress. So what I’ll do before the point even starts,
if I’m still upset about a shot that I just hit because it was a pivotal point of the
match, what you want to do is you want to be able to clear your mind from that. And
I now it?s easier said than done, but what I always do is I’ll think about the beginning
of the match. If I’m down five to one or zero to five, whatever the score is, I continually
bring my mind back to the very beginning of the match. Say you haven’t even hit a ball
yet, and you’re thinking only positive thoughts at that point, and you’re thinking that this
is the very first point of the match even though it may be close to the last point of
the match. That?s just one little tip that I use that tends to help me bring myself out
of a tailspin.

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Dennis Veasley

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