Now, we’ve talked about, prior to this, we
talked about equipment. Your equipment for intermediate player isn’t going to vary that
much. If you’ve chose a good racket to begin with its going to carry you through. The only
thing that might differ might be your string tension. A lot of the better rackets come
without strings. You can get them strung to your style of play. I remember back in the
old days, John McEnroe used to string his racket at like fifty pounds, which was pretty
loose. He played a lot of volley shots to his game so that worked in his favor whereas
some of the other players maybe like a Borge or Connors, they had their strings strung
to maybe even like eighty pounds. So that was just a solid feel and that way it cut
down on their errors. I would say most rackets have a string tension range that you should
try to hit. Its based on the size of the racket and the type of material the racket is made
out of. So you pretty much want to stay in that range. I wouldn’t vary it to much past
that and also the person that?s doing you’re racket stringing should know enough about
racket stringing where they’ll give you some incite on to what you should look for as far
as tension goes. So once you got your racket strung to the correct tension that feels best
for your style of play, you should be good to go.

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Dennis Veasley

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