Ok now we’re going to talk about the backhand.
Same thing, we’re going to try to put some top spin on it. We’ve already established
our grip. We’ve got our right hand turned back, maybe a half or quarter of a turn. And
your left hand is going to be, like I said before, not to far forward, not to far back.
Right in a nice comfortable area so that your arms are hanging from almost down by your
waistline. And then you’re going to take your step. And your going to step with your right
foot if you’re right handed. You’re stepping with your right foot. You’re keeping your
eye on the ball. You’re taking a low, again a low to high follow through of the racket
face. So you’re not just coming straight through across your body. You’re coming, extending
towards the net. You kind of want to kind of push towards the net, low to high. And
have that left hand feel like you’re actually hitting a left-handed forehand even if most
people obviously aren’t ambidextrous. You still want to be able to feel like you’re
hitting left handed forehand. And your right hand is actually kind of just along for the
right. So you’re going to get … you don’t want to over squeeze, you want to kind of
get a nice firm grip, but not to tight and then just kind of let it flow. So you’re coming
up and you’re finishing high over the top of the ball. And what that does is from low
to high, you’re going to put enough over spin on the ball so that again to bring the ball
down into the court. So again thats low to high and follow through. That?s the main thing.
Towards the net.

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