Now we’re going to talk about the backhand
grip. And after using a two-handed backhand like we talked about in the first lesson.
There’s not going to be too much of a change other than when you?re getting a top spin
shot. So we talked about earlier how the grip is like a handshake grip with the backhand.
Now if you?re putting you right hand on the racket. You want to feel like your hitting
almost like a left handed forehand and that will afford you the feeling of coming up over
top of the ball, put some top spin on the ball. Because that’s what we’re trying to
do is put top spin on the ball, because that’s gives us more margin over here, over the net.
And also bring the ball down into the court quicker, if you hit a slice shot it’s going
to float on you. But we’re trying to hit a top spin shot so the way we do that is we
got the regular handshake grip and what your going to do is turn it back just a little
bit so your thumb is resting on the flat part of the grip, then your grabbing it with your
left hand in a comfortable position not to far forward, not too far back. Just a nice
comfortable position where your rest of your fingers are on the rest of the flat part of
the grip. Then your coming up in your normal stroke production, going low to high and your
trying to come up over and you feel like your hitting a left handed forehand

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Dennis Veasley

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