[“Inside Warhawk Football”
Instrumental music playing] SAMI:
Hey everyone and welcome to this
weeks edition of “Inside Warhawk
Football” on UWW-TV. I’m your host, Sami
Huggins, and alongside me is head football coach, Kevin
Bullis. Coach, thank you for being here
with me today. KEVIN:
Thank you for having me here,
Sam. SAMI:
So, the Warhawks came off a
hard fought road win against Saint Xavier, bringing the
Warhawks record three to zero. What would you say was the
success in that game that
resulted in a victory? KEVIN:
The biggest differences, there
was two very good teams on the football field. Not even
a question. I mean, we knew that going into
the game. They’re a scholarship school and they recruit well,
so they definitely have some athlete’s on the field. But, we
knew going into the game our sense of discipline as a
team. I mean, we talk about our identity as a team, and it’s
important in life to know what your identity is. We have an
identity as our team and that’s fast, physical and
disciplined. They were fast and physical, so were we, but we
were very disciplined. The discipline was the piece that
really seperated us in the end. It was a very good game. We knew
it would come down to the end of the game and it did. But again,
our discipline to execution, our discipline to doing our jobs
was the factor that separated
us. SAMI:
So, you got the Warhawks are now
coming into their bye week and having won three straight
games, gaining their confidence. How do you plan on keeping that
confidence as they go up against
UW-Eau Claire next Saturday? KEVIN:
Yeah, and that’s starting off
today. We practice and we don’t talk about Eau Claire. We’re
not going to talk about Eau Claire until Thursday after our
practice. That’s not a disrespect thing to them by
any means. What it is, its really keeping everything
focused on us. We talk about one percent. Can you get one percent
better today? One percent better as a football player? One
percent better as a student? One percent better as a human
being, as a person? On the football field that one
percent is really what we’re going to focus on this week.
When you play a team like Saint Xavier, very talented
team, very good football team, I mean, they’ll go a long ways
in NAIA, I’m just telling you, they’re very talented. The key
thing is you find a lot of errors. You find the chinks in
your armor, you find the things that need to be fixed and
corrected. 99 percent of them are basic fundamental pieces of
the game. That is the beauty of playing a team that talented.
That we’re able to see what do we need to work on, and that’s
our one percent. Each player has their own individual one to
be honest with you. The offense and defense have goals as well
that they want to achieve and accomplish, and special teams
here this week and that’s the focus. So, it’s a neat week
because it’s really ultimately
focusing on us. SAMI:
Well thank you for being
here with me today, coach and I look forward to
seeing you next week. KEVIN:
We’ll see you next week, Sam. SAMI:
That was this weeks edition
of “Inside Warhawk Football”
on UWWTV. [“Inside Warhawk Football”
Instrumental music playing]

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