SIMONE TOON: I wouldn’t date somebody who isn’t rich. For me, I don’t find it appealing.
I need my lifestyle to be, you know, funded. INTERVIEWER: So, can I just start with asking you what is a ‘sugar baby’? SIMONE TOON: I think that people assume being a sugar baby is just going out with some fat
old man and having sex with him when he wants and do what he says. But it’s not, it’s
nothing like that. A sugar baby is somebody that lives, likes a nice lifestyle, like in
luxury. You are taken care of by an older man. COMM: Instead of working a nine to five job, sugar baby Simone Toon relies on rich older
men or sugar daddies to fund her lavish lifestyle. SIMONE TOON: My lifestyle on average probably costs about no less than 4000 a month. Just
to live, just to maintain everything. So, I have a pair of Givenchy boots, which is probably my most expensive. These are like £1,200, I think, which are nice. They are
a nice gift. I also treated myself to some Louboutins, which I love. I just bought them from Dubai. SIMONE TOON: My favourite really is Valentino. These are summer collection. These are really
nice. And my Chanel Espadrilles, I will upgrade them next year. INTERVIEWER: Do you know how much all these shoes cost in total? SIMONE TOON: Oh my God. I don’t know, probably around 10,000, maybe, no, more than that – 20,000,
30,000, I think. Yeah. INTERVIEWER: So, I think the first question people will ask when they hear that someone
is a sugar baby is, well, how is that different from being say an escort or even a prostitute? SIMONE TOON: It’s a massive difference between being an escort and being a sugar baby. An
escort is seeing different people every hour, I’m not. I’m seeing the same person and
it is a relationship. I tend to say, ok, if I’m gonna date this person, six -seven times
I go to dinner with him, fine after that, I will sleep with them. COMM: Simone meets her sugar daddies through friends and a website called Seeking Arrangement,
designed as a mutual meet up for rich men looking to date attractive women seeking a
nice lifestyle. SIMONE TOON: So, normally I like to, someone who is 15 years older than me, is 40-45. They
look at you like a daughter or something. I know, I don’t want it to sound quite sick
but, you know, they, yeah, they take care of you a lot better. INTERVIEWER: What’s the biggest age gap? SIMONE TOON: When I was 24 and he was 62, which is quite big age gap, but I really liked him. INTERVIEWER: How did your family react when you decided at 20, this is what I am going
to do, were they worried for you? SIMONE TOON: No. My family were really supportive. They are really like, you know, if this is
what you want, then fine, go ahead. My dad actually worked for one of my previous sugar
daddies, so it benefited my family for that reason. SIMONE TOON: So, I am just going to get my nails done in Knightsbridge, my local saloon
called Christina’s. Every, once every week I get them done, manicure and pedicure. INTERVIEWER: Is it harder to end a relationship with a sugar daddy if you are financially
reliant on them? SIMONE TOON: Yeah, like I have been in situations where I’m not happy with the person that
I’m with and I haven’t broken it off just because of the financial situation. Yeah,
the sugar daddies can definitely use that to their advantage, 100%. It actually works
out better when you are a beautiful young girl and you are, you know, dating somebody
who is old and successful, because you are both in that relationship for a reason, you
know, for your own reasons. SIMONE TOON: I had tried to do a normal job when I came out of a sugar daddy relationship,
when I was 22 and to be honest after one week I gave it up. Because you feel like you go
from being a boss, like say your sugar daddy, you know, employs 100 people and you are by his side
every day. You are kind of, they look up to you, the staff look up to you, to then being
one of the staff can, you know, to make that change is, I can’t do that. SIMONE TOON: I could never ever imagine being with someone who wouldn’t treat me and wouldn’t
pay for my lifestyle.

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100 thoughts on “Inside The Life Of A British Sugar Baby: EXTREME LOVE”

  1. So much hate here. Give her a break, she dared to go after what she wanted, which by the way isn’t hurting anyone, and it seems to be working out very well for her, so don’t get all offended

  2. She looks hella dead in her casket

    Let this be fuel to u women who think they aren’t able to attract a man.

  3. Judging by the way she explains the difference between her and escorts, I take it she sleeps well at night.

  4. Way to live your life where at any time someone else can just take it away from you….what a loser, go out and work for it yourself so you will always have the money to ….i dunno,…..take care of yourself maybe?

  5. Not hating on her or sugar babies, but I honestly enjoy an expensive purchase so much more when I pay for it myself knowing how hard I worked for it. It just feels so much more satisfying than when someone gives me an expensive gift.

  6. I mean 4k à month is a lot but I was expecting much worse like 10k a day. She's a pretty reasonable sugar baby tbh

  7. I could never image going down on some guy old enough to be my dad or grandpa for what, a pair of shoes! man hell naw!

  8. I have to get skinny so someone throws money at me. I just want food and a shitty apartment without a roommate.

  9. She doesn’t want to be a trophy wife to a rich husband because that would include cooking cleaning and doing his laundry. She would rather not have all that responsibility

  10. Okay if you are by the side of a 60 year old man who is rich…the people dont look up to you, they pity you or think how needy can you be that you have to have such a high over the top life which you dont want to work for. Oh my god how worthless is your life if you only care about such stupid things like shoes clothes and manicure

  11. You feel happy with those expensive shoes and bags? What happened when you become sag and old and dry? Can you sell those?

  12. Actually this is not good because the men need to make more money in order to affort these sugarbabes, and the money he earns means the price of a service or product is unaffortable to a segment, at the end the company or the client that pays this ritch man, need to earn or gain the money and the client or company will calculate this ins the price of the product or sevice. This happens in farmasuiticale, real estate, you name it, this creates o world of money greeding people arranging more and more lones etc, and when they are bankrupt the society pays for the loans.

  13. The fact that her dad worked for one of her sugar daddies and that it 'benefited her family for that reason' sounds creepy and illegal. Imagine if her dad was promoted because his daughter was sleeping with his boss…

  14. How much work has she had done. There is no way she is 25. Also lets not dress it up for any thing else than it is, she is a sex worker.

  15. Do any of these sugar babies spend their money on anything other than material things? Use the money to open a business, invest in stocks… like honestly all she seems to have going for her is the fact that she owns ridiculously expensive shoes. Big whoop. 🙄

  16. Yeah, everyone has something negative to say about her, but men keep paying women like her money. They get a beautiful, young woman, who will give them sex and attention. It's an exchange. It's valuable enough for them to pay thousands of dollars for it. She's using what she has to get what she wants. It's working and has been for a very long time.

  17. Honestly I love her so much but iam 21years,but my problem is money but ideally love number+97433832294

  18. Avoid Seeking Arrangement website it is a scam. The website is full of fake profiles just after your details, if they get your mobile they can send phising texts or fond your social media accounts. Do not join!

  19. so materialistic, never gonna experience love, the feeling of true love is worth way more than the money she is getting being a sugar baby

  20. Bn to Harrods, it's rundown, and I found one pair of shoes that was actually descent.
    It's like a Norstrom Rack.
    Nothing to see, next.

  21. I can have that and more and I do not need a sugar daddy and I already buy my Lv bag and my Gucci belt and other tastes that is interest to be with men of money 💰

  22. I got a lot of proposititions from sugar daddy's when I was young and beautiful. Even in my late 30's..and 40's! But they thought I was 20's in my 30's. But I was a single divorced mom…and raising girls! ..that was a no no..

  23. So many jealous ppl on here lol. You know you want to swap places with her and get your hands on some Tiffany jewelry.

  24. New age prostitution where parents don't mind their daughters sleeping with strange men as long as they benefit by it. Sic

  25. Y’all childish….. shaming her for how old she looks. Stop hating that y’all need to work 6 days of the week and she doesn’t have to work at all. If this is what she wants to do then let her be. PERIOD

  26. Prostitution is one and the same as long as there's money given in exchange for sexual services. I'd be more lenient say towards a uneducated, starving female offering sex for cash payment but this lady looks far from impoverished.

  27. What a life os luxury this an expensive woman lives! She has a life of luxury. Can she understand that the things does not last forever? the luxury is efemeral. One day, everthing becomes old. Now i am trying to look for a reason to realize how much men nowadays are hating such the women!

  28. She does not like a normal working. Luxury does not last forever. One day this lifestyle ends up. The luxury is efemeral. One day it will fade away.

  29. Honestly if I were her I'd just ask for money and horde it until he leaves and just live off it 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  30. She's in a hotel room…happy with her boots! If she's happy… I'm happy. But the hotel room screams escort!

  31. I can't watch this!!!
    It's a Disaster! None of the other Sugar Babies on UTube are anywhere near this Bad! A few are actually kind of classy! But not this one! Goes to prove, even Expensive/Luxury Clothes & "Things" can't buy you Class!
    In order to be a truly successful "Sugar Baby" this girl needs to get her hair conditioned (it looks dry, over processed, scraggly & CHEAP) & learn to "blow dry" her hair in the bathroom/dressing area instead of On The Bed!! Next you don't model Luxury Items on Video with your bra strap showing, then "hoik" the shoulder up & leave the hang up straps, on the sweater, flopping about behind you! She only needs 4000 a month? Are you kidding? I don't know of ANYONE who could get along on that low amount let alone Luxury Style!! No, she takes the title "Sugar Baby" to a whole other LOW level! Even Cheap "Sex Escorts" live on more than 4,000! "Common" is what she appears to be, so she'd better get a regular job & forget the "Luxury", for awhile!

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