come on in guys welcome to the home of
Jay Cutler four-time Mr. O alright guys so this is my entryway obviously
the waterfall here and this is my my living area this is where I hang out
most of the time everyone knows that the living room of course is where you watch
the TV but I actually hang out in the kitchen and the living room so I have a
big kitchen of course as a bodybuilder what we like to do is eat a lot and I do
actually cook for myself I don’t eat out all the time this is probably the my
favorite room in the house because number one it’s the coldest room and the
Vegas heat is always nice to be in a cold room it’s the darkest room and it’s
probably the most relaxing room of course I like football and I’m a huge
sports fan basketball but we have the big beanbag here the 7-foot beanbag we
get the theater chairs that we can fit quite a few people in here and
recline and sit back and watch some of the favorite movies on the wall you can
see some of my favorite films over here of course gotta have the Arnold the
Arnold Terminator die hard was my favorite probably action movies I was
huge gladiator fan and Goodfellas of course we gotta have that in here we have the
memorabilia which you see on the wall here I think at the I’m a huge
mayweather fan obviously peyton manning we’ll check out the backyard next so I
live in a really quiet place I mean my neighborhood is pretty small I only have
about about 12 homes in my whole development so I know my neighbors
well and I don’t have that many crazy parties with the neighbors but we do
have some some fun once a while over here so next we’ll take you guys over to
to where I hang out in my room this is where I guess they say all the magic
happens in here right this is where I kind of hang out watch TV sometimes when
I want to be more quiet atmosphere my bed yes I make that bed every night with
those pillows this is my bathroom here it’s a little different I I like to
always show the feature the tub that fills by the ceiling here so it’s a jacuzzi
tub so you get in here you fill this tub it
spills over and yes I can fit in the bathtub actually two people can fit in
here this is a this is my main closet a lot of stuff is tailored to be honest
like all my suits none of that stuff fits anymore that’s
all when I was a lot larger I choose not to wear as many suits now I use I wear
mostly more casual stuff and I’m just more relaxed you know I still don’t I
don’t really dress up to to uh to crazy anymore
everyone always asks does jay cutler have a gym and I do have a gym but I focus
mostly on my cardiovascular at home so I’m going to take you guys through I did
all my prepping for my last few Olympias on this on this stairmill this was
actually I was sponsored by flex equipment back in the day and I actually
got a deal with when Star Trek purchased them I was given all this equipment as
part of my deal a lot of people used tp ask me I mean why don’t you have air conditioning
out here since I do spend a lot of time actually in my garage which is kind of
rare but I actually like working in the heat and like sweating so just so
everyone understands I do have a supplement business Cutler nutrition
which is based in Fort Lauderdale with my partners BPI but I do run Cutler
athletics and swole monkey out of Las Vegas I started with one t-shirt and one
8×10 picture and now the brand is expanded so much I don’t only just sell
clothing on my line on cutler athletics but I sell DVDs
I have hats I actually have a tanning booth in my garage ok this was given to
me by by one of my sponsors for many years hex tanning so you know you can
you can come over to Jay Cutler’s house and you can tan
I actually have a tanning booth in my my house that’s how I got all that good
color when I was winning mr. Olympia contests it still works of course anyone that’s
followed my career knows that I’ve always been kind into to bikes I had a bike
back in a lot of my videos this is a Ducati 1098 I’m not as much into sport
bikes but I had a good deal that came across and I ended up purchasing this
last year I’ve taken out a few times to the gym and just up and down the street
actually yesterday but I wasn’t wearing a helmet so that really doesn’t count
okay so everyone knows what this is because they’ve seen it before the
rolls-royce ghost so this is obviously uh you know one of those things that
everyone kind of has their dream car this is pretty much my everyday
driver believe it or not I Drive this pretty much daily when I’m actually home
in Las Vegas everyone always wants to know of course it’s got the umbrella
right put the rolls umbrella so it rains I’m always going to stay out of the rain
I’ve kind of saved the best for last and I know a lot of social media has shown
what my trophy room is but I just want to say like anyone that’s seen it that
seen it online and actually comes and sees it in person it’s much better in
person so you guys are about to see I think which is probably the most
displayed memorabilia in in our business is the Jay Cutler office
so as you can see here not only do we have four Sandow’s displayed nicely we
also have three Arnold Classic trophies here but most importantly we have all
the medals from various shows and most importantly to mr. Olympia so we have
all the silvers here you see all the golds the four golds and then of course
finishing with the last year Silver’s I finished second a bunch of different
covers you see things from Japan and this is you know somewhere in the Middle
East you see these this is my first Muscle & Fitness cover ever I was 21
years old in this picture my first muscle & fitness my first professional win
night of champions the plaque and me holding the plaque which was really cool my favorite cover of all time is this
one right here this was one that I came back and won the mr. Olympia in 2009 and
this is me tearing apart the cover of Phil and Dexter who was supposed to beat
me that year we can’t leave out the sandow trophies which everyone knows that
was what the biggest quest was to win was a mr. Olympia no Sandow trophy is
ever the same there’s differences in every single sandow look at the look at
the thickness of this bar okay and look at the thickness of this one okay even
the lean is different in the head the heads in a different position even the
base like the base of this one is a lot thicker than this one is and the bar is
really leaning on this one where this one it’s more upright so it’s pretty
cool where you know the history of that people don’t really know but no Sandow
is actually the same so it makes it more valuable alright guys so you’ve seen
pretty much everything in my house I showed you guys a few points that maybe
you haven’t seen before fortunately for me I’ve lived in this
home for quite some time and I’m happy to call it home
I actually utilize a lot of the space here as you see and you guys thank you
so much to muscle and strength for coming out and supporting myself in
giving the opportunity for all the fans around the world to be able to see this
and enjoy what it takes to be mr. olympia and the benefits of becoming a
champion body builder so stay tuned for more guys I’m going to be I’m going to
be active and watch for my content right there on muscle and strength and make
sure you keep training hard and dream big we’ll see you next time

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Dennis Veasley

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  2. I love Jay Cutler. The guy is obviously highly intelligent which makes sense because, well…. He's a champion! But he also seems really humble and down to earth. He strikes me as definitely the kind of pro athlete who would spend extra time at a show making sure all his fans got a chance for an autograph, selfie or a handshake. He's clearly worked his ass off (or in his case, worked ON his ass๐Ÿ˜) and he deserves everything he has.

  3. It sums up that work hard like hell then enjoy the life…All in life is about the hard work and discipline..

  4. This is my toilet, where I watch TV.
    This is my garbage disposal, where I trash rotten food and watch TV.
    This here is my favorite outlet, where I plug in my vacuum and watch TV.
    This is my pantry, where I restock my yams and watch TV.

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    ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿšข๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

  6. Is also good in. Business. Wich BB is what is for… If you listen to him

    "i make a good deal" from the fitness machine to the bike

  7. Dude I still have the first Muscle n Fitness that you were on along with all the rest. You have been a big inspiration for me. Thanks for all the years of motivation ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช

  8. Amazing.. I really liked it your home.. You made me happy…thanks a lot.. . Of course I dreamed big.. As I wants to meet u once in my lifetime.. TC

  9. Cookie Cutler has ALOT of nice shit, nice house, nice cars, nice furniture, huge build. But I have yet to see him use that build and talk loud in the city.

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