hey yo how’s it going? It’s Isaiah Wingfield
junior DB from Burlington New Jersey. We are pumped Pumped Up to go out to New York and beat Columbia. Ay, tune in this is episode eight. INTERVIEWER: Sup Jake, how’s it going? JAKE: Good, how are you? INTERVIEWER: Can I ask you a couple questions right now? JAKE: yeah no problem, lets do it. INTERVIEWER with it all right EL Jefe’s or Felipe’s? JAKE: El Jefe’s INTERVIEWER: what’s your favorite song? JAKE: Guwop by Young Thug. INTERVIEWER: If you could have any superpower what would it be? JAKE: teleportation INTERVIEWER: What’s your favorite class? favorite class would have to be ES139 INTERVIEWER: three words to describe you say toning JAKE: this is one word hyphenated easygoing competitive and generous INTERVIEWER: if you could switch places with anyone in the world who would it be? JAKE: I’d have to go if TB12 INTERVIEWER: what’s your
favorite place on campus to study? JAKE: Either matter library or my bedroom INTERVIEWER: there were three guys on the team who you’d want to be stuck with on an island? JAKE: I’m going with Griffin Burt, Sean Mckeogh and Andrew Irwin INTERVIEWER: Awesome and lastly white Harvard? JAKE: Just because of all the opportunities it’s presented me top tier education great athletic it really can’t beat it. INTERVIEWER: awesome thanks so much. JAKE: no problem in our program it all starts with defense and other than the probably the first half against San Diego we played high-level defense every single
week Devin Darrington as a running back and
Jack Cook as a wide receiver those guys are high level athletes those guys make
you good coaches. I’ll tell you what we really respect Columbia.They’ve got really good athletes they play really hard and I think the game that really is
a barometer for who they are would be the pen game when they won I believe
forty four to six. This is a good football team and we certainly are going
to have all we can handle. Just a tremendous atmosphere for the
Dartmouth game it was a rocking Harvard Stadium and other than the ending it was
a great day all right you go let’s go pads down now
cool won’t pads down hips down hips down be a football player. Release! Keep those feet moving keep those feet moving. That little bit right those feet moving keep that base get that base tight. Let’s try to get you with the punt spin okay
just in case you getting back fast enough. Catch a punt go catch a punter to have
Rickie work with you go catch a punt or two. Good Brogan. Hey if the back
motions out that way it’s the same okay Oh just run. Set. Good eight. Good.
Perfect you’re walking to the edge here Jelani. Set. Good good job Jacob good job take
it go get it go get it

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