I’m Jessi Joseph. And I’m Ray Parisi. we travel the world for CNBC, producing stories about super duper luxury real estate and some of the best homes we’ve ever visited have secret world’s hidden
below ground. We’re talking about subterranean tennis courts insane spas and underground pools. Here are four homes with underground secrets starting with number four. St. Moritz is the winter playground of the world’s rich and famous. And nestled inside the snowy paradise is one of the most extraordinary homes in all of Switzerland. This castle was designed to
make a billionaire’s jaw drop. Don’t be fooled by the glass and stone chalet’s relatively modest exterior. This place actually has seven levels and most of them are hidden in the rocks below. We can’t tell you the name of the European magnate who moved a mountain to build this dream home. But Sanada Adzem, the woman hired to sell it for $185 million, is more than
willing to show us around. The owners spared absolutely no expense
in making this the most incredible property in all of Switzerland. The massive, six-sided staircase with no visible support beams is insane. It is so mysterious and so luxurious that someone has to see it to believe it. Before we go deeper down below, let’s check out the penthouse level master
bedroom. Where automatic drapes reveal a $1.8 million sculpture outside. The floors in here are blanketed in snowy white fox fur. And the massive master
bath is wrapped in white onyx. At the center is a 360 degrees see-through shower. I hope you’re not shy. And this is even crazier. The walk-in closet is painted from floor to ceiling in 24 karat gold. Now for more of the subterranean secrets buried deep below this place. Where you’ll find a wine cellar, a $1.3 million movie theater… and a private ski lodge. Yeah, a ski lodge. There’s a very sweet boot heating system, plus ski out access to a private chairlift. And you’ve got to go one more level down to see the unbelievable. It really rivals some of the finest spas in the best hotels in the world. There’s a Himalayan salt room lined with
glowing rock walls. A modern hammam that looks like a spaceship crossed with a steam room, a hi-tech shower with rainbow lighting, even an ice chamber for chilling out. And then there’s this, a subterranean pool that’s the size of a lake. And yeah, that’s me swimming in it. And right next to the pool is a giant
hot tub I also got to try out. Last stop is the stone covered car cave. It’s got a $260,000 turntable with the power to spin a two and a half ton Bentley. This is one of the finest homes in the entire world. Oh, my God. That house
was so next level. And the next. And the next. And the next. Now check out a California state with secret passages that lead to a Moroccan hammam, a pool and a tennis court down below. And here’s CNBC’s robert frank
with number three. Some of the super rich like to scream about their wealth with flashy mega mansions, but others prefer to whisper. On the outside, this may not look like an over-the-top palace, but looks can be deceiving. We wanted to live in a destination resort every single day. We did not want to maintain multiple
properties. Former television host Alex McLeod is taking us on a tour of this very unusual estate just outside of Los Angeles. She shares it with her fiance,
frozen food mogul, John Blazevich. But now they’re looking to sell it for a
whopping $53 million. So Alex, you drive up to this house. It’s a nice one-story Mediterranean villa. Nice. But not that special. Really? Yeah. Really? Okay I’m freaking out right now. Hey, look, we’re gonna surprise you. Okay. This house has many secrets. The first floor is certainly opulent. Where are the secrets? Well, they’re right here, buried five stories underground and hidden by secret passageways, if you could just move this chair for me, please. Okay. Thank you very much. And more mysterious. Now I’m going to show you this subterranean surprises. So this is our spa. Wow. And it rivals any world class hotel spa. Even the towels of the house name and logo. Just down the hallway, there’s an
indoor pool, jacuzzi, and a hot stone room. The ceiling walls and archways are all
sandstone. The blocks were constructed by 300 nomadic Moroccan tribesmen. The entire spa took eight years to build. Alex’s fiance John designed and built
this home. And he made sure it reflected all of his passions, which include tennis… lots of tennis. Sure there’s a clay court outside, but five stories underground, there’s an indoor tennis court that cost more than $14 million to build. Let’s just say tennis is a multi-million dollar hobby here. Some of the world’s top tennis stars like Pete Sampras have played here. The room is also fully wired for entertaining and converts into a ballroom for over 300 guests. We spend the majority of our time outdoors. We’re very active people we take full advantage of our eight acres. But when we want to play a little indoor tennis or have a steam, you know think of it as added value. Wow Jess that looked like a fun shoot. Sure was. My favorite part was that underground pool with those crazy archways. Next up a beachfront mansion with a secret hidden underneath the front lawn. CNBC’s Robert Frank is back with number
two. This almost $50 million mega mansion sits on what’s known as billionaires row, in the ritzy beach side town of Manalapan, Florida where it commands 315 feet of Florida’s most sought after gold coast. But what you may find even more impressive is the secret treasure you can’t see buried under this sumptuous estates front lawn. More on that later. First we take you inside the nearly 40,000 square feet of contemporary opulence. Where a super-sized living room, delivers breathtaking views from 30 foot tall windows. The next thing you’ll notice, is a ubiquitous spirit that defines the decor, namely tequila made by the top-shelf producer Patron. You’ll find Patron bottles on the bars, painted on the walls, and even in almost all 16 bathrooms where the distinctive glass is filled with mouthwash. The couple that lives here has good reason to be tequila obsessed. They are Patron’s high powered CEO Ed Brown and his wife Ashley, a former fitness model one-time Patron girl. It was always gonna be like my dream home because it’s like, I love the water. I love Florida. We wake up to a dream every day. And you won’t believe what’s buried underground. So underneath us is my man cave. There’s the man cave right underneath our feet? Yes, sir. You got to show me this. Below the faux lawn, two professional race cars bookend the ultimate bar. A Ferrari 458 that reaches a top speed of 180 miles an hour. and this Le Mans prototype called the LNP2. It’s 230. They’re each worth
millions. Ed and his racing team drove both cars to wins at two of America’s top endurance races. Also in the fantasy hideaway, one of the CEOs favorite toys, a professional driving simulator worth a hefty $50,000. And obviously the bar is
stocked with plenty of Patron, including this bottle bedazzled by rapper Lil Jon. And an $8,000 bottle of limited edition tequila served in crystal, which Ed believes is the best way to toast to this spectacular space. Here’s to the house the Patron built. Cheers. Thank you very much for coming. Ray did you get to do a tequila shot on
that shoot? Maybe two. Okay three. That sounds about right. Now for the LA mansion with gold covered cars and an underground swimming pool. Here’s number one. The first thing you’ll notice at this nearly $80 million mansion in Beverly Hills is gold. It’s everywhere. It’s on the gates in the
driveway… the sculpture in that water feature at the front entrance. And there’s even more inside. Yep, the developer built a Cristal room filled with $100,000 worth of gold champagne. And yes, that’s a golden champagne gun. This place has state-of-the-art everything. A retractable glass wall that
reveals the 85-foot infinity pool. And a flat-screen TV that drops from the
ceiling and spins around. But the coolest feature of this nearly 21,000 square foot mansion is what’s hidden underground. There’s a second swimming pool with the waterfall that gets sunlight from the top floor. So you could actually get sunburned in the basement. Down below, there’s also hot and cold
plunge pools. And hidden behind a soothing wall of bubbles a massage room. And for the ladies, there’s a beauty salon just off the basement gym. But if that doesn’t Rev you up check out what’s in the garage. The owner’s gold-covered rides. Unfortunately, those are not included in
the $80 million price tag. Houses in Los Angeles are so freaking cool. What was your favorite underground world out of all those houses we just saw? I’m gonna go with that California state that has that crazy Moroccan hammam. How about you? I would do the St. Moritz house because that giant pool on the ground totally blew me away. Tell us your favorites in the comments. And don’t forget to follow, subscribe, like, you know all that stuff.

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Dennis Veasley

63 thoughts on “Inside Four Mansions With Underground Secrets”

  1. That Florida home with its"underground" man cave either has some groundbreaking engineering miracle to avoid the states inches deep water table or irs a cleverly disguised first ground man cave with a house sitting on a Faux lawned rooftop structure. Basements in Florida simply don't exist.

  2. Yep, the “faux lawn.” To quote Charles Bukowski, “Bad taste creates more millionaires than good taste.”

  3. 0:42 did i hear that correctly: "7 levels" so 4 underground levels.
    4:10 did i hear that correctly: "5 stories under ground" why would you put the basement 5 stories under ground?
    7:37 It is not "underground" just because you put grass and trees on the roof. there is a garage door and windows all around.
    9:42 WOW… this home has a actual "basement" WOW.
    Everything on this channel is exaggeration to the max.

  4. And when owners get old and eventually die, these properties would be difficult to liquidate. These crazy mansions would then be abandoned.

  5. Nice Job, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you may like it 🙂

  6. Mega homes are desirable but hard to sell depending on location and strange ornaments build within it. Like the last home its like a few years now its up for sale. I like the chalet aesthetic very modest, but the beach front mansion at billionaire row is just wow.

  7. All 4 are entrepreneurs. They are able to afford that because they’re successful entrepreneurs. Learn how to become a successful entrepreneur at the Fastlaneforum.com

  8. Wants 55 million gets less than half that lol. Seems kinda sketchy having the majority of your home underground, sounds like something a Satanist would want since no one can see what you are doing.

  9. Ladies aren’t the only ones into the pleasures of a salon these days. No more than just men are into saloons. 😂 See what I did there?

  10. The last house is the Opus House. It has languished on the market for years. They got rid of most of the gold stuff.

  11. Gosh do the people who build these lose money on these projects , yet on the other hand there not in it for the money .
    Basically anyone who wants a home like that has to easily have access to al least 400000000 dollars or in euros .

  12. Quality Thinking Environments: What about these properties as options for some residential office options for either the Kekistan University System, or the KEK Freedom Heritage Foundation? Or these can be some ideas for developing new plans. What do you think? KEK KEK

  13. The first house is still for sale if anyone is wondering, it’s been on the market for nearly three years now; there’s no way someone is stupid enough to pay $79.9 million dollars for that house.

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