what does that everybody welcome to
another episode of world record Wednesdays where we break or set a world
record every single Wednesday today I’m joined by Olga and Dylan hi guys hi and
they are slack liners it’s gonna be really good Oh Caleb Speir shoes Oh a
little bit Caleb we’re gonna break some real records
they’re gonna teach us how did not do that I have a first look at okay I want in on this action I think we
can do some like juggling crazy tosses yeah that was incredible I think that montage
deserves a thumbs up you guys are so talented
but now Caleb and I Caleb I want to learn we want to learn wouldn’t be a
video on this channel without a little bit of a competitive aspect all get
you’re my coach yeah Oh daddy’s gonna help Caleb we’re both
gonna attempt five five times to cross the line
whoever gets furthest wins and there’s a punishment for the loser which looks
you’ll see in a little bit Caleb you’re at first what Josh doesn’t know is that
I’m an ex-professional slackliner has just been years since I’ve done it so
we’ll just okay right yeah go I don’t like you
standing here I gotta go do select go let go let go you’re gonna do something
mess me up alright are we ready yeah we ready don’t okay I think I have a disadvantage
because caleb is like nine feet tall so one of his steps is like three of mine
can I have my hand oh I don’t like this already
why am i wobbling so much look and try to keep this as straight as possible
over the line you got it like it go ha ha ha it’s not as far as mine whoa okay
can we just can we just can we just jump as soon as we’re done I can jump that
far happen how far they get okay look on him you’re right you you
did a little bit better okay first of all or hand again you
still cared in this so much harder than I thought it would be here we go we need
to like we need to win leave a comment right now who do you think is gonna win
me or Caleb Josh or Caleb it’s not much but team Josh hold onto that line Oh such yeah I got this I got this about the
bitch I’m about to be able to promise I got it I got it I got it I’m holdin on
I’m holdin on I’m almost there I’m almost there oh winner
sounds pretty good too yeah yeah good joke guys y’all cheated so it turns out
we’re both the pretty terrible at this but they say it takes about three days
to learn so maybe we’ll come back and we will master master the slack line so we
both lost some we’re both going to take the punishment which is laying on our
backs on the sand while he flips over us okay world record huh before we get to
that here’s our Instagram challenge for today follow me on instagram at juggling
Josh for a chance to win and cherish addict and also thanks to whistle sports
Megan’s due to happen go over to their channel when you’re done watching this
they post awesome sports videos here we go
Dylan is going to attempt the record first Olga also has one so make sure you
stay around for Olga’s world record but Dylan what does this record called it’s
called the Mojo flat spin it’s most consecutive most consecutive mojo flat
spins you know the mojo flat yeah well I have a lot of mojo so I’m used to got it
and this is a not an existing record but what is your like personal record right
now my personal record is eight eight so
your tribe you date yeah I’m gonna try to be eight yeah let’s do it three eight nine ten eleven incredible congratulations thank you you
have one Guinness world record it’s for slackline on point in ballerina shoes
yeah I actually walked 10 meters in sneakers if that was with ballerina
shoes now you’re in high heels yeah which is gonna be crazy and most-most
but bounces in a minute yes what do you actually have to go from buds
to my feet and you know don’t die don’t die please what are you what are you
expecting for this record I I wanna do more than 20 more than 20 a minute all
right let’s see it I believe in it let me know when you’re ready I’ll start the
timer one Courtney Hey 20 we know we did not amazing I don’t
you know how you stand on that thing in those shoes thank you so much for
watching make sure you subscribe you haven’t yet and check these guys out on
Instagram we’ll put it right here good job Olga we’ll see you guys next
time let’s go to the beach oh it’s already here

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