GOOD MORNING GUYS! I just woke up, and I guess I fell asleep in a ball pit yesterday. Speaking about balls, my friend he’s like a Youtuber. Came to my city and we played basketball. The most INSANE basketball game ever! It was so INSANE! And it was super windy outside so the audio got messed up. So I had to like edit it and do something dope. It turned out pretty dope! Check this out! RICEGUM VS. FAZE RUG(Music starts playing and montage starts) HOOPS (Rug 2 Rice 0) HOOPS (Rug 4 Rice 0) HOOPS (Rug 6 Rice 0) *TRIGGERED* HOOPS (Rug 8 Rice 0) HOOPS (Rug 8 Rice 1) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 1) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 2) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 3) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 4) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 4) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 5) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 6) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 7) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 8) HOOPS (Rug 10 Rice 9) COMEBaCK? (Rug 10 Rice 9) MamA RuG Plez Help! All Hail King Rice! WINNER=RICE (Rug 10 Rice 11) Yo what did I tell you guys! That was the most, like he was up 10 to 1! I had not given out! I was like I’m not losing! I’m undefeated still! All right so you guys are probably wondering where I am right now. I’m in LA because you guys know how I was looking for houses. Like earlier this year I was looking for apartments. Houses in Vegas and I was like, why am I living myself to just Vegas? Because I’m only living in Vegas because you know born there and stuff like that. If I, If I wasn’t born in Vegas I would not have moved to Vegas. But there’s nothing like going on. We just got done looking at apartments, like we JUST got done. And I found out where I wanna live and where I wanna stay Everything is all sorted out. I’m moving in like April. (Alex in background) What you know where you wanna go!? Yeah bro (Alex-What?) literally I just, BRO! So we just got food and basically I had this a while ago. And all I gotta say is basically a fancy Chipotle Like there’s salsa and (Cut off by Alex-Yo you know what you should eat first? You should eat this one first) Did you really just? (Alex-and then after you should get some beans, some rice, and some chicken) WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Stop touching my food DAWG! *Laughs* All right so I just got done eating. But there’s someone here that I want you guys to meet. Hold Up x3 WHats up guys? How you doin? Whats up dawg! I have a question! Yeah! Safety is Number ONE PRiOrity! HEHEHE! (Dolphin Laugh) Safety is number one Priority! BROS! Where safety is number priority AHHHHHH! Got done looking at apartments and just got done eating and I’m kinda tense right now! Bout to get a quick massage! Ey quick massage!? (Alex-Yep!) *Music starts playing* (Alex-He eats alot of bad stuff!) Yo I really do! (Alex-He’s never done a pushup before!) Time to crack that back boi! *Loud Crack* (Alex-You like it? Just Wait.) *Loud Crack* *Loud Crack* (Alex-This is the fun part! I like this part.) (Alex- Just relax) *Loud Crack* *Quieter Crack* *Loud Crack* (Alex-DONE!) (Alex-Ooh!) I feel good! (Alex-Lemme see you do some jumping jacks!) So we just got done! This dude was cracking the *Quack* out of my back And it didn’t hurt at all it just felt amazing! All right so I just got my massage and I feel great! And I wanna go home and take a nap right now but he’s like wait we have one more spot to go to! So I’m just like you serious? And he said it was a surprise so. *Loud Noise in background* (Alex-Its not bad don’t freak out!) *Loud Noise again* (Alex- You were only in there for… Get back in there man! Really are you serious!) Bro he’s been in there for a minute and I couldn’t last 10 seconds! I got no stamina! How cold is it? Cold? I actually came here yesterday and it was so good I had to comeback. Whats good? So we’re at Shake Shack and I was ordering food and they said something about a dog ice cream? I was like what? So he has a dog so I was like I’m gonna give him a present. Can I do that? (Alex-Yeah.) He’s gonna like me cause he keeps biting and barking at me So hopefully he finally likes me! All right so I just got my food and this is the most painful part. Walking back and it’s kind of a far walk and just having it and you just wanna eat it so bad. But I don’t have enough hands. All right so we got us some dog ice cream. I wanna taste it so bad but I don’t wanna eat his food in front of him. (Alex-It’s okay he, he’s a very hostile person) He’s gonna be like WHAT he just licked my food! (Alex-Nah he likes to share.) It’s kinda good. *Alex laughs* All right here we go! Guys he’s always barking (Alex-What is that guppy? Oh no, HE LIKES IT!) OHHH! Woah he’s really licking it! (Alex-He loves it!) Yo he’s gonna get fat *laughs* *Romantic music plays* So Alex told me I could either crash on the couch or in the ball pit. So I’m in the ball pit right now. Bout to go to sleep in a second. Thank you so much if you made it to the end! I really really do appreciate it! But right now I’m at the point of my life where I’m trying to settle in. Get my life all figured out I’m trying to move out move in All this other stuff. So it’s pretty hard to post a video but I’ve been trying my best. BUT ANYWAYS IF YOU MADE IT TO THE END THANK YOU SO MUCH! NEW VIDEO TOMORROW I PROMISE! PINKY PROMISE! AND I NEVER BREAK THOSE! BE SURE TO SUB TO RICEGUM AND LIKE THIS VIDEO! SUBTITLES BY TUNES

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