In this clip we will be examining the most
important piece of climbing gear there is, the rock climbing shoe. Now, rock climbing
shoes one, should be a little bit uncomfortably tight. Your toes should be hitting the front
of the shoe. There are three main types of shoe, rock climbing shoes. The Velcro shoe,
which allows for easy in and out when you are in the gym. The slipper, which will be
very uncomfortably tight since there is no way to tighten it up and the lace up shoes,
standard shoe. Again, these will all be worn uncomfortably tight so as to turn your five
weak toes into one strong unit. My wife, Caitlin, will show what a climbing shoe does. Climbing
shoes are stiff, stiffer than a sneaker and have sticky rubber on the bottom. That allows
you to weight much smaller holds than a sneaker would normally be able to stand on. As you
can see my wife is stepping on some pretty small stuff putting her full weight on some
small holds and those shoes are not going anywhere.

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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “Indoor Rock Climbing Basics : Tips for Indoor Rock Climbing Shoes”

  1. Seeing as these are for people starting out this is VERY bad info. If you are just starting you should get shoes that are tight but not uncomfortable. Not even the pros who get paid to climb always wear the pain fitting shoes. If you get shoes that are uncomfortable then you wont want to wear them.

  2. shoes are the most important pice of climbing equipment… i always thought the harness(you know the thing that keeps you attatched to the rope so you dont fall to your death(when used properly))was the most important pice of equipment. i guess i was wrong

  3. When I first started, I always got bigger than what the gym would suggest. It sounds arrogant, but the first time I went, I wore a size UP from what they actually suggested, and I still spent most of the time in considerable foot pain.

  4. i picks girls like i pick shoes.
    i like a velcro, which allows for easy and out and not like a slipper, which is uncomfortably tight.

  5. Actually the important thing about climbing shoes is the tip: A flat tip is for more comfortable but less precise better for long and/or easy routes and an agressive tip is highly uncomfortable but very precise best for bouldering and/or hard routes. I actualy own two paires of climbing shoes: A very good agressiv evolve and a cheap comfortable one for whan I'm climbing longer routes.

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