I once asked a blind boy,
do you dream? Because dreaming is about,
Colour… Shape… Sensation. All the blind people dream.
and they dream with touch. They dream with sound. The world’s largest blind population
is in India. In India being differently abled is one of the
most difficult things to be. A – There is frustration B – There is no rehabilitation process and… C – There is a stigma. Back in the college day I used to write my exams
and give the scribe work… and read for the visually challenged through the 90’s. Very curious to find, what
do those guys do after that. We started the Indian Blind
Football Federation. And the best of the talents who are differently
abled who are in their villages… In their homes, in their
towns and cities. Who wants to play football and
who are passionate about football… They can come forward and
play the game. In my family we have six brothers
and two sisters. I told them, can you teach me to play?
I also want to play like you. I was able to see, till I was 5 years old.
suddenly after that, I lost my vision. Suppose you could play and then you go blind,
what happens then? I used to play when I was young,
I mean small in my school days. But we never play with ball,
we just play with water bottles. At first, I didn’t know whether a blind can
play football or not. I liked the sound in it very much,
I was very happy that blind can also play this game. And I got this team
together in Cochin. Go slow, go slow,
go slow man. Then off YouTube started researching what the
rules were, how to play the game. Blind football is a mix of I would say
Futsal and Basketball. So the pitch is divided into 3 zones and these
zones are earmarked for those coaches in that area. So the goalkeeper, he has to
keep at the goalkeeper area. There is a centre zone which has a
coach on that side. And the last which is the attacking third where
the goal-guide guides you. In blind football the goalkeeper is sighted.
but the main thing is the word called VOY. VOY… VOY… VOY. And this VOY in Latin which means,
I am here, which is the basic rule of the game. VOY… VOY… VOY. You alert the other player opponent saying that you
would approach him with this word and prevent injury. Thank you, All the best buddy. There was no coordination, there was no tactics,
nothing called gameplay, now we changed it all. So the quality has improved
overall through those years. Right now as we stand we are world number
twenty nine, nearly sixty countries that play. And this Australia game is a step forward before a
couple of other interesting tournaments later. The time when I representing India,
I feel very happy… And are very pumped representing
our own country. Who knows that one day we might also be like a
Brazil team who will win the World Cup. Everybody is the same, everybody is supremely talented
you bring them out in whatever way. And if they’re blind, so be it.

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Dennis Veasley

37 thoughts on “India’s Blind Football Team | India Plays – S1E07”

  1. Truly amazing…
    Without Oak tree production we were never get to know that this team in India also exist…
    Proud of COACH ND PLAYERS.
    Good work @oaktreeproductions

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