The West Indies win against India in the World
T20 Cup semi-final cricket by 7 wickets. The WIndies achieved their “mission” of
shattering India’s dreams of a World Twenty title on home soil. Rohit Sharma got hosts off to a good start Virat Kohli survived run-out chance early
in his innings. In the air a little bounce short, in fact
I’ll come back for 2. And that 2 will bring up the half inch to Kohli. Kohli helped India to 193 with an impressive
89. But the Windies came back when Johnson Charles
and Lendl Simmons both hit 50s. Simmons was twice out off a no ball, only
to be reprieved, finishing 83 not out Winners will meet England in the final on
Sunday Brian Lara, Glen McGrath, Rashid Latif, Saqlain
Mushtaq uh were caught celebrating West Indies victory against India Dhoni slapped Australian journalist for asking
a stupid retirement question! Ok I just want to ask you. Uh, I was hoping
it was an Indian media guy but you know, uh, cause I can’t really say if you have a brother
or a sister who can play for India keeper. Do you think I’m unfit? No. You caught me
running. Very fast. You think I can survive to the 2019 world cup? Um, sure, yes, sure.
Then you have answered the question. Thank you sir. What was your favorite moment from the India
vs West Indies World T20 Cup Semi-Final? Let me know in the comments below and don’t
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Dennis Veasley

15 thoughts on “India vs West Indies T20 2016 Cricket Highlights: Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, Dhoni Scolds Reporter”

  1. It was a match which really showed true class of both the teams. First it was India who peroformed very well. Luck favoured Kohli early on and he took great advantage of it. Then it was Simmons to ride his luck.
    I guess there were too many key moments but for me giving Kohli the last over when Ashwin had two was gamble & it didn't pay off.
    Well played both teams and only the one who took the pressure triumphed.

  2. Good game of cricket played by both teams, not that India had played badly but luck was in favour of the Windies

  3. fuck team no batting technique whatsoever just hitting the ball as if it is baseball.see their performance in test matches they sucks in one dayer also.t20 format is so sick.

  4. I like West Indies gyle my favorite player almost good luck and wish you all teams members especially for babu Thomas is me….. ha ha ha ha jabhana

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