– [Narrator] A simple act of
charity can go a long way. For others, it’s just a
small gesture of kindness, but for the recipients of these gestures, it might just be the thing
that will change their lives for the better. Here’s a list of some of the most heartwarming acts of kindness that will surely brighten up your day. (happy computer music) Subway giving free food for the homeless A local Melbourne Subway franchise decided to give back to the community by giving free food to the
homeless every Friday afternoon. This act inspired other Subway
franchises to do the same, giving free meals to people
living on the streets. And while it may cost them
a fortune in doing so, seeing the content smiles
from the people they helped outweigh the costs of making
a few extra sandwiches. Crowd helps disabled fan. While this fan was probably content being in the same venue as
his favorite rock band, the crowd had other plans for him to make his day a little
bit more memorable. Together, they lifted him up
along with his wheelchair, allowing him to see the band in full view. For the lucky fan, this will
be an experience he’ll cherish for the rest of his life. Free dry cleaning for unemployed people. It’s hard to make a great impression without presentable clothing, so this local dry cleaner decided to offer free cleaning service for
people looking for a job. The company’s CEO James Timpson knew that unemployed people can’t
afford dry cleaning services, and as clean clothing
is an important factor for landing a job, he decided to offer this service for free. Whether they pay him back
or not is not important, as Timpson does this out of selflessness. Runner helps fellow
competitor finish the race. As Meghan Vogel was about
to cross the finish line, her fellow competitor
Arden McMath collapsed in front of her. Without hesitation, Vogel
helped her rival get up and finish the race, even allowing her to finish
the race ahead of her. Vogel may not have won the
race she was competing on, but she surely won the hearts of many. Teens act as pallbearers
for homeless veterans. A group of high school teens volunteered to become the fallen veterans’ pallbearers as a form of respect to
their service to the country. When asked why they volunteered,
they said that everyone, especially veterans,
deserves a proper burial. Elderly couples give necktie lessons. Seeing the young man having
trouble tying his necktie, an elderly couple gave him a short lesson on how to knot a tie properly. The elderly woman called on her husband, giving the young man a quick tutorial and watched him as he
tried to do it himself. This kind gesture from
the elderly couple shows that you can never be too
old to do something good for your fellow man. Anonymous man treating random strangers. A man from Virginia who
wishes to stay anonymous treats random strangers to a meal. Patrons of the diner often
find themselves surprised upon discovering that their
bills have been paid for by this local Samaritan. As for the reason behind
this generous act, the anonymous man said his
goal is to spread kindness and the giving attitude to the community. Local man shares food
with his “Charity Fridge”. An anonymous man from
Saudi Arabia devised a plan so that no one would have the
“shame” of begging for food. Placing a “Charity
Fridge” outside his home, anyone can simply take
whatever food is available inside the fridge. His countrymen applauded him for this, encouraging others to do the same. A simple and humble act of charity; something that others can learn from. Employees help fix veteran’s wheelchair. Having problems with his wheelchair, war veteran Michael
Sulsona was offered help by three Lowe’s employees, replacing and fixing the
parts of his wheelchair free of charge. Even though it was closing
time for the store, the trio stayed until
they got the job done. Sulsona was very thankful, only to be thanked back
by the employees stating that “it was their honor”
to have been of service. Barber gives free haircuts. After getting a life lesson from a homeless gentleman
he met a few years ago, local barber, Brennon Jones, decided to pay the kindness forward; by giving free haircuts
to homeless people. After giving thousands of free haircuts, he was handsomely rewarded
by one of his clients, giving him the key to a
newly-renovated barbershop where he can offer his services. This just shows that no good
deed does go unrewarded. Kid buys smoke detectors instead of PS4. Nine-year old Henry Montoya
wanted to own a PS4, just like the other kids
in his neighborhood. But upon learning the sad fate that befell upon a mother
and her child due to a fire, he decided to use his PS4 funds to buy 100 smoke detectors
for households prone to such accidents. Impressed by his concern for others, his siblings bought him a PS4 as a reward for doing something special. Crowd saves woman from
being squashed by train. Numerous train passengers
in Japan banded together to help save a woman who
fell under the train. Together, they pushed the train forward, allowing the woman to
escape with minor injuries. Student acts as “human
chair” for elderly woman. Trapped in an elevator
with an elderly woman having trouble maintaining her balance, Cesar Larios positioned
himself on all fours to form a makeshift chair for the woman. Due to his act of spontaneous kindness, Larios was praised by
several online communities, as the picture serves as a proof that kindness and selflessness still exist within the younger generations. Woman offering water
to disabled competitor. Even though it might cost
her the $10,000 prize, Jacquline Nyetipei slowed down to help a disabled competitor rehydrate with a bottle of drinking water. As expected, she didn’t
win the prize money as she placed 2nd in the women’s division, but this act of genuine sportsmanship earned her something greater; the respect and admiration of people. Restaurant treats family to a free meal. Upon learning that the
family’s house was burnt down, the manager of Olive Garden
gave the family a huge discount for their meal: 100% off
or, simply put, free. The father posted the receipt on Reddit and it quickly went viral, earning positive remarks from
various social media websites. Olive Garden’s management told reporters that they always want the
best for their customers and they will think of ways to make their customers
satisfied with their services. “Devil” giving away flowers. No one wants to be lonely
during the season of love, so Samuel Whittington decided to give love in the silliest way possible: giving flowers under
the guise of a “devil”. Running around the city of Plymouth, this “devil” handed out roses to random people in the street, as he wants them to be happy
during this season of love. As for the devil disguise, no one really knows why he
picked to dress as a devil, including Whittington himself. It’s the thought that counts, I guess. Teacher empathizes with her student. Reddit user “123ohsnap” told
a story about his teacher who empathized with her
during his time of need. Learning that his mother
tried to commit suicide, she listened to him and
held the teen close to her as he cried. He continued to narrate that
this small act of kindness from her saved him from depression. While the teacher moved
to another district, he was thankful to have met her and hoped that someday he will be
able to thank her properly. Anonymous person leaves coat for homeless. An anonymous do-gooder decided
to help out homeless people by leaving a coat in the
city center of Plymouth. Accompanying the coat is a note stating that this should be used by “a homeless person who
is in need of warmth”. It might be a small gift, but the recipient would be thankful for this blessing of warmth. A group of teens spreading
acts of kindness. Driving around the United States in an RV, a group of teens started
a non-profit organization called “ARK Project Now”
with a single goal in mind: to create an epidemic of kindness. Their acts of kindness
range from simple ones such as giving flowers to strangers, to big projects such as helping to pay for a child’s heart surgery. These guys hope that by doing this, they can create a ripple of
kindness throughout the nation. House makeover for an elderly man. Overhearing a few kids
in the neighborhood, saying that the house
should be burnt down, Josh Cyganik decided to help out by renovating the old house. Making a post on Facebook
to contact his friends, the post went viral and
hundreds of people showed up to renovate the old man’s house. The old man, of course, was very thankful, as they turned his “ugly” home into one of the best-looking
homes in the neighborhood. Police officer buys a homeless man shoes. Noticing a homeless man having no shoes to cover his feet during the cold season, police officer Lawrence
DePrimo bought a pair of boots and gave it to him. DePrimo even offered to help
him put his new shoes on and buy him a cup of
coffee to warm himself up. After a short talk, the man
thanked DePrimo and moved out, while DePrimo went back to his post, looking for people who
might need his help. Vending machine hero. A kind-hearted Samaritan left
a few coins in an envelope stuck at the vending machine, with a note saying that the
next customer can use the coins to pay for the snack or
drink or their choice. A simple, yet effective,
way of spreading kindness. Stranger pays $20,000 worth of debts. Local businessman Greg Parady
decided to become Santa Claus for a day as he went on to pay over $20,000 worth of
debts for more than 80 people. Overhearing a customer saying that she could not pay her bills, he asked her if he could help by paying off some of her debts. Parady didn’t stop there, as
he paid other people’s debts. He also bought them some gifts, as he believes that
they deserve to be happy during the festive season. CEO leaves $3,000 tip. As a token of appreciation
for the people working in the café he frequented, CEO Dwayne Clark left
a huge tip of $3,000. Along with it was a
handwritten note saying that the staff did a “great job” and he hopes that the money would help in making their Christmases
a bit more special. The tip was soon split to the
12 staff members of the café, each pocketing $250, enough money to cover their
expenses for Christmas. Delaney Brown’s final wish. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer with only two days to live, Delaney Brown made a lot of
wishes she wants granted. There was one last wish in her list: a group of carolers to come to her house to sing a few Christmas carols. The following night, more than 10,000 people
came knocking at her door, singing a few Christmas carols and waiting for her to come
by and acknowledge them. Through Facebook, she posted a photo of
her giving two thumbs up with the caption, “I can
hear you now! Love you!” Unfortunately, before Christmas came, Brown succumbed to her sickness. Nevertheless, the family was appreciative for the outpouring support
from complete strangers, stating that their act of kindness is the fondest memory Brown
ever had before she passed away. Sometimes, a little act of
good can turn someone’s bad day into a better one. If you meet someone who needs
help, offer a helping hand; you might just change
their lives for the better. So that leads us to our question: which act did you think
spread the most kindness? Let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for watching. (upbeat chiming music)

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  3. I just want to say that the clip of the 9 year old boy who used his ps4 fund to buy smoke detectors, it wasn't his siblings that bought a new ps4 for him, it was the local community. Furthermore a local franchise gave him a new 50inch flat screen and 4 games of his choice for the kindness the child displayed.

    Also thanks for the video it was amazing and very emotional.

  4. Amazing video, there is no greater act of kindness and loveΒ as our lord and Savior, (Jesus Christ) paying our sin debt when he was crucified on the cross! It was so pleasing to see so many people considering their fellow man or woman before themselves, this is a true testament of God's love that dwells in every persons heart, and a few people acting out on it!!!! God Bless them all!!!!

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  7. Why is it that we have to be in the spirit of competition? An act of kindness is always appreciated. And surely worthy to be an example.

    We will never give a value to something that we comparing.
    Let us appreciate the simple act of kindness!

  8. These videos inspired me and give me hope. I am also looking for someone to help me with a living kidney donor, please search "Donor4Luis"

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  10. I was I guess you could say a long haired hippie in 1978 with no job and I can across a man trying to change a flat tire it was very hot and he was struggling I asked if he needed help and he said yes please I have a heart condition and I shouldn't be doing it so I changed his tire and he offered to pay me I refused pay so he asked me if I had a job I said no so he gave me a card and said I could get a job at the railroad so I went a few days later but I couldn't get it because of no high school diploma so if any of you think of quiting school don't it's a bad choice I made and it still effecting me this day

  11. They guy who dressed up as a devil, I think it was actually a good idea because it could spread the message that anyone can commit acts of kindness, even those who appear as pure evil

  12. One time when I was in primary school, my brother helped a man who lived down the road from me break up some palates he had. For the next, I think few months, whenever we walked by his house and he saw us, he'd give us bars of chocolate all because of my brothers simple gesture.

  13. not always i handed something back to a kid and terns out it was pepper spray i have never seen pepper spray in my life i only know of guns,and knifes anyways it went off ant then i got out of school suspense and kicked off of the bus.

  14. My mom has her own local deli/bakery and with every $4+ purchase people get either a free meal coupon for a homeless person or get to donate the coupon for a homeless person's meal. She and I do not care how much food the homeless person wants. we serve them whatever food they want

  15. one simple act of kindness goes a long long way… there's no way of choosing which is the best. All acts of kindness restores our faith in humanity. One of the best videos to watch when you are going through something difficult. Thank you so much Be Amazed!

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  25. I love all of you. Any homeless person, anyone, you can do something nice for them! You just have to be the best person you can be.

  26. I always tear up when I watch these kinds of videos, but it's a feel good tear. I've always wanted to be wealthy so that I could go down where the homeless people are and give them pre-paid visa cards for food and clothing; I've also wanted to pay for someone's groceries if I saw they had children or they were elderly. I'm so glad to see people are doing this. God Bless them πŸ’•

  27. free drycleaning really ye thats just what you need when your living on the streets,suppose its the thought that counts,, people are amazing we only tend to hear the bad stuff, work locally one person CAN make a difference, how are you going to make a difference today,,thanks for sharing,,never STOP loving,my brothers and sisters,xxxxBobbleLobbleLob,xxxxx

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    What answer shall I give? That the video editor doesn't care enough? Please tell me what I should say.
    The content is so touching and I believe teaches young people to be giving, kind, and thoughtful, but then there are the missing apostrophes. :/

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