THE FIRST EVER CENTRAL COAST TENNIS PRO WILL BE IN FULL SWING TOMORROW. THE TENNIS PRO OPEN IS PART OF THE USTA WOMEN’S PRO CIRCUIT. # QUALIFYING ROUNDS BEGIN TOMORROW AT TEMPLETON TENNIS RANCH AND CONCLUDES ON TUESDAY WHEN MAIN DRAW PLAY BEGINS. THE PRO CIRCUIT IS A PATHWAY TO THE US OPEN AND TOUR LEVEL COMPETITION… AND IT’S BIG DEAL TO HAVE A FIRST PRO CIRCUIT TOURNAMENT IN SLO COUNTY. # “Well, it’s just a really unique opportunity. The USTA approached us and said they’d like us to host the event. Fortunately through the support of local sponsors, players, and the community, it has come to be.” “You’re going to have players that travel from all over the world that are going to look back in 2017, ‘I won the singles here at Templeton’. It’s going to be on their record forever. So as they go on, you’re going to see more and more the name, Templeton and Central Coast Pro Tennis Open come up as these players advance. That’s exciting.” AGAIN, THE TOURNAMENT RUNS FROM SEPTEMBER 24TH THROUGH OCTOBER 1ST.. #

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Dennis Veasley

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