The French used to play a game called jeu
de paume, which was like tennis but with the palms of their hands The courts were 90 feet long, so each player had 45 feet to play in.
When the player got a point they were allowed to move up the court – the first time 15 feet,
the second another 15, and finally 10 feet so there was still a 5 foot gap from the player
to the net. The scores still follow this pattern. They
could have changed it I suppose, so it would go “15, 30, 45”, but 40 is easier to say than
45 Why do they say love instead of a zero? L’oeuf means egg in French, representing zero. So, Egg, 15, 30, 40
Makes sense

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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “In tennis, why is the score count 0 (love) 15 30 40?”

  1. There's a story that says that in the past, the love could refer to those losing with no points are just playing because they love the game.
    No source, sorry, i heard it in a broadcast

  2. huuuuhh that's like it's okay to b smart combined with braincraft with in a nutshell…ffs find your own ideas

  3. Get all the explanations about “deuce” but still can’t see why they just don’t call it 40 all. After all we know you need 2 points to win the game after that, we don’t need to be reminded!

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