hi I’m Michelle with Tennis warehouse
and today I wanted to give you five ways to be more consistent on the court now
this is really gonna come into play when you’re in your matches you feel like
you’re missing too many times so first advice that I would give you is to take
the pace off the ball just slow it down a little bit second I would say big
targets big margins so if you’re normally aiming for very precise targets
bring that target in by about three to five feet aim higher over the net so
you’re really gonna give yourself a chance to make every single ball now the
third thing that I would suggest is get in the gym get out for a run start
training and get your endurance up a little higher so you’re gonna really be
able to play longer points you’re not gonna be as tired in the middle of your
point you can also do some sprints on the court but this training this
physical training will also help your mental side of things so you’ll become
mentally and physically stronger which leads me to number four have a positive
mindset when you’re hitting the balls assume that you’re going to make every
vault don’t be negative don’t say oh I’m
missing in every floor hand because you’ll have a self-fulfilling prophecy
and start missing every forehand so be positive and last but not least my fifth
way to be more consistent this is what I always tell you guys practice practice
practice practice hit a thousand balls in a row with a partner get out there
and make every single ball now that sounds silly but it will help and it’s
something that you should be practicing to make sure you’re more consistent on
the court especially when the pressure comes now if you have any other topics
or you’re struggling with anything else on the court make sure to comment below
and let us know what kind of videos you want to see from us and for all things
tennis related be sure to visit us at tennis we’re house tennis warehouse
Europe or tennis only

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Dennis Veasley

12 thoughts on “Improve Your Tennis: Top 5 Ways to be More Consistent on the Tennis Court! ⚡️”

  1. Really want to request a video on: Ways to get more power on a 2 handed backhand. Even my 4.5 friends you smash their forehands usually just slice their backhands and can't get the Nishikori/Fognini power on their backhands. Any tips? Does the power come more from you right or left hand?

  2. Hey TW, do you have a string recommendation for the Pure Strike 18×20. I would like a bit of power but also not taking away the control from the pure strike

  3. The club woman singles champion at one of my local clubs has been winning the title for the last 10 years or so, shes in her 50's, plays with a 110 head size 285g frame, hits with no top spin but with strange techniques of semi backspin and yet she wins against all of the younger high level hard hitters.
    How does she win? She does NOTHING but pushes every shot back to the opponent's court for them to make the mistake. The balls she hits floats way over the net with little pace. Watching her play is like watching paint dry, and now the audience all go to the bar to get drunk, apart from her husband who stays courtside…………. but he falls asleep after 30 mins in when they only managed to play 3 games.
    She is very consistent but god is she boring to watch, her husband used to play at the same club but has moved to a different club because he got bored of waiting for her to finish her games when they come to the club together.

  4. Michael, you lost tons of weight over the years. You become e more mature but more lovely………yes we all get older.

  5. Pick bigger targets. This is the advice that I need to adhere to the most. Sometimes I feel like I'm giving away point after point trying to go for the lines, the corners. Thanks Michelle!

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