This is a fun drill to have players move and track the ball into the racket. In
tennis most of the mistakes are due to the
player not watching the ball from the bounce to the racquet. This is a nice fun exercise that will help
players get the feeling up really focusing on
the ball 100 percent. The players hit the ball to
each other and try to stop it with the grip and
then hit back high to their partners. As you can see the
drill requires a little bit of coordination. You have to turn the racquet around, place
the grip right behind the ball, move your feet, set
up and then tap it turn the racquet around
and hit it up back to you partner. it is very
important that the players shuffle in get right behind a ball. It makes it a
lot easier to make contact with the grip. Once the players feel comfortable with
this drill, the next drill makes it a little bit tougher. dealing with competitive pressure but
cap rally players rally stop at the ball with the
butt cap This drill is similar to the previous
drill except the players are gonna shuffle and
try to stop the ball with the butt cap before hitting it over to their partners. With a little bit of practice,the players will be able to stop the ball with the butt caps every single time. Once again the idea is to work on shuffling and tracking that ball, getting right behind it and having the
players follow the ball from the bounce to the
racket. Getting this feeling of following the ball from the bounce to the racket is key for players to minimize errors while they’re playing. Practice
this drill next time you’re on the court and you will really understand what
watching the ball in tennis really means

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Improve the Most Important Skills in Tennis – Tracking the Ball and Getting in Position”

  1. A very interesting drill. Thank you. Yesterday I practiced it with my 10-y daughter. She had a lot of fun. Maybe you should put a link in the description of each video to amazon / itunes and to your site to purchase your book.

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