Joe: Here we go. Here she comes, ready to learn some tennis. -Yeah. -Hey. How are you? Murr: Yeah, just have her
follow you around. All right, right here.
It’s a little… [ Laughter ] You’re going the wrong way, buddy. Okay. [ Laughter ] Okay. All right, you go on that side.
I’ll go on this side. Okay. [ Laughter ] -Tell her to come close. -All right, come here. We’re gonna do a little exercise
to help you out. Raise your racket
in the air. Raise your racket
in the air. And then wave it
like you just don’t care. [ Laughter ] Now wave it
like you just don’t care. There you go. You don’t care. Somebody say, “Hey-oh!” Somebody say, “Hey-oh!” Hey-oh! [ Laughter ] All right, let’s get back to it. All right, I’m gonna
serve to you now, and then you just return it. Yeah. Joe:
Now serve as hard as you can. [ Laughter ] Murr: Keep going, buddy. Rapid fire. Joe: Tell her to put some hustle in it. There you go.
Put some hustle in it. Put muscle in it. You got this. You can’t serve fast enough. Q: You got this, you got this,
you got this. You got it, you got it. -“Stop playing like a girl.”
-[ Laughs ] All right, stop playing
like a girl. Come on. Yes. Take two or three balls
at a time and hit them
at the same time. All right, you’re killing it. You’re killing it. You got it.
Like, just pick one. There you go. Two. Three. Q, just stop and walk away.
Say, “Okay, that’s it. Bye.” Bye. [ Laughter ] Murr: Just walk out.
Walk out. [ Laughter ]

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  1. This woman was my friend's substitute teacher. She said anyone who asked her about it was getting an instant detention, haha.

  2. Uuuhhhh she's got the best boobs and booty…..ohh really desperate to f**k her hard…..she could have been a po**star….then that would be the best gift for all…πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“to her boobs and booty…May Girls exactly like this everyone have!

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