Hello and welcome to the program. Since some of you watched the video on the
ATP-CP ENERGY SYSTEM and had questions about the aerobic energy system I will briefly explain
today why the aerobic energy system is important for on court tennis performance. The aerobic energy system can contribute to
enhanced performance during a tennis match or training even though tennis is anaerobic
energy system dominant but steady-state jogging is an ineffective training method in optimizing
aerobic energy system contributions. For more information I recommend you watch
Tennis Conditioning Episode 9 “Why Jogging is a Waste of Time for Tennis Conditioning”. When one takes a look at the tennis sports
analysis then it becomes evident that, from an energy system perspective, tennis is a
sport that predominantly relies on anaerobic energy system contributions since one cannot
generate a lot of force via aerobic metabolism. Optimizing aerobic energy system contributions
will enhance on-court performance because the aerobic energy system contributes approximately
30% of the energy needed during higher intensities.  
Therefore, aerobic energy system efficiency positively impacts anaerobic energy system
contributions due to a faster lactate & hydrogen ion clearance, which allows the enzymes to
continue to function properly, thereby allowing the anaerobic energy system to supply more
energy for a longer duration of time, which has a positive effect on force production
capabilities and hence on-court tennis performance. There are numerous ways one can enhance aerobic
energy system contributions but steady-state jogging is ineffective. Instead the athlete can commit to interval
training or circuit training as more effective alternatives. For a wide selection of tennis specific exercises
we recommend you take a look at our extensive video library and/or get your copy of Advanced
Concepts of Strength & Conditioning for Tennis.  
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and Auf Wiedersehen!

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