My name is Jenna Fontanilla I am eight years old and I am from the Philippines but born here in England I have one brother and I live with my mum and dad and with my brother as well I love coming to play tennis here in WJTI it’s the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative I started tennis when I was 3 to 4 years old and I really want to be a famous tennis player when I grow up. The name of my coach that I play with is Yan. He’s funny, he teaches me things, he also helps me with my shots and my swings. When I’m like, painting, I sometimes swing my hand back and then paint it like I’m doing a forehand or a backhand and sometimes I even practice doing it at school even though I don’t have a racket or a ball. When I wake up on a tennis day, some days I’m like, ah yeah I really want to see who’s new here or I really want to run but on other days I’m like urgh why do I have to go today but I love tennis so it isn’t just a waste. What makes me happy is seeing myself just go up and up until I’m old enough to be my own tennis player. My biggest wish is try to meet Serena or Andy Murray. Even though that he has gone to second, I still know that he tried his best. I look up to my brother and I sometimes make my eldest brother, Mark, that’s died in heaven and I sometimes want to make him proud. Even though that I’m 8, people might just think, she’s just 8, she can’t do any good things but if they actually see what I can do, then they would be really amazed. If i say out loud, I can’t do it, I’ll quickly say YET, I can’t do it, yet.

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