Hey, my name it’s Chuck Gill. I’m the Director of Sports at
the Ibis Golf & Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. I’ve been the
Director of Sports at the Ibis Golf & Country
Club for 18 years now. We’ve got a 3,500 member equity
club with 3 [Jack] Nicklaus golf courses, 14 tennis courts,
a full fitness center. Well, I think it’s [the Green Tennis Machine]
a no brainer. It’s a great machine. It does exactly what it says. It puts the bounce
back into the balls. Your members are happier because you
have a better quality teaching ball. Your pros are happier because they
don’t have to listen to their members talk about not having a great
quality teaching ball. At the end of the day it’s great for
the club because it saves money. I’ve been using it for
the compression balls and for the youth
tennis balls as well. It seems to work
just as well. We use standard teaching balls from
a number of different companies. We found that by using a
high quality the Tour ball, instead of having it go
dead in 6 weeks or so. Now we’re getting, jeez,
we’re getting 6 months out of it. I saw the Green Machine
at a tradeshow once and I was pretty
interested in it because No. 1 it’s as
you say it goes green which I think is very important. Also I was really interesting
in the cost savings, because I thought it
would be a great way for me to save
some of the money. We have 6 teaching
pros at Ibis. So we spend quite a bit of
money on practice balls. The members always like to
make sure the practice balls are in pretty good shape. Well, when we
bought the machine, we were expecting to do a
2 year return on the investment and really get our
money back within 2 years. It’s actually been
accelerated. It looks like our ROI on
the machine is going to be in a little less
than 18 months. The recent CMAA which is the
Club Manager Association Idea Fair, we needed to enter a cost
saving measure at the club. So our club decided to
use the Green Machine as our way of going green
and cutting costs. Actually when I put out
the ROI on the machine we actually got
first place. At first I was laughing because
I had heard some people and gotten some
recommendations that it worked. We were laughing. I said, jeez, this is like
the fountain of youth for our tennis balls, especially on the clay courts
in Florida where you really don’t rub the nap
off as well. You can be able to maintain
the life of them for, we’ve had some balls that
are now in the fourth cycle and they’re playing
just like new. So it’s been great.

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