What that mean when I show up at 6:30
shoot my six jump shot bust his ass and go to bed. What if I outshoot you
left-handed? What if I outshoot you
left-handed? I’ll take that bet. Hold on, Hold on. Let’s go. 10 with my left and you shoot 10 with your right. I’m not a lefty. Ohhhh.. Spank. Spank Get your Sprint phone. Spank. Wow. Book it. Ohhh Hey Spank, I’m doing an impression. Ask me who I am ? Who are you Kev? I’m Jimmy Butler, after I lost to Kevin. All I do is hustle people, I’m a hustler. Today’s sucker of the day. What we gonna do about his camera? Rock Paper Scissors, the loser goes first. Hey what’s the bet for? You go first. What’s the bet for, we ain’t come up with anything? It’s whatever Jimmy wants it to be. He can make it light on himself. I’ll give him whatever he wants. Ok. We go 10 grand to the person’s charity or to them. You always say charity when you bet, so people dont think you are assholes with the money. So I either have to donate to what he wants or he donates to what I want. Say Less. NBA my ass I’m made for this. Ohhhh Now the pressure is on, You came and brought a knife, to a gun fight. That one’s off. That’s an airball. I got confidence now. That’s it. That’s it?? Run that. Run it back. I didn’t wanna come here to embarrass him. but now, that’s what got to get done. 1 nothing me. If this was a series right now we going to my home court. I ain’t never been afraid of pressure. Me neither. Never have been. Me either. NBA kicking in, huh. Tryna get warm a little bit. What you wanna go, shot for shot? Let’s do it. Is that what you want? Don’t hype him. Huh? Is that what he want? Is that what you want? What you talking about Boss? As a Trainer, I blame you. His jump shot? I blame you, It’s not his fault. You did this to him. Get hot. Bang Bang. Tied u baby No No No Cheat again. That’s what happens when you do that. Pressure buss pipes right here. Or make diamonds. Or make diamonds. That’s two. We can go best of seven. That’s two games to Kevin. Let’s go KH. Let’s get it JB. Buckets. Get two in a row J. Tie it up Kevin. It’s easy . Every dog has it’s day. Hit him J. Money bag. Ohhhh. Hey man.. You alright? you know what . Yea, it’s the eyes. Boo Boo Boo. What happen to all of this Kevin? Hit this one. Let’s watch him miss this one. Money in the bank. Make it rain. Pressure Pressure. Let’s celebrate together. Let’s celebrate Welcome to my world. Water shot. money in the bank Give him anything he want. That’s how you do it. There it is. Take all the time you need. He’s choking, He’s choking. Oh that’s game. Three peat He don’t want it. Three of em. Bang Bang. Put that arrow back up. Bust him up J. There he go. Water shot. There he go. Water shot. Hey, Can I get a sip of water? Cause I feel a. Water shot. He’s like Spank. Spank. What I need Spank? A sip of water. I can’t hear you, what you say? Why they think this gonna be easy. Why they think it’s gonna be easy. Make it rain. Easy. Now who the pressure on? Knock that down J. Here it go. I got this NBA man, breaking a sweat. Let’s go. Get in there, touch up. You might be coaching the wrong dude. I’m gonna give you my information when I am leave. Brick. Get em J. Oh that’s money. In the bank. Wells Fargo. Shoot the ball the way I taught you to. We gonna sudden death. JB Here we go. Euro Step. Hold on. I’m doing seven ten split. He don’t even know how to do it. Damn it. Haha, He need coach tips. I ain’t gonna lie. I’m tired. I wanna shoot from this corner because it’s my best spot. But, He can shoot from the corner. So take him deeper. I’m locked in. Yea, come on. We don’t panic under pressure. Let me move. Come on JB. Yea, it don’t even matter. That’s for you talking. Come and get it They need a big shot so they called on me. To what? Pass the ball? It was me Deacon Douglas was checking up. He didn’t have his shoes tied up. That’s when I @#$??>Come on JB. Good. Hol on Now. Kev before you shoot. I’m Deacon Dawkins. Call Deacon. I’m unlacing the sneakers. Call Deacon Easy money right here Kev. No No No. Somebody call him an Uber. Call him an Uber. Get him an Uber. Ah Ah Ahhhh Time out Time out You know he got a Heart murmur. Time out. Why you hurt my guy? That’s crazy That ain’t cool Jimmy. You see that energy he got right now
did y’all hear the gym whenever he was winning. Did y’all hear it? Oh they was hype. They was bowling. Taking water shots. They was doing everything. They was doing the most. Now look at them. They talking about where they headed to next. To all the Jimmy Butler fans . Let me let you guys know the details of how dope this just was. He had to shoot with his left hand
you know he’s right-handed. I had to shoot my right hand we had to float
around with it the best of a series of seven. Ten shots from each spot. I lost Game seven by
one shot, but it was great competition. I gotta take that L. Thank You
Jimmy for being a good sport about it. Come on man I ain’t gonna rub it in
on Instagram and I’m not gonna text you . When I wake up in the morning. I’m not gonna do that to you. Good to know, I got good people around me. You nothing without a good circle. Because of this I’m actually gonna take 10
grand out of my kids mouth that they could use. I’m gonna send it to a charity of
his choice or probably his pocket because he looks like he steals. He’s clearly on steroids. Yea you saw it over there. I saw it. Should we get a tester? Can we get a tester for the water bottle behind seat 54. Spank. Brother we love you. (fakes to take a blood sample)

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