Between Barcelona and Berlin there’s
still time for a Matchday Magazine! This week’s show has plenty of chat, and congratulations
are in order to and from the guest and the birthday boy. Last weekend he was re-elected for another
three years, and today he’s my studio guest. I’m delighted to welcome our President Dr.
Reinhard Rauball – thank you for coming! First question, one of many
things we’ll be discussing: What do you make of the
team at the moment? It’s hard to say – in terms of the results,
you have to say it’s not looking good. Losing 4-0 to Bayern Munich, drawing 3-3 with
Paderborn, and losing 3-1 on Wednesday… that doesn’t exactly fill
you with confidence. But I was with them for the
three days in Barcelona, and I got the impression that things have
begun to get a bit more stable. Maybe that’s what we need to
get going again on Saturday. Although you have to say Messi was
unplayable on Wednesday. Yes, but Paderborn don’t have a Messi. True! And with respect, Bayern don’t have a Messi either…
though they do have a Lewandowski. Oh, by the way Nobby, 159,000 Borussia
members have asked me to do this: You see that cake? They asked me to stuff
it in your face – I said no, of course! How good does that look! Thank you so much –
should I blow them out? Of course! Who made this then? It suits you, and you deserve it. Happy birthday
on behalf of Borussia Dortmund! That’s so kind, thank
you Mr President! Can I give it back to you?
Who made it? OK, let’s sit back down – that was a surprise! I genuinely
had no idea they were going to do that. That’s so nice, but boy
am I getting old. Speaking from experience,
it all stays the same. Nothing will change! Our President got the kind of result politicians
can only dream of: 99.82%. And when I catch whoever put another
comma here, there’ll be trouble! Of course, we want to show our appreciation
for his achievement – let’s take a look. 40 years a member of the club,
21 of them as President. Members, ladies and gentlemen… Dr. Reinhard Rauball – a life in the
service of Borussia Dortmund. With all its highs and lows, and
countless hours of hard work. Last weekend he was re-elected
with an overwhelming majority. Thank you for re-electing me. It’s the eighth term in office
for this true gentleman. But it won’t be the last, right? Let’s talk about that – we’re BVB 09, so
maybe you’ll have a 09th term in office? That sounds like the journalists
who cover the Bundesliga. When I’ve been elected, I’ve got into the habit of
not thinking about the end but about the start. How I’ll start to work, what I’ll do, what I’ll have
to do, what’s the first thing to deal with… I’m not worried about the things
journalists like to talk about. But that 09 thing is nice, isn’t it.
-09 is nice, yes. Great stuff. Let’s take a bit of a look back
to 1979, your first term in office. Back then you were younger than a few of the players
– how did you approach your work at the time? Well, it was a bit of a mess in 1979. In 1978 the President resigned, and then he
un-resigned, and then he resigned again, and there were two really
tempestuous general meetings. The finance board spoke to me,
and I made the critical mistake: They asked me if I’d do it, and I said “No, out of the question, but come back to me if you can’t find anyone.” It was that last bit! I remember I said it – I never said
it again, and I never will! He went back and told his colleagues “We’ve
got him, he just doesn’t know it yet.” Back then you obviously didn’t imagine
you’d run the club for such a long time. Three years, and then, as was supposed to
happen, I said someone else will do it. But then that didn’t
last too long. Yes, it was difficult, and then in 1984
the club was in another crisis. And in 1986 you made an
absolutely brilliant decision. Correct – you mean when I
signed Frank Mill, right? Exactly! You’re not just in charge of the footballers,
but for all sports at the club. I think you’ll particularly enjoy this
message we’ve got for you. Hello Dr. Rauball, and congratulations
on your re-election. We look forward to seeing you on 29 December
for the big game against SG BBM Bietigheim, and thank you for your support
– see you then! That’s nice to hear, right? You
see them a lot, don’t you? When I can, but unfortunately sometimes they play on the
same day as the men’s football team in the Bundesliga. They’re the unbeaten league leaders, and their
coach André Fuhr is doing a great job. Andreas Heiermann and Andreas Bartels too –
they’re top and have a really solid foundation. And to think, we might not have had the chance
to hear that message from the girls, because there was a time when it wasn’t guaranteed
that the girls would still be able to play. Yes, in 2005, the year
everything went wrong. All sections of the club, everything that
cost money, had to be cut back. Of course, when you’re 122 million euros in debt,
and you don’t know how or when you’ll pay it off, they say you have to cut back that part of the
club that costs money, and that one as well. But then I said “You can’t do that, they can’t
suffer from the debts run up by others”. So we incorporated them into the corporation and
our board, with Reinhold Lunow and Gerd Pieper, and we then basically went round begging
for sponsors, but it worked: they put the funding in place for the handball and the
table tennis sections so they could keep going. It’s great that they were able to carry on, when they
might have disappeared during that difficult period. Otherwise I’d have
four fewer friends. True, and they love you now. There would have been more of them, but
it’s the World Championship in Japan, and I think there are 13 of our players there,
including those from other countries – we have players from Japan, three from Holland,
so there are a few more of them. In your time as Borussia Dortmund President
you’ve made lots of very important decisions, besides keeping the
handball team going. Over the 21 years is there one that makes you
think “Reinhard, you did a great job there”? I would say the most
important was in 2005, finding someone to take over
chairman of the board. Luckily, Hans-Joachim Watzke
agreed to take over, and in terms of overall strategy and the survival
of the club, that was the most important. But I know you can see the
funny side of things – was there anything you look back on and
think “Man, that really went wrong”? One thing I do remember
going wrong: We’d won the league, and I was presenting the trophy
– at long last here in Dortmund and not in Munich. And the boys had nothing better to
do than get huge glasses of beer, and pour them down the back of
the next person they could find. Oh yes of course, you
were on the pitch. Of course I was wearing my suit and
tie and talking to some people, and as I was talking I could see them coming
from behind out of the corner of my eye, Santana and another Brazilian,
I can’t remember who it was. I thought “This can’t go well”, and as he threw
it, I jumped three metres away. But in doing that jump – it was legendary
– I tore my adductor muscles. No way! The latest edition of the Borussia magazine
features our President, of course, and is a richly deserved celebration
of his achievements. He went into the studio for a photoshoot, and as
you would expect our cameras were there too. You can look forward to the Borussia magazine next week,
which as ever has all kinds of interesting stories. You had some lovely old photos
there in that shoot, and in one of them you were competing against
Manni Burgsmüller, who sadly died not long ago. Tell us a bit about the game
when that photo was taken. It was a kind of farewell game – I was on
the committee at Eintracht Dortmund, when I made the mistake of saying “Come
back to me if you can’t find anyone.” When it was made official
and I became President, the people at Eintracht said I couldn’t just leave
like that, so they invented this farewell game. They didn’t happen at the time, and it
was our first game under Udo Lattek. Borussia played the game at Eintracht. My coach asked “Who do you
want to play against?”, and I said “We’ll play
against the best!” Manni?
-Manni, yes of course. And you would have been the
classical libero, I imagine? No, I was a defensive player, but a mix
of a number 6 and a number 8. OK, somewhere between
Witsel and Zorc? Something like that, yes. As today’s laptop coaches would say,
a vertically deviating number 8. But we mean a more
defensive player… exactly. Love it! We lost by quite a big margin, I think,
and Manni did his thing. I seem to remember he scored five
goals, but it could have been six. You can see in the photo the muscles
in his thighs and mine. Could you tell the difference? Well… yes you could. It was a lot of fun, and it brought
in a lot of money for Eintracht. From letting you go? From that game, yes, and that
was why it was played. Everyone was happy after that. Great stuff. You still play football
– what’s your team? It’s called the Gildenliga
here in Dortmund, it’s a team for old men that plays at Eintracht Dortmund,
where I’ve been involved since 1960. There are former Borussia players and other sportsmen like Charly Schütz, ice hockey legends, plus Uli Pinner, who
was a world-class tennis player. They wanted to keep active, and then
to have fun socialising afterwards. And this has been going
for ages, right? I would say since about 1970. You still play tennis too, with former BVB
legend Lothar Huber – who’s winning? Luckily we play in the same team,
so I don’t have to play against him. When I do play against him,
he’s much better than me. He’s good, isn’t he? Yes, he works at it and he has
a coach, so he’s good. But we’ve got Dedé as well – when he comes over from
Brazil he likes playing at the Flora Tennis Club. He recently said in an interview
“He’s the President, so I let him win.” That’s not true, he took a proper beating! And
he’s in for it the next time he’s here as well. So Dedé’s really integrated into
Dortmund now, that’s great. He’s a great guy. Well, you can’t avoid this: it’s
the duel, Nobby v Reinhard. No foul play, please. There’s Dedé. You’re making it easy for me – I’ll count down,
3, 2, 1, and then we show our cards. So that I don’t see
what you’re doing. So I’ll go for the
other option. Back of the net! Smolarek. Using a clip like that… Well, if you have good instincts you
know what will happen next. Don’t show your card straight away,
I’ll count down. Next clip. Ooh, who was that? 3, 2, 1… 2-0, this is rubbish! Do we have to keep playing? “Do we have to keep playing?” Come
on Mr President, that’s not funny. OK, here’s the third clip. 3, 2, 1… By the way, this is the last time
you’ll be invited on this show. Then I won’t bring cake anymore. Actually, you can come back. 3-0 to the President. So, let’s take a look at the scores as they currently stand
– to be clear, AS THEY CURRENTLY STAND. This is just for this particular moment
in time – I’m losing 18-21. The picture of me and Raphaël Guerreiro will be
available to bid for online in a few days’ time, and as always the money
goes to our charity. We’ve taken a photo too, and that will be up for auction
next week – a priceless photo with the President. Let’s look ahead now, Reinhard: this weekend
we travel to Berlin to play Hertha BSC. They’ve appointed a new coach, a left-field choice,
in Jürgen Klinsmann – what do you make of that? I’m glad he’s come back to Germany and
is involved in German football again, and not just as a pundit on TV discussion panels
but actually on the sidelines as a coach. I respect how he’s gone about it, and he has a very
experienced team with Andi Köpke and so on. I think we need to watch out, because
when a team has a new coach… I wonder what effect it might have – Hertha
haven’t played that well recently, and now they have a new coach,
which can be a difficult situation. That’s true, it’s often hard to explain – a new coach
can give a real boost to a team that needs it. We’ll have to be careful, as it’s not the first time
we’ve played against a team with a new coach. So we know what we’ll be in for. Even though it doesn’t sound
right after losing 3-1, in the team you can still sense that
the team is sticking together. They want to win, they know
what it means, and they know that they have a huge
responsibility on their shoulders. I’m confident they’ll show that. We’ll definitely have our fingers
crossed for the three points. Thank you for watching, and thank
you to my President for coming. My pleasure. And hopefully your Nobby will be in a
good mood next week on this sofa. Then we’ll really have won. That’s all from the Matchday Magazine
– bye from Nobby and the President!

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54 thoughts on ““I still beat Dedé in tennis!” | Dr. Rauball joins Matchday Magazine | Hertha BSC – BVB”

  1. Rauball ist einfach eine Legende ich hoffe wir werden dich noch lange haben 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛 40 Jahre ist ein schon eine krasse Zeit 👏👏👏🖤💛🖤💛

  2. Sorry, momentan keine Lust zu gucken. Lasse nur den Kommentar hier, damit ihr seht, dass man an euch denkt.
    Ich hoffe, dass die nächsten Wochen etwas (bestimmtes) passiert.
    Unsere Mannschaft hat so viel Potenzial. Ich will die Jungs wieder brennen sehen für ihren Sport. Es passt einfach so nicht!
    Wir haben gegen barcelona mit 9 defensiven Spielern gespielt.. und selbst die Bundesliga Teams werden konsequent stark geredet und ängstlich gespielt.. Taktisch.. und selbst das geht dann in die Hose.
    Dortmund muss den Gegner hinten in seiner Hälfte einsperren. Wir müssen so viel ackern, dass der Gegner nur selten vor unsere Box kommt.
    Ich kann dieses traurige Geschiebe und verunsicherte kicken nicht mehr ansehen im Moment. Ich gucke weiter jedes Spiel.. aber völlig emotionslos.
    Wir haben so viel Offensivpower.
    Man muss sie einfach nur raus lassen, Gebt ihnen einen Ball und einfach machen lassen. Diese taktischen Korsetts sind doch nur noch Schmutz.
    Sie sagen sogar in der Öffentlichkeit 4-1-4-1 fühlen sie sich wohler.. wie lässt er Trainer direkt wieder spielen? Ja Moin.. 4-2-3-1. mit Schulz als offensiven 😅 also bitte.. ey ich schaffe es nicht mehr. Schulz vorne drin und Götze Sancho auf der Bank. Leute.. bitte…
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    Bitte !!! Tut etwas

  3. Ich glaube wir sollten mal rauball in die Startelf berufen. So aktiv wie der noch ist, Respekt. Und viel schlechter kann es ja eh nicht mehr laufen.
    Warum gebt ihr eigentlich immer dem Trainer die Schuld? Was ist mit den Spielern? Haben die kein Bock mehr auf Favre und spielen deshalb so schlecht

  4. Wer verantwortet aus den oberen Gremien eigentlich die aktuelle Misere, nachdem man trotz 200 Mio. Euro an Transfereinnahmen in den letzten 4 Jahren aufgrund der vielen Fehlbesetzungen auf dem Trainerposten seine sportlichen Ziele so klar verfehlt hat?

  5. Es war nichts ok gegen Barcelona es war der gleiche Lustlose kick wie die Wochen davor
    Barcelona war im prinzip nicht stark für uns wäre was drinnen gewesen wenn man nicht einschläft beim spielen

  6. Dieser Kontrast zwischen Hoeneß und dem Präsidenten des BVB… Sehr sympathisch der Mann, nicht so eine Weisswurst und nicht so ein Selbstdarsteller, einfach Souverän ohne Rummel und Gebrüll, Top

  7. Ihr müsst jetzt einfach mal gewinnen sonst muss FAVRE RAUS! Ich glaube an euch gehen Hertha!💛🖤Aber ihr müsst mehr mit KÖRPER SPIELEN! Das kann nicht so schwer sein! Das will nämlich die Süd auch sehen! Den WILLEN!

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