I mean maybe that’s why it’s called “Wish.” ‘Cause you just wish it was a little different. [ JAZZY INTRO MUSIC by ANDROZ GUITAR
COMMISSIONED IN “FIVVER” VIDEO ] [ ♪ ] [ ♪ This is Safiya’s new intro song! ♪ ] Hello friends, and welcome to another video! Today I’m going to be ordering free stuff from Wish. Now a little bit ago, I ordered a week’s worth of $5 clothing from Wish, which is a low-cost online store that carries a lot of different stuff, from light-up shower heads to wedding dresses. The prices seem a little too good to be true, but aside from the months-long shipping time, I was generally surprised by how much I liked what I ordered. It was a little hit or miss, but there were some gems. Since then, I have discovered that Wish has started offering items for free, or just for the cost of shipping. Which leads me to ask, “Why?” What are they, and what is wrong with them? I assume that this must be promotional, to get people to try Wish, or maybe this is just like leftover stock they’re trying to get rid of. But either way, I am curious. So I’m gonna go back to Wish and “buy” the first five free things that I see there, just to get a good sampling of what they’ve got. Alright, let’s dive back in and see what we end up with. Alright, so I’ve got my screen recording going. Umm, let’s get to Wish.com Oh wow, I already see two free things, like, in the beginning of my feed. So the first free thing is this “Sexy Women Padded Bra Letter Printed Push-up Padded Beach Yoga Sports Bra Tank Tops.” So, the item itself is free; the shipping is $2, which is not that bad. Okay, so there’s 4 stars on 2,500 reviews. That’s pretty good. I don’t think these reviews are for this product, because the first couple of reviews say, “Came on time, grandson loves it, will be buying more.” The other one says, “the Spinner was great my grandson loved it. It was early” I’m gonna guess that this store also sells fidget spinners, and, uh, they’re just reviewing the merchant, or you know, like, leaving reviews on the wrong product. It’s just a guess. Okay, so this comes in three types. Types two and three are very similar to each other, and type one is *completely* different. So, just taking a look, it looks like type three is kind of *sexy*. So I’m going to get black, type three. Oh! x2 Ohh. Suddenly, it’s no longer free. It is now $3. The only one that is free is type one, but type two or three was the one that was on the listing when I clicked it. I see you, Wish. To be fair, like, $3 is still an affordable price, but… That was clickbait. That was clickbait, Wish. So I guess I have to get type one. Let’s add that to the bag, and, um, move on to the next item. Alright, so the next thing that’s free is literally, like, only a few items later. These are called, “Summer Shorts Women’s Sports Shorts Gym Workout Waistband Skinny Short.” They literally put the word “shorts” in there three separate times. [ wheeze ] It’s literally like me with YouTube tags. I’ll be like, “period, swimsuit, swimsuit, period, menstruation, period.” [ LAUGHS ] Okay, I mean, these look, like pretty harmless shorts. Though, they look like the type of shorts that could come and be like, child-sized accidentally. So it’s got four Stars on 3,000 reviews, that’s pretty good. People say, “Love these,” “Small sizes,” “I suggest going a size up.” Alright, so, that sounds like pretty good advice, so let’s get a… large, and I’m gonna get them in gray. Just to be exciting. Oh my goodness! The gray larges are $3, suddenly. As soon as you specify which item you want, they hike up the price. Let’s see if any of them are gonna be actually free. I could get an extra large in black for free. Let me see if there are any other colors. No? Okay, I guess I’m getting an extra large black. This might be the marketing campaign, they’re gonna hook you with “free”, and then it’s gonna be like, “Oh, but it’s ‘free 99¢ ‘ So let’s take a look at the next free item… Here we go. This is a T-shirt, it’s called the “Retro Fashion Women Sexy Off Shoulder Short Sleeve Casual Top T-Shirt Blouse.” Phew, I gotta take a little breather after that one. It looks a little bit like they’ve ripped these promotional photos from someone’s Instagram, or Pinterest. Like, it just slightly looks like they just PhotoShopped the different colors on. I’m gonna be honest, the ratings on these free things have been pretty good, like it says 4 stars out of 5, with 1,700 reviews– [ SHOCKED ] *17,000* reviews, excuse me, wow. Maybe I’ve been misreading all of them. Let’s see which one of these is free. So I’m gonna go for a large, just to have, like, the off-the-shoulder effect. I think I like the white one the best. Ah! The large in white is $4. Okay, let me check the other colors. Nope, none of the larges are gonna be good. Just, I ‘wish’ it would just tell me which ones were actually free, so I didn’t have to just click through them all. Not even the medium orange! Who’s buying a medium orange? Like, *literally* only the white one in small is free. [ SIGHS ] I hope this fits. Alright, let’s add that to bag. I’m all nervous that that one is not gonna be able to fit over my head but, let’s keep looking! Okay, so the next free thing is this, like gold watch bracelet… collection. Oh and wow, they have different colors, too. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t love this thing, but… we’re gonna get it. There are 77,000 reviews. Is it possible that none of these are fake? I mean, maybe people really like this. So let’s pick a color. Uh, maybe the white one I like. Ah! That one IS free! Actually, it looks like all of these things are free. Okay. Awesome! I didn’t like you to begin with, but I appreciate your honesty. Okay, so we just have one more free thing to go. Alright– Oh, demon pants! [ HISSING ] For anyone out of the loop, I got those pants last time, and they are *not* sweatpants. They are made out of, basically, paper. Alright, here is our next and final free item. It has a blue check mark next to it. Is it Twitter verified? I don’t understand. Ah, okay, so actually, it is verified. They say it’s verified by Wish. “The product has been inspected for the best quality.” Which means that none of the other things that I bought have been inspected for the best quality. I mean, it’s a cute phone case. Oh, oh! It looks like it could be holo. Alright, so I’m gonna get the silver, and, hallelujah, it is still free. So, let’s get it! Okay, so I have five free things that, honestly, didn’t take me that long to find them. So let’s take a look at the shopping cart and see what the shipping adds up to. Interesting. Somehow, I still have an item total of five dollars, even though all the stuff was supposed to be free. So it looks like some of this stuff, when added to the cart, even though it said it was free when I clicked it, is not free. [ SIGHS ] Oh, Wish. Wish, Wish, Wish. So it looks like our off-the-shoulder T-shirt is $2 suddenly, the shorts are $2, and the bra is $1. I don’t know if they’re hoping that I wouldn’t notice or what, but… I’ve noticed. I feel like I have been burned a little bit. I was promised a free thing, and I even forewent the style and size that I liked better to make sure I was getting the “free” listing. Still not free. So this is usually when I would ditch these items, but for the sake of this experiment, let’s get them and see what they are. Especially since Wish seems to be trying to get rid of them so badly. All of the estimated arrival dates are well over a month away, so I’ll see you in a month and a half with my haul. Okay! So it’s a few weeks later, and I finally have all of my “free” things from Wish. Two free things, and three… deceitful things. But I think it seems like everything is here in one piece, so let’s go through the stuff that was actually free first, and then we’ll go through the “offenders” second. Let’s start with this little watch first. Oh, wow! It’s very.. long and serpentine. Basically, what it looked like when I bought it, was like a little wristwatch with like, a few banded cords around it, almost like, bracelets *and* a watch. Okay, I’m gonna try and wrap this thing. I didn’t expect to have to do so much wrapping, ‘Cause in the photo it looked just like one nice, you know, six-strand watch. I would say that, like, this watch is doing a lot. Like, there’s just a lot of different hardware-print rope braiding. It doesn’t look quite as neat, or neatly wrapped as the one in the photo did. I may just be bad at this, or maybe they got, like, a professional wrap artist. – Tyler: A wrapper? – Safiya: A wrapper. A professional wrapper, perhaps. I don’t know why the chains are so loose. My chains are hanging low. But the second hand *is* moving, so it seems to be working. I feel like one of the dynamics of Wish is like, when you order it, like, what the heck is gonna arrive, and I think that this is not *not* what it said that it was. So the second and final actually-free thing is this iPhone case. This was interesting because it was the only thing that was “Wish Verified.” In fact, [it’s] the only thing I’ve ever bought from Wish that was “Wish Verified.” On the back, it says I get a jelly case, a screen protector, and a waterproof bag, which I didn’t know I was getting, so that seems exciting. Ooh! Oh, oh my god, do you see that sparkle? [ GASPS ] [ BREATHLESS ] I got a little aroused there. Um… I’m a little confused. Is this the waterproof bag that they’re speaking of? Like, I’m just supposed to carry my phone around in *this* bag? And is this the screen protector? Like, I’m just supposed to, like… put this on top of my screen, like… Protected! Okay, so let’s get my phone naked and uh… [ SUGGESTIVELY ] Put some new clothes on it. I’ve had this phone case for a while now… Is there coffee in there…? Why is there liquid inside my phone case right now? I think my phone was just sweating. [sniffs] Oh, God. That doesn’t smell good. That smells kind of bad, actually. I don’t know what that is. Let’s just put this on. Ooh, it is like, kind of a soft, jelly case. [ IMPRESSED] Ooh! [ POSH ACCENT ] Fancy! I can tell that the phone case doesn’t have, like, an extra lip to, like, extend past your screen though, so if you dropped it, it would just like… be done for. [ CLUNK ] – Tyler: That is *not* the noise you wanna hear when you drop your phone. [ LAUGHS ] I mean, for being, like, a free phone case, I think this is actually like, pretty cute. And like, it is what I thought it would be. I wouldn’t buy a free phone case thinking that I would be like, getting the best protection ever. So as long as you’re like, aware that you’re probably not getting much besides some nice sparkle, I think this is okay. These are my two, like, actually-free things from Wish, so that brings me to the things that were not free. Which are right here. Let’s start off with this thing, ’cause… I’ve opened it already. Um, this is the bralette. I have bought a bralette from Wish last time, which I actually liked, and this one seems okay. Like, there’s no sort of, like, shape; like it’s very just, like, a straight bar of lace across the boobs. I feel like this bra is actually the worst offender, because they lured my click with a different style, then that style of bralette was not free, and this one was listed as free, so I got this one instead, and then this one wasn’t even free. Alright, so I’m gonna put this on and see how it is, ’cause I feel like right now I kind of have like, an emotional vendetta against it. But, it might be fine. I don’t know. Okay! This is it. It’s not bad; it actually looks pretty cute underneath this thing. The only thing is that like, the lace on top is kind of like, folding down under into my armpit-boob. But I like the back, I think the back is pretty cool. I will say that like, this product being free was its main appeal to me, so I still haven’t really, like, let that go. But the bra overall is fine. It’s not the bandeau that I wanted… but it’s the bandeau that I got. Okay, so let’s open this shirt next. So this is a “love” shirt; I think, uh, as you can see, it’s almost like a boat neck cut, like, kind of off-the-shoulder. I mean, this shirt looks like I will be able to put it on me, like it looks like it’s gonna fit, but I don’t think it’s gonna fit like the picture, because I… *had* to get a small. So… let’s put it on! Here I am! Here’s my shoulder. I just want to clarify that I am not actually pushing this in this direction; it’s actually cut this way. – Tyler: It makes me feel really unsettled, to be honest. – What? Why do you feel unsettled? – Tyler: I just feel like it… it’s not resolved. Like, I just want to just, like… fix it for you, just make it… And then I can’t! – As a free thing, I was okay with the idea of it, ’cause I thought like, I liked kind of like, the bigger shirt that I got from Wish last time that was kind of off-the-shoulder, but this is just too small for it to really get that good effect, and that’s why I think it’s like, a little bit like, unnerving. But it’s not a bad shirt. I just wish I had… one to two sizes larger in it. So the last item is this pair of shorts. I think that there was the same issue with these shorts as there was with this shirt, where like, there was only really like one size and color combination that was free. Or so it said before I put it in the cart, of course. They look kind of like… 70’s men’s basketball shorts, Or like, kind of like the shorts that like, Michael Cera was wearing in Juno when he was like, jogging around and like, getting kids pregnant. Alright, let’s put these on. Here are my Michael Cera shorts. These ones actually are pretty comfortable, and they seem to fit me pretty well. So I feel like I could use these shorts, you know. They kind of remind me of like… Do people still wear Soffe shorts? You know, kind of like the old-school, just like, plain… cotton shorts? I mean, they weren’t free, which is why I have some beef with them, but in general they’re like… actually pretty good shorts, like, I think that they actually fit pretty well. So I’m pretty comfortable. Okay, so that was my haul of “free” stuff from Wish. In general, I think that the stuff was pretty on par quality-wise with the stuff that I’d gotten from Wish before, so I don’t think the stuff is free because it’s worse. My biggest issue with the “free” stuff on Wish is that some of it’s not actually free. Now, I know that the prices on Wish do change for each item pretty quickly, so it’s possible that like, maybe it was free to start, and then 10 minutes later, it was already changed to $1, or $2. But the other possibility is that they’re just trying to rip people off for a small amount of money, and like, not doing a very good job at it. They could’ve hid that cost somewhere else, like in shipping or tax, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I just- I look at my cart before I check out, and that was my problem. So if they’re trying to like, promote their brand and their website with this whole “free” thing, they’re… not doing a great job at it. Like, I kind of like them a little less because of it. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever buy anything from Wish again, but I feel like I’m gonna probably leave the “free” stuff alone. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you like that video, make sure to *shmash* that Like button, and if you want to see more videos like this, make sure to *shmash* that Subscribe button. And if you’ve already *shmashed* that Subscribe button, make sure to also *shmash* that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications, so you get a notification every time that I post. Here are my social media handles, and make sure to check out my Nextbeat; I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q&As on there. A big shout-out to Holly for watching – thanks for watching, Holly. And I will see you guys a-next time.

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