My name is Gus i’m in decent shape and I know my way around the gym. Except for when I don’t. Sometimes it’s pretty clear that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve played Intramural’s before Um, and My team is typically the team with the most losses in the in the league and I kind of contribute to those losses, so Other than that I’ve shot around when that courts are empty Before like maybe two or three times and Yeah so pretty much none. Pretty much nothing with pick up basketball. Pete Maravich All-Time favorite I get fun of a lot liking Michael Jordan is just like the best, I like him too. And Larry Bird, good trash talker and good player. Big Fan. Your at LSU do you like Shaq? Shaq is cool. He’s tall, he gets the job done. Definitely being bad So I played until I was about 12 in competitive basketball and then ever since then I haven’t really done much so Definitely the skill level also just a Approaching them I’ve been in that room that the gym I guess before with all the Basketball Courts and Yeah it just seems really difficult I don’t know where to start I don’t know if what the rules I don’t know like do I have to come with the team? Do I find a team? I don’t know, so Basically just breaking that wall I guess and finding out like what you actually do there Before I start draining some threes, I figured I should talk to a pickup basketball regular to understand some of the finer details. So how would someone go about Joining a pick-up basketball game? It’s pretty simple. Most Games Played five-on-five sometimes it’s four-on-four. Basically you just Assemble your team if there’s a game already running on the court Typically they’ll have people sitting down and you just ask who has next. If they need an extra member use ask, “hey we pick you up? Or you can call downs after them and then play the next game. Do you think you could block my shot? I have a pretty nasty dumper. Ah, do you jump when you shoot? Perhaps, I’ve been playing for a while i’m not sure what you skill level is at. But, there’s a chance, always, there’s a chance for everything. What, what shouldn’t I do? Let’s Say I wanted to play pick-up basketball, what shouldn’t be doing out there? Well that can be sure you know the rules. No one likes somebody that’s uh cheating. If you don’t know the rules. It’s important to know the rules. Don’t call fouls that aren’t fouls. Like if it’s not really a hard foul that deserves we checked out top Don’t call it that angers people. What if i don’t like someone? Can I call fouls on them if I don’t like them? I wouldn’t recommend that’s a not a good way to start. Someone wouldn’t be…What is someone is better than me? Again, just try playing in your skill level. That’s important to match up with someone that you know you can hit with. Cool. Ah well let’s shoot some hoops! Let’s drain some some leather? Please don’t put me out there, please please. oh I would play again. I would I think I would go with a group. My advice after this is to go with someone you know, because I ended up we hopped into a game of people who already playing together And you could tell that they were very… they already had like an offense figured out. So I would recommend going with friends for sure. Maybe one rebound One attempted shot from the field goal range Did you make it? No, it looked pretty good though. I thought It looked good and then whatever the other stats are probably pretty average, below average.

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