it is Tuesday morning and um yeah this happened woke up and I thought we were getting like an inch you can just see on the fence post how much what is I like six inches I forgot about our plan so I have to run these into the garage what are you doing crazy pants no no no just kind of like to shake some of the snow off completely cars morning it is friday morning fairly early I’ve got the kids they’re not going to school this morning just for the morning because we have to go get their passports and I had to go down to City Hall and they require that the kids are with me for whatever reason I guess to make sure I’m not creating three fake passports so anyway so we’re just all getting ready to go do that it’s going to make some tea here’s our honey in there sorry so we finish I didn’t want to record in there cuz I didn’t know it’s like technically a government building and I know if she’d be like you can’t film in here so i just didn’t but everyone’s passports are done and now they’re begging me to not take them to school yeah please I don’t okay I finished all my tests cuz i had parked i finished it yesterday and the day before the day before and what about you Anna I don’t know if I actually tested it okay nobody on YouTube cares when all this so we’re going to go so I decided to let the kids stay at home yeah well I call the school they don’t have any tests or really anything going on today so i figure i’ll give them the day off so we are setting up over there to do another DIY video and then I just made some eggs on toast so good coming this is fab button now mix no that’s not we’re not there yet okay right it is Saturday morning hair is a mess all I smell is bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon in the flour no they put their little be key things yeah there yeah when we move into the tell someone left a hummingbird feeder behind and I we see use hummingbird feeders all the time at our family cottage and I’ve never really had at the house oh well really that’s just like sugar water it’s like Oh anyways we’re cleaning it out so that we can hang it up because it says you can do it like march to april ish time which is obviously April so I’m really excited see a hummingbird I’d be awesome if I haven’t seen one forever how do you make a video about it yeah don’t fall okay okay so that’s what I am no I working with this now cuz I like to join Rory yeah how do I get down there jump Oh can’t catch me okay go oh I don’t like this got it sorry about this oh no we’ll figure it out yeah that’s you’re wasting all figured out sure you’re waiting for she doesn’t like that now I’m making some eggs and I’m going to oral a pan with coconut oil so it’s a lot healthier just going to scoop some of this out by Ken well that’s way too much so I’m some of that in pain arms greased it up got my little egg and bacon concoction from the eggs for the bacon at Matt made and then we’ll just start a little bit of cheese i’m not a big fan of cheese then trying to stay away from that but we’re going to add a little bit so there’s my yummy eggs and as you can see I don’t have a lot of small like really small pieces like this is holly the small piece but it’s just so good we are trying out a new dog park which is all excited look at the view throughout the dog park and Lucy just went nutso start biting everybody all right they’re doing pro football here so I are you doing it uh-oh oh you got it so we decided to be a little bit of interest and we go for a bike ride and now we’re going to attempt to play tennis I haven’t played tennis in space cool so I’m probably gonna suck Gracie serving the office I was awesome okay that was better but so then she’s playing tennis and I’m live all keeps food dude so we’re not really doing less today it’s kind of a boring day we just went grocery shopping and now we’re heading over to home depot Manny’s gets oh sorry whatever ace is a helpful place ace is the place is a hot blonde we’re so so his wise people not going with a green light he’s getting some bowls and stuff because I don’t know if you guys remember but like last summer we had that big ginormous 10 rack thingy on top of his truck well he’s putting that back on so the bleeding new bolts they’re all rusted out so we’re going to do that are you putting it on the truck today and sorry I’m guessing you’re going to need my help maybe stainless steel bolt and nut watchman ok they’re mean so many of these give this whole wall stuff new for you know in this whole wall and we need a lot of how many of these things we need reading 30 we can see it 30 of these washer things going for now how many getting $63 we spent on freakin nuts and bolts though technically 62 I donated 70 I donated to the Children’s Hospital good karma so here all the pieces he just painted them they’re getting all like rusty and stuff and I was lying everything else there’s a lot of pieces so all of this metal is going to go on top of this right here so sit down it’ll be really really high like probably as high as that rock up there I just dropped the kids off to go watch beauty the beast and then Dylan’s watching the rule I look like a ghost and the lego movie and now Matt is starting to put this together this dirty thing is what’s going on there you can see how thick it is and it’s pretty wide now we have the bars so now inside pieces we have all the pieces and now we’re trying to figure out how to get the tent up here I just went outside to tell math and we have to leave to go get the kids and he did something all by himself so what’s going on here thought we were doing this together how did you put that up there by yourself yeah strong strong like bull dude that is the public than 200 pounds you’re crazy you couldn’t hurt yourself how did you get out here don’t run away go in there go in there over there yeah you stay there well it’s up so there you go all right so I just got out of the shower hairs all frizzy but Gracie was making a hair mask and this is what we got so far not so this has one teaspoon of olive oil 1 teaspoon of honey and then 2 teaspoons of coconut oil I was scooping out of the coconut oil and like not even pushing hard just like scooping it and the jar just cracked and glass went into my finger so I don’t know what the heck happened but now the jars cracked so you can see with the jars cracked I don’t know what the heck happened it’s so weird but the glass went through and cut my finger look how cute cheese oh you Isley boopie look at your little ears you’re like a little bad dog all right so it is sunday evening I’m getting ready to go to bed i’m really tired so i’m going to end this vlog if you guys liked it please give me a thumbs up and if you want some more videos for me then don’t forget to subscribe I’ll talk to you later peace

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